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Lack of will

The Bads' are good in goods' art but the Goods' are bad in Bads' art!

WHO gave up the idea of reducing alcohol consumption by 10% in a decade. UN leaders commented that the idea is not realistic and one should be of mindful not overambitious. Indian government charges 38% tax in alcoholic beverages. They say, we want to keep MRP of alcohol beyond the reach of poor class. Such a shameless policy they have!

Indian Aviation Industry is bleeding. Kingfisher, Air India.... everyone are in grave pain of loss of billions. With a 56% service Industry, $1.76 Trillion economy and 47% middle class population ... who the hell can believe that Indian aviation is not able to do profitable business?

LeT Chief cannot be hacked, Kasab cannot be hanged, Afjal Guru should be relaxed... Naxalite should be treated like brothers... Parliament should not function... Lokpal bill is unethical!

China funds leftist, Maoists and Marxist so that India remain busy in smoke shedding at times when Ch…

My Future Makers...

I worked out this small experiment by collecting 73 samples via online Google apps. Asked some young college students a question i.e. "Who are the designers of your destiny?" with four options 1. Parents, 2 Teacher, 3. Environment & 4. Self! Results were complex... more or less every options were marked equally! Than I took account of other demographic variables. Things came out crystal clear, below is what I discovered... Happy reading!

My question was with genuine responders. Not those who zooms in to shopping mall chortling with pals and are least bothered to anyone asking them a question like this at the entrance. I asked this question in the classrooms of Colleges, Coaching, Libraries and in the bee line of filling chalan form in the Banks. I ensured they are serious to respond and will respond thoughtfully. Image below is what I received from them. 

This is not strange, rather is very much oblivious... what strange I noticed is, none of my respondent replied that …

Not casting vote... they vote for caste!

We talk about corruption, we calculate how much money leaders made of it. We discuss about their illicit public behaviors. We chat, we share, we disgust it on facebook, G+ or on such social media but when it comes to vote and chose we either remain busy in our office chorus or simply plan a picnic on government holiday. Those who vote... do so either on pleading requests of any relatives who is contesting, any favor we are getting or mostly because the contestant belong to our community.
Well so far, I have written nothing which is so direct attack upon Indians idiotic ideologies but it happened so yesterday that I feel this a bound duty.
In India everyone talks.. the good people, the bad people... the educated people, the illiterate people. You just approach to any Indian with a question and he/she will answer you as if he posses some excellence on that subject. You talk with Indian upon any subject of your desire and you will wonder is that you are master of it or he is... surprisi…

Applied Education

My critiques says "I tend to believe everything I come across without observing the hidden facts behind it" 
To them I reply "Things about which I use to talk about are now appearing real in the fraternity of policy makers. This alone makes me believe that destiny is near and we are in right direction!"
Yesterday, with National Entrepreneur Network (NEN) I visualized that policy makers are now serious about transforming the outlook of Indian education from 'Job Seekers Centric' to 'Job Creators Centric' 
Even Sir Narayan Murthy explained that making mega corporations to create jobs of high disposable income will only solve the problem of Indian Civic system. i.e. an India free of terrorism, corruption and feudal mentality. If the upcoming youth of India gets a job where he/she can earn sufficiently to pay off his obligations towards his/her society vis-avis enjoys his youthfulness from the same income he gets from a job... He/she will never get persu…

Pain of being Coward

It is not easy to accept that you are cowardice. Confessing the same in public is close to impossible task!
 Today after reading Netaji Subash and his thoughts of empires, clarity of action and planning of a nation... I felt so much ashamed that I have started accepting the advise of cowardice friend. Three years ago I took a vow that I will not run behind money and luxury of life because I have to run towards the mission of my life i.e. 'to make quality education free and mandatory to every common and rare human of this earth'
I began hard, I worked hard and I planned well but during the lump times people around me managed to make me believe that I have to compensate my duties towards my family by earning money or devoting my time to service my old parents. I don't know how forgot that my father proudly sacrificed his son for the service of mankind and my beloved mom do not expect a single glimpse of me so that I can devote my time to my mission. My parent's courage i…

Leadership Ethics

"She is a bitch of her won kind, never cares law and order" said US President Richard Nixon to Indian PM Indira Gandhi on Bangladesh war. 
"US should not hold claim upon burial of Osama Ji's dead body, it should get Islamic cremation" Dig Vijay Singh on USA's thoughtful burial of Osama Bin Laden's dead body
"It is tiring to be the Goddess of 800 million Indians" said by Indira Gandhi in 1984 slightly before her assiantion in an interview to Pranay Gupte, than CNN editor
"My Muslim brothers do not have slightest right to raise objection upon the demoilation of Babari Masjid as their people have destructed thousands of temple since they invaded India"  Said by Lal Krishna Advani in his auto biography 'My Country My Life'
"I shall only say truth , however bitter it is and how so ever loss I would…