What should be ethical for those who are made to kill? [Soldier's Ethics]

"Wherever I go, everyone is a little bit safer because I am there.
Wherever I am, anyone in need has a friend.
Whenever I return home, everyone is happy I am there."
[By Robert L. Humphrey, 1923-1997 ( A Marine)] 

Left is Dr. Brig. V Ramanan, right is Jitendra Rajaram Verma

It was a dream to be in Indian Air Force! It was a dream to serve my country as a soldier... but God wanted me to be more responsible than that of a man of armor! With his grace I behold the responsibility of being the architect of future India as a teacher.... Under His blessings, I serve my duty ! Amen...

A teacher's strength is shown in the eyes of his students in the form of respect and love... I am the chosen one to earn this gallant...

Leaders of courage! Indian Army 
I just happen to be a tiny part of an ambitious seminar on 'Ethics in Indian Army at College of War, Mhow' talking about ethics from 50 veteran leaders who command 50000 brave soldiers of Indian army was no less a task of courage. An organization which knows nothing but discipline and discipline alone, practice of ethical sovereignty should be the supreme school of thoughts who commands the death and life of Sons of India. It is for this reason, as a teacher, my duty becomes more susceptible... I was cautious towards the future impact of my duty. 

What should be ethical for those who are made to kill? 
Ahimsa is ethics... so how come slaughtering be ethical? I can lead this discussion with the help of an iconic Indian holy scripture 'Mahbharata' but I do understand that standing with religious sentiments is not justified for the pluralistic society of India. Let me begin with my point of view about the 'Objective of Ethics

In this Era of Darwin Cosmopolitanism, I argue that supreme objective of ethics is 'Survival'... i.e. surviving by being harmless and helpful to the source of life and nature is the very essence of ethical code of conduct. A soldier is bound to damage the castle of enemy! A soldier is bound by duty to kill... but this is how he meant survival. Let me repeat the primary motto of ethics is to survive. As I quoted many a times that 'Nothing is wrong until your intention is not wrong' 

For example civilization on snow area cannot survive without Fish or flesh because there is no greenery. The temperature of snow area can freeze you bones if you do not consume wine! So it is essential that holy books of the civilization of snow must preach to consume wine and flesh. Civilization of Deserts cannot survive without flesh because of no greenery but cannot consume wine because high temperature of desert can lead to mental imbalance that's why in the holy books of civilizations of desert preaches consumption of flesh but refrain from wine. The civilizations of greenery have plenty of options in the form of fruits and vegetables for them refrain from flesh and wince both is preached by the holy books of the civilization of greenery. What I want to mention here is that the primary objective of ethics is to survive next is to be harmless and than is to be helpful... 
As a soldier or as a leader of soldiers understanding this equation of objectives of ethics is essential to understand... as the famous dialog of a Hollywood movie karate kid goes 'fighting is not good but if necessary than fight and win' 

With utmost proud I must comment that Indians has always been ethical as they never invaded foreign land until it did not become the question of our sovereignty. During Operation Bajarang (liberation of Bangladesh), soldiers of Yayah Khan massacred every civilian, raped every women and slaughtered every kid they come across. Many Indian soldiers were boiling to take revenge in the similar way but Indian veterans strongly objected and protected the kids, women and civilian they come across in the march of victory.... This is ethics.

With this article, I want my readers to understand that 'Nothing is wrong if intention is not wrong' however ethics is not about making decision from right vs wrong.... Ethics is all about making best decision while choosing one from right vs right... 
A tribute to bravery of Indian Army 

Because life is all about making choices so folks "once you made your choice.. just abide by your decision! Remember 'If you think you are right... your are right!" Jai Hind!! 

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