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Changing choices, demands, expectation & actions!

South Korea is on its way to get GB/Sec experience of Internet browsing i.e. 2000 times faster than what Indians Wi-Fi are doing!

In a video by TED, I got to see the 6th Sense device developed by Mr.Pranav Mistry. This device needs no keyboard, mouse or other such conventional (yes conventional!!!) input devices to let electric circuits get commanded for what you want it to do! 

While you are shaking hands with a stranger, your Sixth Sense Device will catch his face via camera, match it with that stranger's facebook profile and mount his name/profession and mindset on his chest with the help of a tiny overhead projector well before your toung needs to pronounce his name while shaking hand. I.e. the moment you approach a stranger, your 6th sense device will get activated... you forward your hand to shake with his, that device will get all his information... You’ll utter "Hello Mr..." you'll get to see his name in his chest "...Aman, nice to meet you!!"

With the same device, if you will look at the air tickets, you get to know how late your flight is and where exactly you have to walk in order to check-in! How hot your coffee is or for that matter 'what is the mood of your girl friend/boy friend is?' Amazing? 

Well every forthcoming technology is amazing for a while, common for another while and outdated in a few more whiles! Ah yes... oval shaped black & White TVs were amazing, common and outdated in just 20 years of its invention!

Those were the days when 20 years were available for the inventions to remain business... Till the invention of Pager, it was fairly graceful justice with the inventors sweat & blood but since internet network hooked up... getting a month of popularity is an achievement even for the greatest inventions!

I bet you get to the moon and tweet 'Hey I am at moon!' all you get some 120 likes and 80 comments but all just in an hour or lesser because after that your achievement will turn out to be ‘the feasible great task’ which needs not to be ‘wondered’!

Well shall I be disappointed for this? 
Ah no....! I listened to a dialog in a Bollywood movie of 1960AD ‘Abusing Gandhi has become a fashion of these young people!’ I wondered that even on those days upcoming fashions were subjected to be envied off by the predecessors. It applied the same for the generations of 1980s and of 2000s...

But what makes this 21st century different is the magic of Information Technology! The Blogs, Facebooks, Tweeters, Linkedin... and 1000 such websites have transformed the way people interact.  

Globally people are sharing about ‘the first toot fall of their kids’, ‘fever of their pets’ and ‘child’s crush of Barbie doll’... ‘What they did in last night with their dates!’ or ‘What happened to that used contraceptives’ and what not..!! Their exchange of thoughts and fun is viral, fast and free of physical boundaries...

They don’t feel disconnected from their loved ones even when they are out 1000 miles in different continent away from them because they have the power of video conferences, gifting websites... their flavour of chocolate is available across the globe and/or can be shipped to them from any corner of the globe.

This all is bringing a new set of opportunities!! The catch is you have to be fastest to grab these!! It is no longer an era when you have to be perfect and for this it is ok if you are late! In this era, you have to be on time... in towel, under-garments or half shaved but be just on time because if late... it is gone!!! At present excuses like ‘I was not prepared’ doesn’t exists!  

“It is okay if you are failed, it better to fail faster... because the faster you fail the faster you get to learn what works!” and then move on! Try new, newer or newest until you get there!

Moment of Truth
Future devices will collaborate to become one! They are different today as in the form of a laptop, kindle, phone, camera or an I-pod... well tomorrow; it all will be resized to one which is not required to be carried on in hands. There will be no requirement of flash drive/pen drive to carry your data! Clouds will become strong enough to provide real time excess to your data from any corner of the globe (or solar system!)

Than if you’ll look at a tooth paste in the retails shop... you’ll get to listen, the reviews of your friend about that toothpaste immediately. You take a book in hand and you’ll get to see the booker award status of that book... you hold a movie ticket and get the rating stars visible on it live!! Uuuf! What will you do then?? Naturally you will long to the reviews for your purchase decision! Well that’s the catch i.e. WORLD WILL BE TRANSFORMED!!! When??? ‘Well! By the time you finish off this article!!! Lol!

Let me explain you how!
          First Moment of truth
         We see a TV ad, we feel the need of that product, we go to shop... we discuss a lot about that product with the salesman and we decide upon buying that product. ‘This entire process is called your first moment of knowing the whole truth’
          Second Moment of Truth
         You come home, you use that product for the first time, you get amazed that all that promised in the ad has been exactly delivered to you, you feel this is great. You want to share your wise experience with your friends? This is your second moment of knowing that exact truth by experience!

          So what has changed now?
          Uh! Now all this happens well before you actually buy that product!!!
         Well, on Friday, while munching upon what movie to see this weekend don’t you got the reviewers webpages to see the ratings of new releases? Or you better toggle the facebook to see if any of your friends has posted about the newly released movie? And now don’t say all that have no impact upon your decision of which movie to watch! Ha ha ha yes this entire process is called the ZERO MOMENT OF TRUTH!

Pals, the board of game has turned upside down! We all are well connected even if we are inside our toilets... No wonder, I decide about where to hang with my Date this weekend while I am sitting on toiletry...! We are just so much into many things that we are not realizing that we are able to manage a lot-a lot at once!!

What more??
Ah...! Door is open for “-1 moment of truth!” Now what’s that???? Well, how about if someone comes to your dream and helps you decide on certain problems of your life!!!



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