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Inspiring is the Purpose of Life

Every time when I try to portray my work as something very big, I stop my pen assuming that this work is not big enough to bother my readers. This time however, my work may not be that big but the intention of writing a book 'My Wise Countrymen' had larger objectives than just to portray myself as an author. 
Let me try to share with you my purpose of writing this book. 

The inception of the Idea happened on those days when Mother Teresa departed to rest in peace. I was a school boy, quite introvert and scared creature. The sad demise of holy soul Teresa rang a question in my mind 'If there are as good people as Teresa, Gandhi, Lincoln, Luther & Mandela... why still exists the pain, suffering, poverty and hunger?' This question kept me immersed in thoughts for nights. I began to believe that there is no possible ways to eradicate sufferings. One has to be God, Superhero or Magician to do that. 

I remained satisfied with my finding but its counter question retook my sleep. "So if one can do nothing to eradicate the sufferings than what is the purpose of life?" 

"Purpose of Life

Money? for long I was convinced with the saying 'Money indeed is not God but certainly nothing less than God' but one day. A friend of my father visited our house, he stayed for night and left next day morning asking as much roti left in the nights dinner shall please be given to him by my mother. I concluded that this man must be very poor but thought of asking this to dad. Daddy said that his friend is a big landlord but he did not happen to go back his home since last four years because he has an agenda of life i.e. to provide liberation to his brethren of his district. 'Why did he asked for rotis from Mummy?' I asked further from Daddy. He said 'Your Mommy is a magical cook, she makes such rotis which can be eaten by anyone till weeks'. The child in me never tires of questioning so 'Does this mean, this man will not be given food by anyone for a week?' to which Father replied 'Kid, he never asks for food so rightfully from anyone but your Mom'. I am still restless 'Don't he have money?' to which Dad pushed me to a sleepless night 'Champ, He has plenty of money back home but for him money is nothing!!'

This story did not only eroded the lust of money within me but also for the luxury and fame. 

'Death is only certain but before death whatever you do should be remembered till eternity' My father once told me. 'But how will this help to eradicate sufferings of innocents?' I asked to my father. 'Finding this, is what we call Purpose of Life' replied my father.

Action Plan
I was, and I am indeed, the man of low confidence. I was not tactful either... I believe those who fail to use tongue and hands extravagantly turn out to become a good user of eyes & ears. I began reading, listening and thinking. I believe despite marvelous efforts Lenin, Luther, Gandhi & Lincoln failed in their objectives. i.e. to eradicate sufferings of innocents. This, for me, implied that my efforts should be larger than these great souls but how? 

I am not capable to be a soldier, I am not powerful enough like that of Bollywood actors. I have no wealth of size many big people have...but does this means, I should stop thinking this way? 

This hunt of 'How' kept me on toes for many years to come. Many a times, I planned a life of earning money, getting married, plan a household. Many a times, I returned back in the search of 'how?'

Very late, I got to find the solution!!!
Based on my non-capacity of being a soldier, fighter or a superhero. I realized that yes I cannot be the one who can win but I can inspire others to win.... yes I can Inspire!!!  'Inspire' become the purpose of my life


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