Love, Blessings & Tears

Let me be foolish this time too!

Almost a year ago, when I was walking having hand in hand with my dream girl in a railway station to bid her the last bye of this life, she asked me to promise one thing. She said 

"I know, I am asking something very tough and becoming unrightful with you but promise me for the sake of our love" 

I had no capacity to use my tongue so eyes did their second most perfect job 'yes' I glittered... 

"Whatsoever happens to your life after we part ways from here on... you will never cry in front of anyone!" She looked in my eyes "... for your tears, either I am entitle to see them or you thus no one else!" 

I got hurt with her request but she was asking this as a farewell gift so I responded saying 'Ok' but was not sure weather will I be able honor this commitment. Later she boarded the train. It was for the last time I was seeing her, the last word she said 'No one else but only me or u can see your tears, so please don't cry even now' and train began to roll away. I was walking with her for as long and as fast as possible but machines does not function the way heart does so is the train... Everything disappeared in horizon
Today, when my Mom was leaving for home from Indore. It was the same moment... Mom was in same styled window. Trying to keep my hand in hers... kissing it and her tears rolling out. Train began racing and she freed my hands... I tried hard to stop her weeping, I mimicked 'Mera nam joker' to sketch smile on her face but she broke out. With her breaking in tears that commitment of mine was in verge of breaking too. Scared to fail in making her smile, my eyes signed off from Moms face. I logged out of the romance of being son of a divine mother. An anger raged me, I began to walk briskly towards the car parking in disgust for myself within for being so rude to mom. A sense of self pity rose inside 

I am out of my house since 12 years. Hardly once in a year I visit my parents home... it was first time in my history Mom-Dad came to see me here in Indore. Mom used to cry every time I logout from home but later she began getting used to of living without me. Today it was different, she came to see me and she was leaving me behind. Her tears were inevitable and for so even mine were too! 

Yesterday, I launched my book. With the help of a lot of my friends my dream actualized. More than this, I become the rare human in entire civilization to host parent, teacher, mentor and students at once under one stage. When I touched the feet of my Mom, she broke up in tears of happiness and kissed me in my fore head. I was in public so my eyes remain dried to its maximum. Daddy was on dais with my most valuable guests. My students were exhibiting by managing the show that I really made them learn life. There were many other moms and dads in the auditorium and they all were going through the same feelings what my parents had.

My friends kept my parents enjoying their stay with us. They teased me, mom, sis and dad with various jokes and laughing along with them. God was showering all that He kept on hold from more than a year. Not many are so much fortunate that they get such blessings of God.

While driving away from that railway station I recalled everything in the flash memory. I analyzed the paucity of me crying in all these emotional events of life. I found, men are only supposed to weep in front of only those who can bear the weakness of men and refurbish the capacity of conquered in them. Only the wife can share the pain of crying man or so can do the man himself. I regained the confidence of my correctness so I took out the phone to make my Mamma laugh with my ever stunning 'Mera naam jokar' mimicker 

"Ye duniya ek circus hai ji!"

Explosions Within

Explosions Within 

A little success after a long time, receiving good wishes from your known ones and undergoing the trauma of a dead relationship... all three at one point of time when you have profession which keeps you around the crowd, brings strangest feeling. You left with no option but to go away somewhere in the forest which is unknown to you. Sitting on the top of a hill, looking up straight to sky filled with stars and trying to find out anyone in that deep cosmos who can be like you, going through the things you are going through. The one to whom you need not to explain what is going within you but just start a conversation... Universe will certainly have my kind of creature somewhere in some other galaxy in my kind of conditions... I am just not alone in this universe. 

But almighty have wonderful capacity of creations... none of the two things are identically conditioned in this Cosmos. Oh Lord! If this is only me who is happy this way... if this is only me who is feeling the way I am feeling than perhaps I don't need this...

The best thing of life is learning it while living it... you don't have separate time to study, read instruction, read questions and answer it in the sheet neatly provided to you with known value of finishing time. You have plan, execute, fail, learn and rejoice at one timeline with very uncertain dead mark. When I began mine... I dreamt a lot based on my dreams, I committed to everyone I was in love with... confidence of stand by all my commitments I began my flight but than clouds, storms & fog engulfed me. It is a time when everything is against my wish... everything is set to laugh at me. I am still holding it hard in the quest of keeping those promises alive. A lot has been lost, a lot has been chopped off... wings are wounded, capacity is exhausted, nothing but those promises are in mind. One more... a little ahead but every new step brings plenty new. No destiny in sight... 

