Revolution 2020: A Banal Review

Revolution 2020: A Banal Review
With special reference to the fifth novel of Mr. Chetan Bhagat ‘Revoltion 2020’

Well! As like some psych-moron, I am turned to a maniac reader. I have completed Chetan Bhagat’s new creation Revolution 2020 in four hours.
It is a wonderful narration which flames constant curiosity in the brain of reader about the personal relationship developed among the three childhood friends but fails to identify the very title objective of the fiction. I did not relate my expectation to his narration while I was buying his book. It is not only him, I am disappointed with, rather I disown those entire set of authors who talks about a national propaganda but then fail to cater the very basic curiosity of their readers or for that matter ‘me’
Even I refer to the Bollywood drama where a hero turns to national cause and becomes so much kind of super-hero that he kills 50 goons a single punch or any fiction of Indian author where a character makes a change as little as a rat does to its hole. Revolution 2020, for a love kind of emotions is a heart touching fiction but to relate with the title it all did a ‘Save Ganga Awareness’. When I remind of Chetan Bhagat, when I remind of ‘three mistakes of my life’ I increase my expectations for his every new inventions but in totality I must comment R2020 did not withstand my evaluation!
When I say a national cause from a stupid common man, I do not want to talk about ‘a Nayak’ of Bollywood and yes never about ‘a Swadesh’ of Shahrukh Khan. I want a bigger cause, very-very bigger cause to be achieved by the hero (or heroine) with consumable determination, planning and reality. This will possibly embark a revolution our country is waiting since her independence...
Time has come! Literature has been the biggest instrument of raising the mercury of thermometer of patriotism. We just have bring out right idea, realistic implementation and live characters to make reader believe that ‘Yes! Change can happen!”
By Jitendra Verma 26th October 2011 


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