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Rural Urban Health of India

India is on the verse population explosion. Till a decade ago we were happy that our skilled population will drive business from outsourcing the global services and our cursed liability with turn into valuable asset! but with a 72% rural population with minimum or no education, who are actually not able to manage nutritional demand of their household, lack of education is further amounting the family size of rural ignorant families on the other hand educated urban families are firm with two child theory. This implies that burdened population is increasing more that shouldering population.
As per the data facts on 6% of the total young Indians are getting sufficient education to get respectful employment! This indeed does not guarantee the financial stability of their households. If such is the situation than India is going to be in deep trouble. 
Indians are second largest in the numbers of engineers and scientists but 10 largest in medical officers. A big gap that too about 75% of h…

Possible Solution to Tender Grownups of India

Possible Solution to Tender Grownups of India
With special reference to the fifth novel of Mr. Chetan Bhagat ‘Revoltion 2020’

To very much an extent, I agree with Mr. Bhagat that students are not properly assessed to their studious capacity and the pressure of being an Indian student in conjunction with the biological development of growing from adolescent to teen (from teen to young) together plays a disastrous role on Indian young Brigade. Considering the fact that Indian social structure (as shown by the national statics too) is turning bold if not western. Autonomy of gender freedom is on verge of crossing critical limit of Indian Social Composition. Here the role of parents-teacher is contracting when it come deal with the teen-young aged (bio-logically tender grownups) population. I believe an effective solution should be suggested to this problem. We are no longer in a situation to ignore the problem of these teen age heart-broken population. Changes in Education Methods I use…

Women: I fail to understand

Women: I fail to understand With special reference to the fifth novel of Mr. Chetan Bhagat ‘Revoltion 2020’

Every time I read any author talks about the human social behaviours by applying younger’s curiosity of Love Sex or Dhokha kind, I start thinking about ‘How a woman will react to it?’ Yesterday while reading Chetan’s book, where the possibility of reading Love, Sex and Dhokha by remaining a socially respected public animal is maximum, I become restless to know about a woman’s opinion about the character called ‘Aarti’. Mr. Bhagat tried his best negotiate with a sentiments of a women heart while narrating because his larger readership base are women indeed but somewhere I feel that the character ‘Aarti’ played a havoc in the life of Gopal (or macroscopically to Varanasi or Nation uh!). I indeed not made a wise comment or perhaps I am inclined towards my own experiences with women but indeed I am not getting any point rationalise her stand towards engaging two men at once for her w…

Revolution 2020: A Banal Review

Revolution 2020: A Banal Review With special reference to the fifth novel of Mr. Chetan Bhagat ‘Revoltion 2020’

Well! As like some psych-moron, I am turned to a maniac reader. I have completed Chetan Bhagat’s new creation Revolution 2020 in four hours. It is a wonderful narration which flames constant curiosity in the brain of reader about the personal relationship developed among the three childhood friends but fails to identify the very title objective of the fiction. I did not relate my expectation to his narration while I was buying his book. It is not only him, I am disappointed with, rather I disown those entire set of authors who talks about a national propaganda but then fail to cater the very basic curiosity of their readers or for that matter ‘me’ Even I refer to the Bollywood drama where a hero turns to national cause and becomes so much kind of super-hero that he kills 50 goons a single punch or any fiction of Indian author where a character makes a change as little as a r…