Young Boys of Mother Planet

Young Boys of Mother Planet

Well this is not a race indeed but neither is it a condolence march! Mother planet needs special attention from mankind if first world is not willing than second and third world together should handle this.

It is like big brothers have spoiled the home and eaten all that was in kitchen and momma is punishing the younger kids for no faults. There is nothing left for the young boys … Fossil fuel, Minerals and bio-resources are alarmingly on the verge of end. More cruel is, the hungry young boys are increasing and so is increasing the cry of all that their elder brothers eaten with the same luxury services. Mother planet is in a fix as she cannot sustain her deteriorating health but in equally love with their greedy kids. Who will take the responsibility?

Big boys are busy in their bossism; they are more concerned with their efforts of tightening the noose of young boys. Young boys are no longer kids now, are too much in numbers, scattered deviated and divided. This is diluting the probability of any possible success to heal mother planet.

This fact is known to them, as they are in a peak from where they can see us fighting and snatching all that they scrapped for us. We are thinking that we are in a healthy race competition but sadly we are not! Good news is few of us got to know it right at the time when big boys are in soup. We together forced them to come on the table and discuss the new rules of game but they are still in inebriate of being bosses.

Well! Lost is lost, gone is gone and damaged is damaged… crying, cursing and begging will avail nothing so lets talk business now. Can we heal planet mother?

Well death is the only certain, mother will for sure leave us some days but yes we can beg her for as many days god listen to our prayers and finds our love worthy for her. To express love is to care for her well being. This needs to be done by all the sons and daughters together by ensuring that we will not overdraft her resources any more.

If we need breezy winds, her saari’s flap is more than enough than why to burn a part of her cloths? We all have to alternate the source of energy and cut down our needs to its minimum possible utility. It is possible, just a constructive approach with a strong will is required.

It happens always, when you try hard to convince somebody the merits of your action and they refuse just because they feel disgraced of accepting minor’s suggestions but when you begin doing it, they begin doing it too. So young boys… just begin doing it, they will join us soon. Folks, it is not just that anyone may begin and both will be benefited. We should understand the hidden losses if they began doing it.  If they begin caring mother planet, as they can take care for her and also they are planning to begin caring for her… but if they got to begin it, they will again loop us off from all that benefits they will get from it.  Even more, they will execute parallel action plan to hook us off the court this time too. Folks, if this got to happen; we will never get the second chance to get our grace back because by the time we will recover, mother planet will be on her last safari to depart for eternity.

See us working, join us for the cause! Jai Hind...


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