What should be ethical for those who are made to kill? [Soldier's Ethics]

"Wherever I go, everyone is a little bit safer because I am there.
Wherever I am, anyone in need has a friend.
Whenever I return home, everyone is happy I am there."
[By Robert L. Humphrey, 1923-1997 ( A Marine)] 

Left is Dr. Brig. V Ramanan, right is Jitendra Rajaram Verma

It was a dream to be in Indian Air Force! It was a dream to serve my country as a soldier... but God wanted me to be more responsible than that of a man of armor! With his grace I behold the responsibility of being the architect of future India as a teacher.... Under His blessings, I serve my duty ! Amen...

A teacher's strength is shown in the eyes of his students in the form of respect and love... I am the chosen one to earn this gallant...

Leaders of courage! Indian Army 
I just happen to be a tiny part of an ambitious seminar on 'Ethics in Indian Army at College of War, Mhow' talking about ethics from 50 veteran leaders who command 50000 brave soldiers of Indian army was no less a task of courage. An organization which knows nothing but discipline and discipline alone, practice of ethical sovereignty should be the supreme school of thoughts who commands the death and life of Sons of India. It is for this reason, as a teacher, my duty becomes more susceptible... I was cautious towards the future impact of my duty. 

What should be ethical for those who are made to kill? 
Ahimsa is ethics... so how come slaughtering be ethical? I can lead this discussion with the help of an iconic Indian holy scripture 'Mahbharata' but I do understand that standing with religious sentiments is not justified for the pluralistic society of India. Let me begin with my point of view about the 'Objective of Ethics

In this Era of Darwin Cosmopolitanism, I argue that supreme objective of ethics is 'Survival'... i.e. surviving by being harmless and helpful to the source of life and nature is the very essence of ethical code of conduct. A soldier is bound to damage the castle of enemy! A soldier is bound by duty to kill... but this is how he meant survival. Let me repeat the primary motto of ethics is to survive. As I quoted many a times that 'Nothing is wrong until your intention is not wrong' 

For example civilization on snow area cannot survive without Fish or flesh because there is no greenery. The temperature of snow area can freeze you bones if you do not consume wine! So it is essential that holy books of the civilization of snow must preach to consume wine and flesh. Civilization of Deserts cannot survive without flesh because of no greenery but cannot consume wine because high temperature of desert can lead to mental imbalance that's why in the holy books of civilizations of desert preaches consumption of flesh but refrain from wine. The civilizations of greenery have plenty of options in the form of fruits and vegetables for them refrain from flesh and wince both is preached by the holy books of the civilization of greenery. What I want to mention here is that the primary objective of ethics is to survive next is to be harmless and than is to be helpful... 
As a soldier or as a leader of soldiers understanding this equation of objectives of ethics is essential to understand... as the famous dialog of a Hollywood movie karate kid goes 'fighting is not good but if necessary than fight and win' 

With utmost proud I must comment that Indians has always been ethical as they never invaded foreign land until it did not become the question of our sovereignty. During Operation Bajarang (liberation of Bangladesh), soldiers of Yayah Khan massacred every civilian, raped every women and slaughtered every kid they come across. Many Indian soldiers were boiling to take revenge in the similar way but Indian veterans strongly objected and protected the kids, women and civilian they come across in the march of victory.... This is ethics.

With this article, I want my readers to understand that 'Nothing is wrong if intention is not wrong' however ethics is not about making decision from right vs wrong.... Ethics is all about making best decision while choosing one from right vs right... 
A tribute to bravery of Indian Army 

Because life is all about making choices so folks "once you made your choice.. just abide by your decision! Remember 'If you think you are right... your are right!" Jai Hind!! 

Understand where are we going? What will happen to us? Why do we need to think, plan and execute right now?

"Shouting slogans against corruption, Mourning on Shaheed Diwas, Fasting at Jantar Mantar, Putting Gandhi Top on head depicting I am Anna will not do..."

People criticized 'Indian Planning Commission' for their manipulation of data about the poverty scale of Indian population. Many have commented that UPA influenced the data. Even I was in impression that politics is creating the illusion but somewhere within me, I was grasping the fact that this just cannot be the only political stunt and when I read Mr. D Subba Rao's statement in Time of India today morning, I realized that my doubt had some voice. Including Dr. Rao and me, readers must not misunderstand us as a supporter of existing government. As Mr. Montek Singh Ahulwalia rightly pointed that 'whoever comes on chair... poverty in India is on its way to reduce and it has nothing much to do with politicians

Let me put you on the statistics 

'From 37% poverty in India reduced to 28% since 2004 to 2009' that too if we calculate based on the PPP model of UNESCO i.e. a person with spending capacity of $1.25 a day should be termed as 'not poor'.

