Women: I fail to understand

Women: I fail to understand
With special reference to the fifth novel of Mr. Chetan Bhagat ‘Revoltion 2020’

Every time I read any author talks about the human social behaviours by applying younger’s curiosity of Love Sex or Dhokha kind, I start thinking about ‘How a woman will react to it?’ Yesterday while reading Chetan’s book, where the possibility of reading Love, Sex and Dhokha by remaining a socially respected public animal is maximum, I become restless to know about a woman’s opinion about the character called ‘Aarti’. Mr. Bhagat tried his best negotiate with a sentiments of a women heart while narrating because his larger readership base are women indeed but somewhere I feel that the character ‘Aarti’ played a havoc in the life of Gopal (or macroscopically to Varanasi or Nation uh!). I indeed not made a wise comment or perhaps I am inclined towards my own experiences with women but indeed I am not getting any point rationalise her stand towards engaging two men at once for her will and dreams. I must congratulate Mr. Bhagat to marvellously carving out an exemplary character of a women (not generalising again) in R2020 but I should complain as well that he made me restless to munch on women.
I come across many heart-broken students as a professional personality development trainer. I should not say I helped them heal through the agony of heart’s-hurt but I gave them a space where they can exhaust their disappointments. I sometimes strongly feel that an ideal configuration of personality training class should be classified on the basis of gender so that I can effectively work upon the heart-broken elements and make them refocus in their career making. My imagination goes well till I think of preaching to the gentlemen of my class but I get succumbed when I replace them with gentleladies. Handling a single woman, all alone, is like being in war... let alone the idea of talking something like heart-break with a group of women in a preaching congregation! I am scared. God will serve us a heaven if we, as a man can able to understand these women but seems almighty is too rude to demand this (can I seek evils help here uh!)
By Jitendra Verma 26th October 2011 

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