Making of 'My Wise Countrymen'

I wanted to talk with thousand people at once under one mindset so I have written this book 'My Wise Countrymen' I could have named it with any infamous LSD words but I intentionally wanted to seek right readers with right mental wavelength so that I can tell them that a quality education for everyone is important do to reduce sufferings of innocents.

I wanted a serious reader, who can afford to listen my serious question visa-vis I wanted young readers who can act upon my ideas. Serious? Young? and Indian? laughed my mentor said 'Forget it!You cannot fetch a single reader as such species does not exist in India'

I knew, he has challenged me because this is how he kept me learning. Thinking all this a word clicked 'Countrymen'. I fell in love with the fragrance of this word. 'Wise' is something my grandfather wanted me to become, I never succeeded so I readily lured up with these two words. I wanted to relate them with me and so 'My' succeeded me to do that.

I was in impression that I am too minor to right upon the title 'My Wise Countrymen' so I began writing a love story 'Death of a Flower' but again I lacked the confidence of getting readers. I began writing 'G21:-Sinners Den' a hostel life of my MBA days but by this time millions of such Love, Sex Dhoka of college going youths mashroomed in the selves of book stores so I finally decided to continue 'My Wise Countrymen' in which later I merged all three titles. 

I had an Idea 'The collection of illegal parking fee of an hour in every Indian cities can sponsor sufficient RDX to blow entire Mumbai Local Train Network!" my book 'My Wise countrymen' had an objective to explain this with all the statistics and real time data. I wanted to explain why India is the irony of the world. Why India exists till date despite all possible efforts to ruin it. But then something happened 

My Mentor, Mr. Shirish Shukla said today's youths will never read your stuff so stop wasting time and money. Adamant me convinced him to continue writing novel but this time as a love story. After writing 36ooo words I burned every pages and flushed them. I re-began writing a love story for the same cause i.e. to tell young Indian that what is there worth and what peanuts they are getting. This love story was must to be different than Bollywood masala. So I took up another bold step to define the character from all walks of Indian life.

Fear of no one will read my book began racing. The near I was reaching to end, the higher my heart was pounding. Pals, began reading it. Spilting critiques discouraged me and a small praise added few more pages in it. 
'Ultimate success is to sell the books not writing it!' said one critique. I went to my well wisher 'It is a good story no doubt but patriotic title will give you a dent for sure' said he. I was determined to carry 'My Wise Countrymen' as the only title for this book but including my supreme critique i.e. my mentor said 'This title will not sell' 
What is the purpose of this hard work if it does not reaches to my target readers hand? So I began munching about those 'love, sex & dhokha terms'. 

'A honest heart is an honest heart sir' said one of my beloved student who were involved in the making of this book. I refocused on my determination 'My Wise Countrymen' but with a punchline 'Love, Pride, Glory' this idea was based on the three part of the story i.e. Love, Pride & Glory. 

Big promises began to fail... no body believed that a freaky idiot of my kind can ever write a book. With this belief many claimed that they will fetch any publisher of my choice. Many of them have planned to make money out of my efforts if at all I succeeded. Than I got a few gem of people around me, their assurance of publishing it at any cost encouraged me. 

All big publishers refused one by one. A few asked for money to publish it but they were undoubtedly frauds. A big publishing house from USA approached me via email. I went in seventh heaven but soon it shattered when I realized some one was fishing me.

Than my angel friend told me 'If you are a first timer, your editors are first timer.... financiers are first timer than let's make publisher a first timer too. The gaga or first timer reached to a realization where every single entity of this book 'My Wise Countrymen' become the 'first timer'. 

Yes 'hope' because... hope is always richer than profit, fame and greed. My hope is that this book will make you fall in love to find the glory of yours so that you can bring pride in the eyes of your loved ones. My wise countrymen please stand up for your love, pride & Glory. Amen!!!

This book is available on all the stores of Indore city and also pan India by 'cash on delivery' by sending your delivery address at and pay when you receive the book. 

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Rahul Patil said...

Many hurdles comes in ones way, but sometimes one has to ignore somethings, somebody to reach at his milestone viz a viz its the golden opportunity to identify the diamonds along your way. I know and value the hard work you have put into, to make it a reality. Go on JV.... just go on...!

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