This fact, as per D Subba Rao, is calculated with passimistic approach as during 2009 India faced Drought in many states. If Indian research agencies can table the data of 2011, this figure will be further cheerful as monsoon was perfect in 2011. 

He further explains that one should not rub eyes on media tubes to believe what they say... they misrepresent the data as 
Media asks how planning commission can conclude Rs.22 & Rs.28 per day is sufficient to live for a person? when a liter of milk costs Rs.37 and a dosen of Banana costs Rs.60?  

Fact is 'Rs.37 a litter Milk and Rs.60 a dsn banana can hardly be purchased by a person who earns Rs.28.86 a day' yes indeed.... but the if you know "Poor men in India do not eat Banana and Milk in break fast!" to earn 1600 calories 40mg. Channa Dal and 100Mg. wheat Roti is enough and it costs only Rs.18.80 for a person in a day which is achievable. 

I strongly do believe that Government of India is not responsible for the poverty in India Directly!! 
It is the mentality of Indian which is demonstrably plays havoc on Indian underprivileged population. A rickshawwala in Delhi earns roughly 300-400 Rupees a day (this is quite often larger than the earnings of many IT peasants of the same city) but he buys Drugs, Brown Sugar or such things everyday! for meals he is happy to beg in front of any Gurudwara or Mosque or Temple... There are many examples, dwellers living in horrible jhhuggies in cities are capable enough to have decent house but they dont... In states like Chh'grh and MP where government is selling Rice and Wheat at Rs. 2 & 3 a Kilo... government better knows that this food grain are stocked by the local merchants and later sol in the free markets. Quite unsurprising that the very ration card holder sells his share of grains to local market and makes money form it. Entire PDS system is used up by goons and mafias.

To further disappoint you, I have another very good sad news!!

Indian family structure is practicing 'Hum do Humare do...' well happy? you should not! lets talk statistically once again... 



In Urban India 55.5% family have less than 2 children, 39.1% of families have less than 8 children & 5.5.%  have more that 9 children. In Rural India statistics goes 47.1%, 45.8% and 7.1% respectively. Now look again, 7.1% of rural population having more than six children in family... Do you think this household is capable of effective education? Out 0f 72% population living in rural India 52.9% households are having more than four children in home! These households barely have good economic health. Forget about the awareness about the need of quality education! They are simply not capable of having education of global quality... Imagine! what will be the future of India?

Well, I am just not stoppable... here is another
7.1% urban families are well educated, small nuclear families of India are well aware of the importance of education (good news) they want their kids to get global education (good news) they want their kids to not settle in India (bad news?) 

52.95 rural families are not educated, are bigger families of India do not give a damn to education... want their kids to migrate into bigger cities of India to earn livelihood. Uneducated energetic young Indian in city where their is no jobs! what will they do? kidnapping? Ransom? Killing? Rape? 

Statistics show 9% students of good schools like DPS, Kendriya Vidyalya or Missionary Schools settle abroad for quality life. 26% gets quality life in metro cities of India and so they get settle there... 40% gets their life dwelling in tier two or three cities.... With such a brain drain... Imagine what will be the future of India?

Need a Solution? 

Shouting slogans against corruption, Mourning on Shaheed Diwas, Fasting at Jantar Mantar, Putting Gandhi Top on head depicting I am Anna will not do... 

Friends! Whatever way you get to understand my point! as a businessman you can call it a money making opportunity, as a socialists you can call it a public welfare, as a politician you can call it a leadership initiatives but be whatever.... we have a lot of work to do hear in India... We just have to get united and bring worlds best education in India for free!! Everything else follow to make India the country of Dream! Jay Hind!

Leadership Reality

Leadership Reality

“I think if ever any scientist could fetch me the fact data i.e. humans must be the largest population among all the mammals on earth. If not! Than for sure in the list of top ten”

Among the seven billion crowed with such a stunning technology of publishing, broadcasting and exhibiting the talent in this modern era. There is no absolute scale of measuring talent. This is I guess in present, leadership can hardly be achieved... It just can be imposed. 

