Be Name NOT Number

Be the Name not Number

Day often begins from the strangest event! I guess the very first event of the morning gives the clue of how the day will be.

I opened my eyes by a ring tone of 'Dad Calling' he expressed his disappointments of being unhappy of my business. A few minutes later my friend logged in to my tiny messy room and taunted “Morning Mr. Facebook busy men!” I gazed on him only to further his laugh on me "In today's news paper there is detailed description of how to intercept the meaning of various profile status Facebook users" He informed
I replied nothing but munched on his thought ‘Does this mean that one should not update status? Or is that one has to be fictitious at all the faculties of expression? What one should do if one wants to broadcast his ideas irrespective of it's being stupidest? ...and if remain quiet or mum is the way of remain socially dignified, how else one can carve his image unique from the ocean of 7 billion humans?’
Well with these questions, I left my habitat for the hunt of a big day. I want your attention to a big tragedy of life. You must be reading the newspapers headlines! Often it reads like ‘Blasts in valley, 17 dead’ or ‘Hospital set ablaze, 90 dies’ or ‘17 soldiers dies in a militant attack’.... can you guess what is common? All these headlines are counting numbers not humans. Rare it reads ‘Steve Jobs passed away...’ or ‘Mahatma Gandhi assassinated...’ or ‘Jagjeet silenced...’ Common point is mentioning humans with their contribution to humanity.
My point is ‘make meaning of your life’. Certainly ways are different and numerous. But carving out an identity as a name than from a few numbers out of seven billion humans in this global village will require anything but not being the mute observer. All those are known as human but not the numbers are rebellions who refused to follow the ways of societies for the good of it and selves.
Thank you! 


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