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My Experiment With Possibilities (LOVE STORY)

Wait, it is true love story! If you get to believe on it! I will begin the narration once I complete my objective of writing this article. 

When you join Gym for weight put off, you happen to get advised by the instructor that be slow in beginning days but when you join Army, from the first day you are forced to work as if  you are here from years. In the former case you giveup on visiting Gym in a couple of days/weeks but in later case you become the master of your will and determination.

I have seen my fellow academicians (females) to work upon strict time lines. They turn heaven upside down if they are forced to stay in office for 5 more extra minutes but I have also seen many medical officers (females) working tirelessly for more than 48 hours just to ensure that their patients are well/alive. In the former case students curse their teachers, in later case patients/relatives/staff bless them for bliss which is not quantifiable. 

If you have mentally began to justify that the formers' are right....!! Hold on I am not done!

Their is a justification for everything, this does not mean that everything is right. In above two examples, I am not asking the microscopically analyzed personal experience of yours... rather I am telling you that it is just a mindset that forces us to believe that we can't. 

In recent example I read in a leading newspaper about the Fire in a Hospital at Calcutta, in a fear of being burnt alive a cardiac patient jumped off the window. This patient had gone trough cardiac surgery an hour ago he jumped and is well alive till date. What made this possible? did that patient ever try of walking even after the day or two of such a surgery? 

I come across, many students telling me that they cannot get up early in the morning for the studies. I did one experiment in this regard. I chose one student named Alok out of many who complaind of their inability to wake up erly. With Alok, I asked him to meet me at the railway station in the morning at 5:30AM to which he tried to refuse but accepted when I insisted. 

Next morning, he came 30 Minute late, as soon as he reached at the station I texted him to come at the inquiry Window. Their I made him wait for 10 minutes to which he was feeling irritation. At very 11th minute a girl in track suit approached him and said 

"Can you help me checking PNR status with that machine" she pointed out to a automated computer machines kept at the stations for the said purpose. 

"yes sure!" replied Alok while extending his advise "For this you need not to come to station, you can do this by your mobile phone too!" 

"Oh really?" she expressed her ignorance "How is possible?" 

"... is simple, you type PNR in text box and send it to 139" Alok must be feeling a pat on his back for this

"Cool, shall we do it now?" She asked 

"Why not?" to his boyhood he offered his mobile to be used for this "...what's the PNR" while gesturing to type it in his cell phone. 

She began telling the PNR,

In the process, the girl expressed that she is too much impressed by Alok. In turn Alok is very happy as he got to notice this. They began chatting about various other things while walking out of the station. 

While signing off, the girl said "I come here daily while jogging in morning, if you live nearby I would expect your company!" and she jogged away... 

Alok wanted to take her number or at least wanted to know her name. He found her beautiful and began dreaming too! I guess! 

At 6:30 a few minute after she left, I sent another text to Alok 'I managed come home walking from the station, waited a lot for you at the inquiry window' 

He called me back for the apologies but I did not pickup his phones. he texted apologies but I did not replied. 

From that day onward's Alok goes to Railway station regularly! He meet her, jogg with her and manages to come back home much before time he could have wake up off the bed. It actually began to save his time because except that morning walk that girl never exchanged any other source of contacts with him. 21 days passed with this regular exercise, Alok began to get irritated that she is not giving any access accept these morning hours.

After a few days of requests and disappointments, that girl agreed for a date with Alok... 

"Ok for once, we will have dinner and night movie show... only for once!" the girl said. 

"Ok ma'm make it once, I will make it your habit!" cleverly replied Alok "...but how will I contact you in the evening?" He wished to get her phone number.... 

"I will be there at the said address at 7:00PM sharp!" she replied and jogged off!

It is going blessedly good with Alok... he is thankful to God fore everything happening in his life. He learnt waking up early morning, remain synergistic entire day, got a lovely girl to dream about even in days, saves enough time for fun and studies... I guess an ideal life any teenage dreams of....

I am feeling offensive that Alok's heart is about to get a dent! 

In evening, when Alok reached at the agreed meeting place. He found me and couple of more girls having coffee together with the same girl he use to go for jogging daily. He did not take a minute to realize that whatever was happening was a plan but still in side his heart he was praying for a miracle. I invited him to join us in the coffee followed by a few games at Sports Bar, group dinner and movie at PVR sponsored by all the girls and me. We made it light for Alok to carry this dent however it was too hard...

Well! I know you will blame me for not being ethical with Alok or with that girl.... You will blame that I have no rights to play with the emotions of Alok and the girl both. I know that we Indians blame everyone without knowing the full story. Do you want to know who was the girl? and what Happened next? Well give your wild guesses below at the comment! I will tell you that nothing bad happened to both... rather they are now Ma...?????? 

Anyways wasn't it a classic proof that, whatever you think you can't is your virtual limitation? Every damn thing is possible... just begin doing it!!! Happy life... 


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