I am baffled to believe... here exists monarchy in almost every stream of leadership. In every faculty, fight for leadership is unethical and immoral. Be it Google Vs. Yahoo, Google Vs. Facebook, Sonia Vs. Advani, USA Vs. Russia or China Vs. USA... leadership has turned out to become a gamble... 

I recently went through the piece of article in HBS's mouthpiece that 'leaders must be updated and upgraded'. A very strong but discouraging statement for an aspirant who want to be a leader... arguably I have a question which may not appeal to many of my readers or perhaps to some extent it appear absurd too... 

"Can we think of a 'by heart leadership'?"

Since childhood, I have taken participation in many public rallies and mass agitations. I recently participated in Anna Hazare’s anti corruption movement, their I got to see many young leaders crying high for the stand points of sir Hazare. I am not arguing that stands of Anna were wrong but more than this I had concerns that those leaders out there at Rajwada chowk Indore were not sufficiently informed about the issues mentioned in the manifesto of Team Anna. Moreover, it was black and white that more than the 'cause of agitation' it was the personal benefits of those leaders were the prime focus. It was those days when these leaders were not known but today they rank among the young leaders of Indore city. Certainly their motives realized but what about that cause?    

As much I am growing old, I am getting informed about many questions I had since my beginning of quittances with this world. I once asked from god in my childhood that if there exists so many profound leaders, socialists and think tanks in this world than why still starvation and death by hunger is a horrible reality?
After seeing such events where leadership is more of 'a career building task' than 'social welfare cause', I began to receive many answers of this question. I can serve you 100s of data facts stating clearly that today leadership is just a public stunts, propaganda expertise  and fight to remain on top than to really do any kind of welfare...
The agony is, one cannot draw any constitution of leadership... there is nothing like wrong and write actions because every action taken by a leaders is a risk. Many a times a leader takes the risk of being criticised... inclined, mono-factored etc. But this is what is called leadership when you take courage to go in all odds. A good friend of mine do always advise me that propaganda is essential part of leadership and one has to incorporate this in order to be a leader...

Well my oath of leadership is to break this typecast of ‘propaganda’... with the help of my close observations during my association with public affairs, I arrived to a conclusion that propaganda is a good tool to establish any ‘school of thought’ among your followers but once you established it there exist no tool to undo that ‘school of thought’.... For example.. ‘Demolition of Babari Mosque in 1993 at Ayodhya’ was a very good propaganda to establish that BJP is a strong Hindu party but ‘Praising Jinnah in Pakistan visit,, seeking support of Muslim in UP polls’ helped less than a penny to BJP when it is thirsty of undoing that stigma of being pro-Hindu.

If my lifetime is not sufficient to succeed in my vow of ‘leadership by heart’ (i.e. seeking followers support only if they believe that I can take their flag ahead of march than only I will take the flag in hand... ) I shall be far happy to remain a common stupid man to bear the pain of starvation, injustice and poverty....

Well God has given me enough courage and power to deal with this issue of traversing by splitting these ‘propaganda-leaders’ and establish the ‘leadership by heart’ i.e. leadership for the welfare of the society but I must leave this as ‘the duty of God’ that if not me than anyone else in this world should be termed as ‘leader by heart’ so that he can take the manifestation of God towards the betterment of mankind...

Anna, Budget, UP Poll & Shaheed Diwas

Time waits for none so just serve your duty!

21 March, black flag to Indian government for its failure of removing Shaheed Bhagat's name from the list of 'traitors of British India Government'. 

25 March, Anna Hazare will fast at Jantar-Mantar to protest  the murder of IPS officer in Morena MP

Lets go back! 
16 March, Union budget presented with pseudo smiles in the face of 'Gapitalists' Oppositions and Coalition-Alliances. 
6 March, UP poll declares a young CM from disputatiously goons party as a regional power by kicking off national parties at the nose.

What do you think March is up to? Heat? 
Rising fuel prices, losing Congress & increased vote count of young/women voters is clearly predicting that something unusual is ahead in near future. Awareness among the citizen is chasing the politicians while incisively experienced old politicians are playing hard bluffs to keep the show on. Coalition government is fighting within to take the testier pie of profit. Common population is brooding against the hard times of paying taxes to this irresponsible government.

