Debating the Un-Debated

Debating the Un-Debated

Co-Author Mr. Abhishek Sharma | MBA Batch 2007, DAVV | Sr. Manger SBI Life | Indore

When I say education for all, people ask, what wonder will education do? I kept on replying that Education will make people realize the importance, responsibility and accountability of freedom. I had no example to demonstrate in support of my view till before I had this discussion with my best friend, real critic, and beloved admirer.
We both are educated more or less under same circumstances and so we are the witness of the change education have brought in us. Below are the conversations on the topic of ‘Right of Freedom of Expression on internet Social Media’ with special reference to the UPA’s attempt to regulate it. Without any single temper, I just want my dear readers to enjoy the flow of our discussion.   

Abhishek Sharma: Sibbal bhi ab smart ho gaya..

Jitendra Rajaram Verma pehle handsome tha lol!!!

Abhishek Sharma obscene moephed photos should be blocked.. But not ideas and expressions.

Jitendra Rajaram Verma I guess whatever is obscene, FB itself drags it out so as much as the users are consuming it, it should be allowed. Right of Expression for a big crowed often turns awkward but awkwardness is the price one has to be pay for being the public figure. I guess Abhishek Sharma!

Abhishek Sharma Does right of expression stands for vulgar morphed photos of popular ppl ? We often come across such senseless photos which are not conveying any kind of protest. Being a public figure doesn't mean that any body has got right to do insane stuff. Jitendra Verma some of so called act of such kind of protests u can't share or follow with ur family members.

Jitendra Rajaram Verma Agree! Any Social network is not limited for my or your family! Even the TV has all the channels, what you tune is what u see... I am against of any kind of forced prohibition. Graffiti is one of the classical example which sailed the true picture of ancient civilizations otherwise political interference would have portrayed cooked story of past. though being vulgar or so called morphed is all a human design and it will continue even if white collars keep regulating mode of broadcasting to their best ... 7 Billion Humans are now impossible for blue bloods, may they begin their worst! :)

Abhishek Sharma I just want to say that objectionable stuff should be banned but not the rightful n sincere protest. Social sites are quite easily accessible to all. When u tune F TV u know what will be there but if same stuff is given on Star TV u can't digest it. there should always be limit to control anti social n mischievous ppl..MF Hussein portrayed Hindu godess nude and made it public, Do u call it right to express?

Jitendra Rajaram Verma Strictly not! I admit, I will react harshly the FTV stuff appears in StarTV but friend! As newspapers is diff than TV -> Tv is diff than Social Media. The beauty of Social M is its buffet type fringe where everything is available in single platter chosen exclusive by you from the wide range of verities. Now what, when, how and where you chose is certainly your choice but what should be made available in the buffet should not be decided by you alone! Sir:)

Abhishek Sharma Platter may have varieties of things but those who r consuming are same, they watch TV read news paper and surf too.. Most of them are teen agers, many of ur students.. www is world wide web but it should always be tied with regional values n dogmas.. If not it will deteriorate everything. The future gen!!

Jitendra Rajaram Verma Enough we are scared of Abhishek! We are more turning like protectionists! nothing we will be spoiled of. our kids are too wise to chose things as per their needs! our duty is just to ensure their quality upbringing. If we will act as protectionists they will chose the other than what we will ask them to. moderation is good instruction is bad:) if MF Husain wouldn't had been the victim of extremism he would have never done that Hindu deities miss representation. We have big responsibilities but we just can't go China's way. Freedom should be respected but not be protected... all I want to say :)

Abhishek SharmaYou r nt speaking MF Hussein's mind bt of urself! When did he witnessed Hindu extremism? Before doi ng this he was quite respected n loved by all caste n creeds but after that he spoiled all.. Its an example of uncontrolled expression...he was protested for same but was very much safe in Indian democracy. If u support freedom to any extreme then support Prostitution, support Gay marriages, support broadcasting porn channels, support to lift bans, support all militants and political parties (BSP, NCP) coz they also enjoy same freedom.. Expression is acceptable if done what our culture can consume. Don't u think those political ppl n celebrities have personal life too.. Mischievous ppl make fun of anything.. Even Anna Hazare's objectionable stuff is available on net which gives an erring feeling when u see, wht u call it. Being an icon even he is nt spared.
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Jitendra Rajaram Verma now u r reading ur fluxes :) I was talking about Islam Extremism that he learnt in his upbringing.
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Abhishek Sharma Islam extremism compelled him to paint nude Hindu goddess ?? I thought u r saying Hindu extremism. Thanks for clearing. Not u proved my point of insane acts without reasoning. N there r other points too..
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Jitendra Rajaram Verma Protectionism will not solve this problem that is all I want to say! you banned Cocaine, Drugs, Brown Sugar but had it all stopped? It is actually selling with very high prizing... Buddy we have to educate people for not doing the bad things but should not force stop them!! As Osho rightly said "If it is inside, let it come out at least somewhere"