When no destiny appears in sight...
Everything that was dark turns bright! 
Pain leaves your nerve to bother... 
you feel everything's coming closer!
When you feel not anything to try...
that's when you begin to die!

Death audience when everything else you refuse... 
When nothing of your possession remains of use!!!

Subrato Bagchi, Arindam Chaudhary, Narayan Murthy

Subrato Bagchi, Arindam Chaudhary, Narayan Murthy

*Courtesy BCCL, Permission not taken, will be revoked if questioned.

*Though I did not mentioned women entrepreneurship but I value it.

... Azim Premji, Subrato Rai Sahara, Sunil Mittal are few heroes of Indian Corporate. I call them living legends of India Inc.

Well you must be wandering why not other names? In a country where Ambanis and Tatas are the gods of business, I am not even mentioning them in my list of legends. Well, I accept your complain for the Tatas but with a few corrections explained in this article. While reading further, you will get to know why not Ambanis, Ruias, Goenka, Birla, Mahindra, Mittals, Munjals, Biyani or Bajaj are listed in my bucket.

I should mention here that I accept the stand points of Premiji, Arindam or Narayn towards the political polygamy of Indian castes, classes and cultures but I indeed admire their courage that they often do comment upon the poor condition of our country by being a businessman. They do not only comment but also they suggest the solution, or more to say, they work towards those solutions. 

Arindam's theory, in his book THE GREAT INDIAN DREAMS, of 'soft capitalism' for a country like India is a wonderful insight specially when he proposes the theory of LSP (Life Style Parity) as a correct model of measuring poverty than PPP (Purchasing Power Parity)

Narayan's model, in his book A BETTER INDIA A BETTER WORLD of creating mega-corporations to ensure disposable income of the educated young brigade of India is the only solution to get country out of the bastion of pseudo factorial politics of terrorism and social divide.

While Subrato's teaching in his book GO KISS THE WORLD of least minimum required civil senses i.e. not defecate in public, not to spit in public, keep the public sanitary as you want it, adopt hygienic lifestyle are a few lessons majority of Indians need to lean as soon as possible.  

All these three attempts are greater than that of entrepreneurial mindset. I feel these great authors of these great books have not only made money from their business but also turned the table towards those who are so called under privileged and would otherwise never got the chance to become entrepreneurs. They attempted to remove the bad of Indian society. If I closely interpret these three books together in a nut shell, these authors want we Indian to understand that we should NOT compare our self (Arindam) we should earn money (Narayan) and we should live hygienic lifestyle (Subrato). Precisely these are the three things a human should do in lifetime.

Azim's ambitious project of imparting quality education to every Indian irrespective of Caste, Creed and Wealth is one thing I admire and salute. He become the victim of miss-interpretation of his concept of unreserved meritocracy system by a few religion based extremists. He compared a moon mission where all the astronauts should be elected by the ways Indian government elect the Engineers and Doctors i.e. caste based reservation in otherwise meritocratic election process. He says that if you do so, the space mission will never succeed because of the inadequacy of the required talent on board. He wanted to say 'uplift the talent capacity of everyone and then ask them to compete in the leveled field but majority of Indian extremists understood it this way 'stop these moron idiots to compete with us, they are good for nothing and destined to be slave how dare they out compete us' However, I do not offend Azim for this as he is not a politician to get benefit out of his statements and so he need not to give any explanation of what he said or how it should be understood.

Ray-Sahara is a man of selflessness; he dared to dream for money because his wife wanted to be a singer. He otherwise was happy with his one bedroom house and scooter in Lucknow. His business of Micro-Fiance which reflects the model of CK Prahlad i.e. 'serving to the bottom of the pyramid' is marvelous. He become the biggest philanthropists who sponsored Cricket other sports to develop the competency among Indian with the world.

TATA's are greater than all of them.... certainly not as a person but as family’s business methodologies. This is one reason did not kept them in my bucket list. They were the first to introduce Provident Fund and Health Insurance for their workers much before than Government of India adopted this. They developed Indian Institute of Science, Tata Institute of Social Science, The Taj group of hotels to show the world that we Indians are talented, helpful and capable. This is a courage I want every budding Indian Entrepreneur should adopt.

Sunil Bharti has pioneered the corporate world. He began from making the crank shafts of bicycles and constructed the world’s top three telecom network. Those who know, knows that he is very down to earth, very prompt and lovable human being. This is something I want my budding entrepreneur should learn from him.

I respect others too but because I believe they are inclined towards making money not making meaning hence I do not admire them the way I do those who are listed above. I believe my young co-citizen of this great sub-continent will fall in line with legends in their future. 
                                                                                                                                             With Love JV