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Leadership Reality

Leadership Reality

“I think if ever any scientist could fetch me the fact data i.e. humans must be the largest population among all the mammals on earth. If not! Than for sure in the list of top ten”

Among the seven billion crowed with such a stunning technology of publishing, broadcasting and exhibiting the talent in this modern era. There is no absolute scale of measuring talent. This is I guess in present, leadership can hardly be achieved... It just can be imposed. 

I am baffled to believe... here exists monarchy in almost every stream of leadership. In every faculty, fight for leadership is unethical and immoral. Be it Google Vs. Yahoo, Google Vs. Facebook, Sonia Vs. Advani, USA Vs. Russia or China Vs. USA... leadership has turned out to become a gamble... 

I recently went through the piece of article in HBS's mouthpiece that 'leaders must be updated and upgraded'. A very strong but discouraging statement for an aspirant who want to be a leader... arguably I have a question which may not appeal to many of my readers or perhaps to some extent it appear absurd too... 

"Can we think of a 'by heart leadership'?"

Since childhood, I have taken participation in many public rallies and mass agitations. I recently participated in Anna Hazare’s anti corruption movement, their I got to see many young leaders crying high for the stand points of sir Hazare. I am not arguing that stands of Anna were wrong but more than this I had concerns that those leaders out there at Rajwada chowk Indore were not sufficiently informed about the issues mentioned in the manifesto of Team Anna. Moreover, it was black and white that more than the 'cause of agitation' it was the personal benefits of those leaders were the prime focus. It was those days when these leaders were not known but today they rank among the young leaders of Indore city. Certainly their motives realized but what about that cause?    

As much I am growing old, I am getting informed about many questions I had since my beginning of quittances with this world. I once asked from god in my childhood that if there exists so many profound leaders, socialists and think tanks in this world than why still starvation and death by hunger is a horrible reality?
After seeing such events where leadership is more of 'a career building task' than 'social welfare cause', I began to receive many answers of this question. I can serve you 100s of data facts stating clearly that today leadership is just a public stunts, propaganda expertise  and fight to remain on top than to really do any kind of welfare...
The agony is, one cannot draw any constitution of leadership... there is nothing like wrong and write actions because every action taken by a leaders is a risk. Many a times a leader takes the risk of being criticised... inclined, mono-factored etc. But this is what is called leadership when you take courage to go in all odds. A good friend of mine do always advise me that propaganda is essential part of leadership and one has to incorporate this in order to be a leader...

Well my oath of leadership is to break this typecast of ‘propaganda’... with the help of my close observations during my association with public affairs, I arrived to a conclusion that propaganda is a good tool to establish any ‘school of thought’ among your followers but once you established it there exist no tool to undo that ‘school of thought’.... For example.. ‘Demolition of Babari Mosque in 1993 at Ayodhya’ was a very good propaganda to establish that BJP is a strong Hindu party but ‘Praising Jinnah in Pakistan visit,, seeking support of Muslim in UP polls’ helped less than a penny to BJP when it is thirsty of undoing that stigma of being pro-Hindu.

If my lifetime is not sufficient to succeed in my vow of ‘leadership by heart’ (i.e. seeking followers support only if they believe that I can take their flag ahead of march than only I will take the flag in hand... ) I shall be far happy to remain a common stupid man to bear the pain of starvation, injustice and poverty....

Well God has given me enough courage and power to deal with this issue of traversing by splitting these ‘propaganda-leaders’ and establish the ‘leadership by heart’ i.e. leadership for the welfare of the society but I must leave this as ‘the duty of God’ that if not me than anyone else in this world should be termed as ‘leader by heart’ so that he can take the manifestation of God towards the betterment of mankind...


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