Abhishek Sharma That's it.. Till ppl get educate we have to ban certain things.. Otherwise it will not be considered as wrong. U can't justify easy n legal availability of drugs to decide one who is mature n educate won't buy. Its utter silly to presume that everyone of 1.3 Bn population will get the point. Misuse of freedom can't be supported. Parents also restrict their child when they cross limits n misuse freedom. It is essential.

Jitendra Rajaram Verma yes u can switch off TV or banned/lock certain channels but you should not instruct the channel owners what to air! I mean I am agree with you but let me repeat 'extremism' 'protectionism' or any kind **ism is not accepted to me!

Abhishek SharmaThen let legalize rape, stealing.. Or don't punish them when one conducts any illegal act, just educate him/her that its not good n u should nt do this. Will it increase or decrease crime ? Posting Someone's nude morphed photos n commenting vulgar on net about anyone should be banned n one doing this should be punished. Saam Daam dand Bhed.. Dand (Punishment) will stop ppl from doing senseless things which does nt bring positive results. Mocking someone publicly is nt acceptable just coz he / she is popular.. Everywhere u will find ppl who r very much free to use their skills for make n publish idiotic stuffs on social sites.

Jitendra Rajaram Verma There is an extremism, I agree pal! I am not against judiciary, u r taking it in a very wrong way. there is a red light area for all unsocial elements, there is A certification for all censored content. It is just I want that keep an statuary warning like 'enter at ur own risk' but do not just shut down the shop! It will toll the frustration which will blast as catastrophe to society. an you must agree on this conclusion, I wish :)

Abhishek Sharma Creating a software/tool to filter unsolicited content is very much what I welcome from sibbal not that of criticism of leaders or its acts.. What is the harm if one will not be able to post nude photo or Video online? Yes it may happen that content which is not at all objectionable but against interest of some group party or person may also get in trap.. Preventing something which is anyway illegal is good. Freedom is not that u should be able to post anything anti social it is in what is rightfully be your's (by virtue)

Jitendra Rajaram Verma if there is an anger you have to give it the way! otherwise it will blast. you want to regulate FB or such media? go ahead but you have to give way to the expression of anger otherwise these slaps will overrun the tihar jail. If a common man fights with other common man he uses abusive and vulgar words, social media is just a platform of common man. U try hard to design any such tool, anything obvious will find its way. I just want that anything obvious has to get the way. Forced prohibition will never succeed neither it did since the civilization began.

Abhishek Sharma What u think ppl frm west r very civilized ? Their ancestors have faced those rules/fines.. U spit on road u will be fined, u over speed ur vehicle u will be sent to jail.. Nudity etc is nt a taboo to them bt in India it does. Some one may say driving full speed is my right bt rule is a rule. A change is always painful. To register ur protest our democracy has given us more tools then any country in the world..including social media bt there is a way to protest. popular face pasted at nude body is wt kind of protest, u tell me! In fact doing this will no where take any protest but to the delete button of sensible ppl. I'm against this kind of freedom n protest.

Jitendra Rajaram Verma This is your right that your against it. and it is also my right that I seek moderation not prohibition to it. that 'delete' button is everyone's right including that status button stating 'what is in your mind?" :)

Abhishek Sharma U hv tuned to me very much now point of discussion is only "A tool which stop u from posting ur anger by way of abusive language, remarks & obscene stuff made with difficulty using ur photoshop skills on any xyz person is a hinder to your Right to Freedom and Protest or not" !!!

Jitendra Rajaram Verma Friend, why to waste time in designing such tools which will be cracked sooner than its utility... I mean in the era of such an excellent talent, why not to work on quality creations rather than challenging each others capacity. Future threat is not at all related to vulgarity or morphing... we should better prepare to combat with that... those who are misusing the freedom will continue doing this... the best solution is ignore them! there is no other powerful punishment than to ignore the mischief deeds, it gets condensed


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