Love, Blessings & Tears

Let me be foolish this time too!

Almost a year ago, when I was walking having hand in hand with my dream girl in a railway station to bid her the last bye of this life, she asked me to promise one thing. She said 

"I know, I am asking something very tough and becoming unrightful with you but promise me for the sake of our love" 

I had no capacity to use my tongue so eyes did their second most perfect job 'yes' I glittered... 

"Whatsoever happens to your life after we part ways from here on... you will never cry in front of anyone!" She looked in my eyes "... for your tears, either I am entitle to see them or you thus no one else!" 

I got hurt with her request but she was asking this as a farewell gift so I responded saying 'Ok' but was not sure weather will I be able honor this commitment. Later she boarded the train. It was for the last time I was seeing her, the last word she said 'No one else but only me or u can see your tears, so please don't cry even now' and train began to roll away. I was walking with her for as long and as fast as possible but machines does not function the way heart does so is the train... Everything disappeared in horizon
Today, when my Mom was leaving for home from Indore. It was the same moment... Mom was in same styled window. Trying to keep my hand in hers... kissing it and her tears rolling out. Train began racing and she freed my hands... I tried hard to stop her weeping, I mimicked 'Mera nam joker' to sketch smile on her face but she broke out. With her breaking in tears that commitment of mine was in verge of breaking too. Scared to fail in making her smile, my eyes signed off from Moms face. I logged out of the romance of being son of a divine mother. An anger raged me, I began to walk briskly towards the car parking in disgust for myself within for being so rude to mom. A sense of self pity rose inside 

I am out of my house since 12 years. Hardly once in a year I visit my parents home... it was first time in my history Mom-Dad came to see me here in Indore. Mom used to cry every time I logout from home but later she began getting used to of living without me. Today it was different, she came to see me and she was leaving me behind. Her tears were inevitable and for so even mine were too! 

Yesterday, I launched my book. With the help of a lot of my friends my dream actualized. More than this, I become the rare human in entire civilization to host parent, teacher, mentor and students at once under one stage. When I touched the feet of my Mom, she broke up in tears of happiness and kissed me in my fore head. I was in public so my eyes remain dried to its maximum. Daddy was on dais with my most valuable guests. My students were exhibiting by managing the show that I really made them learn life. There were many other moms and dads in the auditorium and they all were going through the same feelings what my parents had.

My friends kept my parents enjoying their stay with us. They teased me, mom, sis and dad with various jokes and laughing along with them. God was showering all that He kept on hold from more than a year. Not many are so much fortunate that they get such blessings of God.

While driving away from that railway station I recalled everything in the flash memory. I analyzed the paucity of me crying in all these emotional events of life. I found, men are only supposed to weep in front of only those who can bear the weakness of men and refurbish the capacity of conquered in them. Only the wife can share the pain of crying man or so can do the man himself. I regained the confidence of my correctness so I took out the phone to make my Mamma laugh with my ever stunning 'Mera naam jokar' mimicker 

"Ye duniya ek circus hai ji!"


Deepak Motwani said…
Touched my heart!! Because of my Presentation I missed your show sir, but I can feel everything, A common man with some uncommon dreams in eyes.. Cheers sir..

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