17% hike in defense budget from $31Bn to $38Bn is shockingly dangerous as compare to $102Bn from $91Bn of our neighbor China

59% Share of Service industry while rest of Agriculture & Industry is another fog coat in the eye of holidaying policy makers of Indian Parliament. I am worried because the way NIIT and Veta is making money from training Africans in Computer and English, they will offload all the software jobs to Africans and this 59% service industry of India which provides jobs to only 14% Indian population will not be able to hold the pressure of Life-insurance and Bank EMIs... let alone the credit card bills of PVR, McDonalds and TATA Westside. 

Every year 6% of cultivable land is turning into Highways, Parking space, Urban Residential or Shopping Malls. With the average of 7 Months seasonal unemployment, 72% of Rural population which is based upon the earnings of the seasonal migrations of the unskilled labors of UP, Bihar, Jhharkhand and Orrisa to work at Bangalore, Mumbai, NCR and Gujarat. With poorest productivity of Indian agriculture because of reducing cultivable land and inefficiency of uneducated farmers, we are triggering the food inflation to a high where Indian middle class will left with no option but to declare anarchy.

Murder of powerful social guards and tolerating rebellious insult will trigger another mutiny. If the police system will not get respected identity, anarchy will mount in every tribal areas of our subcontinent. This will encourage the spirit of Naxals and Moaists which will get more funds from China to compel social unrest in India.  

My Dear friends, Just imagine, if all above four dangers of Chinese attack, food inflation, tolling unemployment, Tribal Anarchy begins at the same time in next two years? What will happen? How will you use you BE, MBA, MCA?

The only ray of hope is 'youngster's and women's participation in active politics and Anna Hazare's unite India Against Corruption moment'

Pals we managed to sail the boat since 8000 years... it is getting tough this time. After 68 years of freedom, a big shift in Indian subcontinent is visible now. Just play your part... stand up in Shaeed Bagat Diwas by putting black ribbon in yours arms! 

'Show that you care and the illness will be healed' Vande?????????????

Books, Biographies and Belief

Yesterday I marked a major accomplishment of life by completely reading 'My Experiments with Truth' an autobiography of Mohan Das Gandhi. Learning from his experiments of truth in speech, action and thoughts while being a sacred public service fellow to our mother land, I concluded that 'non violence' can be instrumental even today in this era of nuclear capabilities.

I must comment 'Rare of us are eligible even to praise Gandhi let alone the question of criticizing him' yes! criticizing Gandhi has become a fashionable art of tactic in India. This is why, every Pan chewing, train passenger idiots discovers his capacity by defaming Gandhi's high spirit. Gandhiji was not only a revolutionary leader but was also a great artist. He developed his body as good as a temple. He did accept nothing merely on the prescription of holy books or preaching of any religion. Rather he studied the very necessasity of the vows he took in his life. I regard his determination and capacity of accepting his failures. I regard his capacity of bearing punishment levied upon him for all the mistakes he did unknowingly or deliberately. I do admire Nehru as well. My admiration to Gandhi and Nehru casts my identity as a foolish young blood of India but I give a deaf ear to this view of majorities.

I found that in a country where Illiteracy, Hunger and Poverty were so much severe, nothing but the non-violence could have been the only weapon to achieve self-reliance. A country where capitalism could have looted the poor and communism could have turned Indians into a bunch of Impotent Burglars, only the theory of mixed economy was efficient to bridge rich-poor divide of India. So, it was Nehru-Gandhi's masterful capacity of leading this country of more than 3000 under civilized sub-castes of four major religion has helped to leap through and made this country pioneer in Space, Cyber and Nuclear technologies. That too in just a span 60 years of independence.

Books increases my appetite to read more and more so I have grown up sufficient capacity to read whatever is inked on paper. I am specially charmed with Biographies as I do not read them, I live the life of the the one who biographed. Mahatma Gandhi, made me change my belief... I developed the sense towards Ahimsa in action, deed and thought. I hereby ascertain to restrain from non-veg, toxic consumption and cruel instincts from a very special day of 20th May 2012 onward. I do believe that this will be the true revere to this great soul of India we call him Bapu

Nonetheless 'no one kicks the dead dog' so even Gandhi and Nehru are but natural subject to be criticized. Criticism is one of many methods of measuring the leadership capacity. 

