Possible Solution to Tender Grownups of India

Possible Solution to Tender Grownups of India

With special reference to the fifth novel of Mr. Chetan Bhagat ‘Revoltion 2020’

To very much an extent, I agree with Mr. Bhagat that students are not properly assessed to their studious capacity and the pressure of being an Indian student in conjunction with the biological development of growing from adolescent to teen (from teen to young) together plays a disastrous role on Indian young Brigade. Considering the fact that Indian social structure (as shown by the national statics too) is turning bold if not western. Autonomy of gender freedom is on verge of crossing critical limit of Indian Social Composition. Here the role of parents-teacher is contracting when it come deal with the teen-young aged (bio-logically tender grownups) population. I believe an effective solution should be suggested to this problem. We are no longer in a situation to ignore the problem of these teen age heart-broken population.
Changes in Education Methods
I used to hear my dad used to say ‘till 12th year of my age I never seen how A B C looks like’ whenever he used to teach me a John-Merry stuff of CBSE class 1st English book. I guess that John-Merry of my English book made me more aware of a girl-boy future possible relationship well in advance of my age uh! When I was teaching to a small girl of kindergarten week ago, I got feel that, I would have never passed these exams at her age forget about scoring 96% percent.
Yes! Technology has turned kids more learning savvy. They don’t need those maniac methods of chanting multiplication tables like hymns. Because the demand of today’s human life is not calculating but creating! Machines developed by us are good for calculations now shall we talk about some new ideas...? Innovations...? Inventions...? Well for this, we have to reduce the time it is being killed in schools and colleges. I believe a school student should get subject specialization in class 6th, a Higher Secondary Board Exam in class 9th and Post-Graduation before the age of 16th... Every student must serve a year of research and two year of defence services based these two performances one must be shortlisted for the jobs best suitable to him/her. It solves two problems, one Human Capital Efficiency as the life span of a human is decreasing because of the rising pollution and poor lifestyles and two At the time bio-logical turnings, one will turn economically independent, disciplined (defence services) and will develop analytical maturity (researcher Experience) to handle the pressure of social bounding and sexual freedom.
By Jitendra Verma 26th October 2011 

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