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India or Group of Separatists

6000 Years of known history of Indian civilization! Integration, disintegration, attacks and change of thorns but remain existent... now I doubt at this very fact!

Match the following

1. Sonia Gandhi's Medical visit to USA                         1. Anna Hazare's unheard cry 
2. Airbus CEO Thomas Enders Visit to PM of India      2. Jatropha Bio Fuel Project in Ganga Yamuna belt 
3. Delhi High Court Blast                                               3. FDI, Walmart excess
4. Adjourning Parliament                                               4. Chinese threat to India on border Issues  
5. UP states bifurcation                                                 5. Australia's U 235 supply to India without NPT
6. UBS list of bank account holders                              6. Adjourning Parliament 

Actually no one can match the above because everything is linked to everything :) Which is resulting to the composite failure of Indians (Not India mind you!) FDI on retail is success for India but failure for Indians. 

We are not understanding the very common fact that if two brothers fight on 'father's will' than fellow residents always smell the opportunity! We have LTTE, Maoists, Naxalites, Nagalims, Jihadi, Mizo, Ulfa, Khhalsa, Rajputana as our blood relatives but fighting as if enemies. 

What if Mukesh and Anil fight because the other is not taking care of the Mom well and mom is asking help for her deterioration health? unfortunately the same is happening with Mother India....

  1. Today Tamilian thinks that they are not sufficiently privileged in India and Sri-Lanka both so they try hard to discriminate south from north. 
  2. Naxalite thinks that Delhi cannot heal the pain of Tribes and Backwards of India and only Social System can do... so they do not want any good happen to GOI
  3. Jehadi think that Islam is not safe in India and so they are against us. 
  4. Mao, Mijo, Naga all integrated and disintegrated in India many times since Moguls and British Raj and because their being yellow skinned, they feel they are alien to us. 

With all above extremism...

  1. Russia wants that their social system should expand in Asia as it did in China and many other countries so they do all that is possible to keep India anti-Capitalistic. 
  2. Now because China is soft Communist, they got the best opportunity to extend hands to CPI(M), CPI(U) and funding them to keep troubling our Democracy.
  3. UK knows since 1326 AD that the best way to remain safe is to keep on adding people in their slavery house so they support Christian Missionaries to roam around the Globe to convert as many people as they can so Nagalims are Mizo against us.
  4. USA knows the unrest in Asia is the only way to have the access of Asian land and close watch on China, India and other dominating countries of Asia.  
We bloody emotional fool Indians can never understand that every dice on the checkers board is Pre-planned.

We are happy that world is saying next is Asia!! Bloody fools 
1.25 Bn Indian + 1.4 Bn Chinese = 2.65 Bn starving buffoonish smelling yellow and black skinned humans will get shit out of it because more than us they know that next is Asia and they are planning waterproof strategies to take away the bread from our plates. 

Boss, Next is Asia yes but are next Asian? What you want, Shining house or Smiling families???? Think it over, we still are not too late though a lot lost....  


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