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Be Name NOT Number

Be the Name not Number
Day often begins from the strangest event! I guess the very first event of the morning gives the clue of how the day will be.
I opened my eyes by a ring tone of 'Dad Calling' he expressed his disappointments of being unhappy of my business. A few minutes later my friend logged in to my tiny messy room and taunted “Morning Mr. Facebook busy men!” I gazed on him only to further his laugh on me "In today's news paper there is detailed description of how to intercept the meaning of various profile status Facebook users" He informed I replied nothing but munched on his thought ‘Does this mean that one should not update status? Or is that one has to be fictitious at all the faculties of expression? What one should do if one wants to broadcast his ideas irrespective of it's being stupidest? ...and if remain quiet or mum is the way of remain socially dignified, how else one can carve his image unique from the ocean of 7 billion humans?’ Well wit…

From Takshila to Nothing!!

The Inventors of Zero are getting zero in return! 
Millions of classes are being run across the country! Thousands of teachers are talking on the same topic at the same time across the country. Out of these millions and thousands efforts, the result we got is being the worst performer by being the second largest country of the world in terms of population and Economic growth. Is that what we are proud of? 

My worry is... what is the account of these millions of manhour being wasted in the classrooms? Being an academician, I got to see that teachers blame to students and students blame to teachers. Academicians fingers to parents and parents points at academicians. Classrooms hardly function properly. Even the best schools are having worst classroom maintenance. I visit schools, colleges of private and public holding... I often get to see the beautiful lawn, office design, reception, walk ways. To my disappointment, windows of the classrooms never shuts properly. What so if students shi…

My Experiment With Possibilities (LOVE STORY)

Wait, it is true love story! If you get to believe on it! I will begin the narration once I complete my objective of writing this article. 
When you join Gym for weight put off, you happen to get advised by the instructor that be slow in beginning days but when you join Army, from the first day you are forced to work as if  you are here from years. In the former case you giveup on visiting Gym in a couple of days/weeks but in later case you become the master of your will and determination.
I have seen my fellow academicians (females) to work upon strict time lines. They turn heaven upside down if they are forced to stay in office for 5 more extra minutes but I have also seen many medical officers (females) working tirelessly for more than 48 hours just to ensure that their patients are well/alive. In the former case students curse their teachers, in later case patients/relatives/staff bless them for bliss which is not quantifiable. 
If you have mentally began to justify that the forme…

Young Boys of Mother Planet

Young Boys of Mother Planet
Well this is not a race indeed but neither is it a condolence march! Mother planet needs special attention from mankind if first world is not willing than second and third world together should handle this.

It is like big brothers have spoiled the home and eaten all that was in kitchen and momma is punishing the younger kids for no faults. There is nothing left for the young boys … Fossil fuel, Minerals and bio-resources are alarmingly on the verge of end. More cruel is, the hungry young boys are increasing and so is increasing the cry of all that their elder brothers eaten with the same luxury services. Mother planet is in a fix as she cannot sustain her deteriorating health but in equally love with their greedy kids. Who will take the responsibility?
Big boys are busy in their bossism; they are more concerned with their efforts of tightening the noose of young boys. Young boys are no longer kids now, are too much in numbers, scattered deviated and divide…

Changing choices, demands, expectation & actions!

South Korea is on its way to get GB/Sec experience of Internet browsing i.e. 2000 times faster than what Indians Wi-Fi are doing!
In a video by TED, I got to see the 6th Sense device developed by Mr.Pranav Mistry. This device needs no keyboard, mouse or other such conventional (yes conventional!!!) input devices to let electric circuits get commanded for what you want it to do! 
While you are shaking hands with a stranger, your Sixth Sense Device will catch his face via camera, match it with that stranger's facebook profile and mount his name/profession and mindset on his chest with the help of a tiny overhead projector well before your toung needs to pronounce his name while shaking hand. I.e. the moment you approach a stranger, your 6th sense device will get activated... you forward your hand to shake with his, that device will get all his information... You’ll utter "Hello Mr..." you'll get to see his name in his chest "...Aman, nice to meet you!!"
With …