मेरे देश के गाँव

मेरे देश के गाँव

ढूंढ कर चंद तिनको को इकठ्ठा किया... 
रात भर माटी को रौंदा किया। 

चंद रोटियों से कर गुजरा...
खेत के काम से थका हारा।

लड़ा झगडा, पड़ोसियों से तकरार किया...
कुछ इस तरह फूस का महल तैयार किया।

कुछ मुझ जैसे ही लोग ऐसा करते हैं...
विराट देश के उस मासूम से  गाँव में रहते हैं।

लाल पूरब जहाँ दिन का शुभारंभ है...
चिर कलरव ही जहाँ अपनी अलारम है।
हल बैल ही एक तेज सवारी है...
आफिस नहीं जहाँ खेत की तयारी है। 

नंगे पैर जहाँ माटियों में चलते है...
विराट देश के उस मासूम गाँव में रहते है। 

छल कपट कर सपाट जाने को जहाँ कोई नहीं...
विश्वाश की आँखे जहा अभी सोईं नहीं।

अपनों सा जहाँ सब ब्योहर किया करते है...
विराट देश के उस मासूम से गाँव में रहते है। 

रात गंगू की माँ जब बीमार पड़ी...
गाँव भर की नींद फिर हराम पड़ी। 
लम्हों में वैद जी को बुलाया गया...
शिद्दत से उनका इलाज़ कराया गया।

अपने पन से जहाँ सब काम किया करते है... 

विराट देश के उस मासूम से गाँव में रहते है।

एक रोज अचानक जब बाढ़ आई...
पूरे खेतों में फसलो में कहर ढाई।

दाना दाना अनाज का दूर बह गया... 
इस बरस मै किसान फिर झूर रह गया।

फिर भी, 
सुखा दुःख को जहाँ सब साथ मिलके सहते हैं... 

विराट देश के उस मासूम से गाँव में रहते हैं।

:-जितेन्द्र  राजाराम वर्मा 

Making of 'My Wise Countrymen'

I wanted to talk with thousand people at once under one mindset so I have written this book 'My Wise Countrymen' I could have named it with any infamous LSD words but I intentionally wanted to seek right readers with right mental wavelength so that I can tell them that a quality education for everyone is important do to reduce sufferings of innocents.

I wanted a serious reader, who can afford to listen my serious question visa-vis I wanted young readers who can act upon my ideas. Serious? Young? and Indian? laughed my mentor said 'Forget it!You cannot fetch a single reader as such species does not exist in India'

I knew, he has challenged me because this is how he kept me learning. Thinking all this a word clicked 'Countrymen'. I fell in love with the fragrance of this word. 'Wise' is something my grandfather wanted me to become, I never succeeded so I readily lured up with these two words. I wanted to relate them with me and so 'My' succeeded me to do that.

I was in impression that I am too minor to right upon the title 'My Wise Countrymen' so I began writing a love story 'Death of a Flower' but again I lacked the confidence of getting readers. I began writing 'G21:-Sinners Den' a hostel life of my MBA days but by this time millions of such Love, Sex Dhoka of college going youths mashroomed in the selves of book stores so I finally decided to continue 'My Wise Countrymen' in which later I merged all three titles. 

I had an Idea 'The collection of illegal parking fee of an hour in every Indian cities can sponsor sufficient RDX to blow entire Mumbai Local Train Network!" my book 'My Wise countrymen' had an objective to explain this with all the statistics and real time data. I wanted to explain why India is the irony of the world. Why India exists till date despite all possible efforts to ruin it. But then something happened 

My Mentor, Mr. Shirish Shukla said today's youths will never read your stuff so stop wasting time and money. Adamant me convinced him to continue writing novel but this time as a love story. After writing 36ooo words I burned every pages and flushed them. I re-began writing a love story for the same cause i.e. to tell young Indian that what is there worth and what peanuts they are getting. This love story was must to be different than Bollywood masala. So I took up another bold step to define the character from all walks of Indian life.

Fear of no one will read my book began racing. The near I was reaching to end, the higher my heart was pounding. Pals, began reading it. Spilting critiques discouraged me and a small praise added few more pages in it. 
'Ultimate success is to sell the books not writing it!' said one critique. I went to my well wisher 'It is a good story no doubt but patriotic title will give you a dent for sure' said he. I was determined to carry 'My Wise Countrymen' as the only title for this book but including my supreme critique i.e. my mentor said 'This title will not sell' 
What is the purpose of this hard work if it does not reaches to my target readers hand? So I began munching about those 'love, sex & dhokha terms'. 

