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What should be ethical for those who are made to kill? [Soldier's Ethics]

"Wherever I go, everyone is a little bit safer because I am there. Wherever I am, anyone in need has a friend. Whenever I return home, everyone is happy I am there." [By Robert L. Humphrey, 1923-1997 ( A Marine)]

It was a dream to be in Indian Air Force! It was a dream to serve my country as a soldier... but God wanted me to be more responsible than that of a man of armor! With his grace I behold the responsibility of being the architect of future India as a teacher.... Under His blessings, I serve my duty ! Amen...
A teacher's strength is shown in the eyes of his students in the form of respect and love... I am the chosen one to earn this gallant...
I just happen to be a tiny part of an ambitious seminar on 'Ethics in Indian Army at College of War, Mhow' talking about ethics from 50 veteran leaders who command 50000 brave soldiers of Indian army was no less a task of courage. An organization which knows nothing but discipline and discipline alone, practice of ethi…

Understand where are we going? What will happen to us? Why do we need to think, plan and execute right now?

"Shouting slogans against corruption, Mourning on Shaheed Diwas, Fasting at Jantar Mantar, Putting Gandhi Top on head depicting I am Anna will not do..."

People criticized 'Indian Planning Commission' for their manipulation of data about the poverty scale of Indian population. Many have commented that UPA influenced the data. Even I was in impression that politics is creating the illusion but somewhere within me, I was grasping the fact that this just cannot be the only political stunt and when I read Mr. D Subba Rao's statement in Time of India today morning, I realized that my doubt had some voice. Including Dr. Rao and me, readers must not misunderstand us as a supporter of existing government. As Mr. Montek Singh Ahulwalia rightly pointed that 'whoever comes on chair... poverty in India is on its way to reduce and it has nothing much to do with politicians
Let me put you on the statistics 
'From 37% poverty in India reduced to 28% since 2004 to 2…

Leadership Reality

Leadership Reality
“I think if ever any scientist could fetch me the fact data i.e. humans must be the largest population among all the mammals on earth. If not! Than for sure in the list of top ten”
Among the seven billion crowed with such a stunning technology of publishing, broadcasting and exhibiting the talent in this modern era. There is no absolute scale of measuring talent. This is I guess in present, leadership can hardly be achieved... It just can be imposed. 
I am baffled to believe... here exists monarchy in almost every stream of leadership. In every faculty, fight for leadership is unethical and immoral. Be it Google Vs. Yahoo, Google Vs. Facebook, Sonia Vs. Advani, USA Vs. Russia or China Vs. USA... leadership has turned out to become a gamble... 
I recently went through the piece of article in HBS's mouthpiece that 'leaders must be updated and upgraded'. A very strong but discouraging statement for an aspirant who want to be a leader... arguably I have a quest…

Anna, Budget, UP Poll & Shaheed Diwas

21 March, black flag to Indian government for its failure of removing Shaheed Bhagat's name from the list of 'traitors of British India Government'. 
25 March, Anna Hazare will fast at Jantar-Mantar to protest  the murder of IPS officer in Morena MP
Lets go back!  16 March, Union budget presented with pseudo smiles in the face of 'Gapitalists' Oppositions and Coalition-Alliances.  6 March, UP poll declares a young CM from disputatiously goons party as a regional power by kicking off national parties at the nose.
What do you think March is up to? Heat?  Rising fuel prices, losing Congress & increased vote count of young/women voters is clearly predicting that something unusual is ahead in near future. Awareness among the citizen is chasing the politicians while incisively experienced old politicians are playing hard bluffs to keep the show on. Coalition government is fighting within to take the testier pie of profit. Common population is brooding against the hard tim…

Books, Biographies and Belief

Yesterday I marked a major accomplishment of life by completely reading 'My Experiments with Truth' an autobiography of Mohan Das Gandhi. Learning from his experiments of truth in speech, action and thoughts while being a sacred public service fellow to our mother land, I concluded that 'non violence' can be instrumental even today in this era of nuclear capabilities.

