Anna, Budget, UP Poll & Shaheed Diwas

Time waits for none so just serve your duty!

21 March, black flag to Indian government for its failure of removing Shaheed Bhagat's name from the list of 'traitors of British India Government'. 

25 March, Anna Hazare will fast at Jantar-Mantar to protest  the murder of IPS officer in Morena MP

Lets go back! 
16 March, Union budget presented with pseudo smiles in the face of 'Gapitalists' Oppositions and Coalition-Alliances. 
6 March, UP poll declares a young CM from disputatiously goons party as a regional power by kicking off national parties at the nose.

What do you think March is up to? Heat? 
Rising fuel prices, losing Congress & increased vote count of young/women voters is clearly predicting that something unusual is ahead in near future. Awareness among the citizen is chasing the politicians while incisively experienced old politicians are playing hard bluffs to keep the show on. Coalition government is fighting within to take the testier pie of profit. Common population is brooding against the hard times of paying taxes to this irresponsible government.

17% hike in defense budget from $31Bn to $38Bn is shockingly dangerous as compare to $102Bn from $91Bn of our neighbor China

59% Share of Service industry while rest of Agriculture & Industry is another fog coat in the eye of holidaying policy makers of Indian Parliament. I am worried because the way NIIT and Veta is making money from training Africans in Computer and English, they will offload all the software jobs to Africans and this 59% service industry of India which provides jobs to only 14% Indian population will not be able to hold the pressure of Life-insurance and Bank EMIs... let alone the credit card bills of PVR, McDonalds and TATA Westside. 

Every year 6% of cultivable land is turning into Highways, Parking space, Urban Residential or Shopping Malls. With the average of 7 Months seasonal unemployment, 72% of Rural population which is based upon the earnings of the seasonal migrations of the unskilled labors of UP, Bihar, Jhharkhand and Orrisa to work at Bangalore, Mumbai, NCR and Gujarat. With poorest productivity of Indian agriculture because of reducing cultivable land and inefficiency of uneducated farmers, we are triggering the food inflation to a high where Indian middle class will left with no option but to declare anarchy.

Murder of powerful social guards and tolerating rebellious insult will trigger another mutiny. If the police system will not get respected identity, anarchy will mount in every tribal areas of our subcontinent. This will encourage the spirit of Naxals and Moaists which will get more funds from China to compel social unrest in India.  

My Dear friends, Just imagine, if all above four dangers of Chinese attack, food inflation, tolling unemployment, Tribal Anarchy begins at the same time in next two years? What will happen? How will you use you BE, MBA, MCA?

The only ray of hope is 'youngster's and women's participation in active politics and Anna Hazare's unite India Against Corruption moment'

Pals we managed to sail the boat since 8000 years... it is getting tough this time. After 68 years of freedom, a big shift in Indian subcontinent is visible now. Just play your part... stand up in Shaeed Bagat Diwas by putting black ribbon in yours arms! 

'Show that you care and the illness will be healed' Vande?????????????


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