'A honest heart is an honest heart sir' said one of my beloved student who were involved in the making of this book. I refocused on my determination 'My Wise Countrymen' but with a punchline 'Love, Pride, Glory' this idea was based on the three part of the story i.e. Love, Pride & Glory. 

Big promises began to fail... no body believed that a freaky idiot of my kind can ever write a book. With this belief many claimed that they will fetch any publisher of my choice. Many of them have planned to make money out of my efforts if at all I succeeded. Than I got a few gem of people around me, their assurance of publishing it at any cost encouraged me. 

All big publishers refused one by one. A few asked for money to publish it but they were undoubtedly frauds. A big publishing house from USA approached me via email. I went in seventh heaven but soon it shattered when I realized some one was fishing me.

Than my angel friend told me 'If you are a first timer, your editors are first timer.... financiers are first timer than let's make publisher a first timer too. The gaga or first timer reached to a realization where every single entity of this book 'My Wise Countrymen' become the 'first timer'. 

Yes 'hope' because... hope is always richer than profit, fame and greed. My hope is that this book will make you fall in love to find the glory of yours so that you can bring pride in the eyes of your loved ones. My wise countrymen please stand up for your love, pride & Glory. Amen!!!

This book is available on all the stores of Indore city and also pan India by 'cash on delivery' by sending your delivery address at jitendraverma@hotmail.co.in and pay when you receive the book. 

Inspiring is the Purpose of Life

Every time when I try to portray my work as something very big, I stop my pen assuming that this work is not big enough to bother my readers. This time however, my work may not be that big but the intention of writing a book 'My Wise Countrymen' had larger objectives than just to portray myself as an author. 
Let me try to share with you my purpose of writing this book. 

The inception of the Idea happened on those days when Mother Teresa departed to rest in peace. I was a school boy, quite introvert and scared creature. The sad demise of holy soul Teresa rang a question in my mind 'If there are as good people as Teresa, Gandhi, Lincoln, Luther & Mandela... why still exists the pain, suffering, poverty and hunger?' This question kept me immersed in thoughts for nights. I began to believe that there is no possible ways to eradicate sufferings. One has to be God, Superhero or Magician to do that. 

I remained satisfied with my finding but its counter question retook my sleep. "So if one can do nothing to eradicate the sufferings than what is the purpose of life?" 

"Purpose of Life

Money? for long I was convinced with the saying 'Money indeed is not God but certainly nothing less than God' but one day. A friend of my father visited our house, he stayed for night and left next day morning asking as much roti left in the nights dinner shall please be given to him by my mother. I concluded that this man must be very poor but thought of asking this to dad. Daddy said that his friend is a big landlord but he did not happen to go back his home since last four years because he has an agenda of life i.e. to provide liberation to his brethren of his district. 'Why did he asked for rotis from Mummy?' I asked further from Daddy. He said 'Your Mommy is a magical cook, she makes such rotis which can be eaten by anyone till weeks'. The child in me never tires of questioning so 'Does this mean, this man will not be given food by anyone for a week?' to which Father replied 'Kid, he never asks for food so rightfully from anyone but your Mom'. I am still restless 'Don't he have money?' to which Dad pushed me to a sleepless night 'Champ, He has plenty of money back home but for him money is nothing!!'

This story did not only eroded the lust of money within me but also for the luxury and fame. 

'Death is only certain but before death whatever you do should be remembered till eternity' My father once told me. 'But how will this help to eradicate sufferings of innocents?' I asked to my father. 'Finding this, is what we call Purpose of Life' replied my father.

Action Plan
I was, and I am indeed, the man of low confidence. I was not tactful either... I believe those who fail to use tongue and hands extravagantly turn out to become a good user of eyes & ears. I began reading, listening and thinking. I believe despite marvelous efforts Lenin, Luther, Gandhi & Lincoln failed in their objectives. i.e. to eradicate sufferings of innocents. This, for me, implied that my efforts should be larger than these great souls but how? 

I am not capable to be a soldier, I am not powerful enough like that of Bollywood actors. I have no wealth of size many big people have...but does this means, I should stop thinking this way? 

This hunt of 'How' kept me on toes for many years to come. Many a times, I planned a life of earning money, getting married, plan a household. Many a times, I returned back in the search of 'how?'

Very late, I got to find the solution!!!
Based on my non-capacity of being a soldier, fighter or a superhero. I realized that yes I cannot be the one who can win but I can inspire others to win.... yes I can Inspire!!!  'Inspire' become the purpose of my life