I must comment 'Rare of us are eligible even to praise Gandhi let alone the question of criticizing him' yes! criticizing Gandhi has become a fashionable art of tactic in India. This is why, every Pan chewing, train passenger idiots discovers his capacity by defaming Gandhi's high spirit. Gandhiji was not only a revolutionary leader but was also a great artist. He developed his body as good as a temple. He did accept nothing merely on the prescription of holy books or preaching of any religion. Rather he studied the very necessasity of the vows he took in his life. I regard his determination …

मेरे देश के गाँव

मेरे देश के गाँव
ढूंढ कर चंद तिनको को इकठ्ठा किया...  रात भर माटी को रौंदा किया। 
चंद रोटियों से कर गुजरा... खेत के काम से थका हारा।
लड़ा झगडा, पड़ोसियों से तकरार किया... कुछ इस तरह फूस का महल तैयार किया।
कुछ मुझ जैसे ही लोग ऐसा करते हैं... विराट देश के उस मासूम से  गाँव में रहते हैं।
लाल पूरब जहाँ दिन का शुभारंभ है... चिर कलरव ही जहाँ अपनी अलारम है। हल बैल ही एक तेज सवारी है... आफिस नहीं जहाँ खेत की तयारी है। 
नंगे पैर जहाँ माटियों में चलते है... विराट देश के उस मासूम गाँव में रहते है। 
छल कपट कर सपाट जाने को जहाँ कोई नहीं... विश्वाश की आँखे जहा अभी सोईं नहीं।
अपनों सा जहाँ सब ब्योहर किया करते है... विराट देश के उस मासूम से गाँव में रहते है। 
रात गंगू की माँ जब बीमार पड़ी... गाँव भर की नींद फिर हराम पड़ी।  लम्हों में वैद जी को बुलाया गया... शिद्दत से उनका इलाज़ कराया गया।
अपने पन से जहाँ सब काम किया करते है... 
विराट देश के उस मासूम से गाँव में रहते है।
एक रोज अचानक जब बाढ़ आई... पूरे खेतों में फसलो में कहर ढाई।
दाना दाना अनाज का दूर बह गया...  इस बरस मै किसान फिर झूर रह गया।
फिर भी,  …

Making of 'My Wise Countrymen'

Purpose I wanted to talk with thousand people at once under one mindset so I have written this book 'My Wise Countrymen' I could have named it with any infamous LSD words but I intentionally wanted to seek right readers with right mental wavelength so that I can tell them that a quality education for everyone is important do to reduce sufferings of innocents.
Title I wanted a serious reader, who can afford to listen my serious question visa-vis I wanted young readers who can act upon my ideas. Serious? Young? and Indian? laughed my mentor said 'Forget it!You cannot fetch a single reader as such species does not exist in India'
I knew, he has challenged me because this is how he kept me learning. Thinking all this a word clicked 'Countrymen'. I fell in love with the fragrance of this word. 'Wise' is something my grandfather wanted me to become, I never succeeded so I readily lured up with these two words. I wanted to relate them with me and so 'My'…

Inspiring is the Purpose of Life

Every time when I try to portray my work as something very big, I stop my pen assuming that this work is not big enough to bother my readers. This time however, my work may not be that big but the intention of writing a book 'My Wise Countrymen' had larger objectives than just to portray myself as an author.  Let me try to share with you my purpose of writing this book. 
The inception of the Idea happened on those days when Mother Teresa departed to rest in peace. I was a school boy, quite introvert and scared creature. The sad demise of holy soul Teresa rang a question in my mind 'If there are as good people as Teresa, Gandhi, Lincoln, Luther & Mandela... why still exists the pain, suffering, poverty and hunger?' This question kept me immersed in thoughts for nights. I began to believe that there is no possible ways to eradicate sufferings. One has to be God, Superhero or Magician to do that. 
I remained satisfied with my finding but its counter question retook m…