From Takshila to Nothing!!

The Inventors of Zero are getting zero in return! 

Millions of classes are being run across the country! Thousands of teachers are talking on the same topic at the same time across the country. Out of these millions and thousands efforts, the result we got is being the worst performer by being the second largest country of the world in terms of population and Economic growth. Is that what we are proud of? 

My worry is... what is the account of these millions of manhour being wasted in the classrooms? Being an academician, I got to see that teachers blame to students and students blame to teachers. Academicians fingers to parents and parents points at academicians. Classrooms hardly function properly. Even the best schools are having worst classroom maintenance. I visit schools, colleges of private and public holding... I often get to see the beautiful lawn, office design, reception, walk ways. To my disappointment, windows of the classrooms never shuts properly. What so if students shiver of the cold waves... Power Boards are either broken or disconnected from the main supplies. Benches are never in good shapes and cleanliness!! I guess more that a coal miner, a teacher has the greatest probability to suffer form the Asthma because of the chalk dusts.

I hear, people say a bad engineer can never make good infrastructure or a bad Doctor will only damage the patients but we should more worry as the bad teacher will spoil the whole generation. While I am writing this, I am talking a very sincere teacher. She is far away in the down town of Chhatishgarh, she is complaining of the poor attitude of the rural students. Being a Girl, she is finding it tough to tackle those Gutakha Chewing drunk boys at the back bench. I guess, they are curable but certainly not the way a soft spoken girl like hers can do so. It is a great miss fit our policy makers are doing. 

This is my agony. The Miss Fit!!! Because they just want to show numbers in their index, they put all Tom Dic and Harry in the same Jungle. 

If it is for the sake of Numbers... then my dear Big Boys of Mother India.... can you stop sucking now??? see that China is biting behind your ass! 

These Chinese have taken it from USA their capacity of being great! 
Now they have taken it from India our capacity of being respectful!! 

We are just shitting around the numbers and quite a few of us are chiding "That used be Us!!!" 


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