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Yesterday I marked a major accomplishment of life by completely reading 'My Experiments with Truth' an autobiography of Mohan Das Gandhi. Learning from his experiments of truth in speech, action and thoughts while being a sacred public service fellow to our mother land, I concluded that 'non violence' can be instrumental even today in this era of nuclear capabilities.

I must comment 'Rare of us are eligible even to praise Gandhi let alone the question of criticizing him' yes! criticizing Gandhi has become a fashionable art of tactic in India. This is why, every Pan chewing, train passenger idiots discovers his capacity by defaming Gandhi's high spirit. Gandhiji was not only a revolutionary leader but was also a great artist. He developed his body as good as a temple. He did accept nothing merely on the prescription of holy books or preaching of any religion. Rather he studied the very necessasity of the vows he took in his life. I regard his determination and capacity of accepting his failures. I regard his capacity of bearing punishment levied upon him for all the mistakes he did unknowingly or deliberately. I do admire Nehru as well. My admiration to Gandhi and Nehru casts my identity as a foolish young blood of India but I give a deaf ear to this view of majorities.

I found that in a country where Illiteracy, Hunger and Poverty were so much severe, nothing but the non-violence could have been the only weapon to achieve self-reliance. A country where capitalism could have looted the poor and communism could have turned Indians into a bunch of Impotent Burglars, only the theory of mixed economy was efficient to bridge rich-poor divide of India. So, it was Nehru-Gandhi's masterful capacity of leading this country of more than 3000 under civilized sub-castes of four major religion has helped to leap through and made this country pioneer in Space, Cyber and Nuclear technologies. That too in just a span 60 years of independence.

Books increases my appetite to read more and more so I have grown up sufficient capacity to read whatever is inked on paper. I am specially charmed with Biographies as I do not read them, I live the life of the the one who biographed. Mahatma Gandhi, made me change my belief... I developed the sense towards Ahimsa in action, deed and thought. I hereby ascertain to restrain from non-veg, toxic consumption and cruel instincts from a very special day of 20th May 2012 onward. I do believe that this will be the true revere to this great soul of India we call him Bapu

Nonetheless 'no one kicks the dead dog' so even Gandhi and Nehru are but natural subject to be criticized. Criticism is one of many methods of measuring the leadership capacity. 

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Rahul Patil said...

Absolutely correct sir... nothing is bigger than loving people and make sacrifices for them. Nothing is bigger than Ahinsa, this is the only one thing which can develop the peace in this mother world.