Lack of will

The Bads' are good in goods' art but the Goods' are bad in Bads' art!

Lack of will of Indian Politics

WHO gave up the idea of reducing alcohol consumption by 10% in a decade. UN leaders commented that the idea is not realistic and one should be of mindful not overambitious. Indian government charges 38% tax in alcoholic beverages. They say, we want to keep MRP of alcohol beyond the reach of poor class. Such a shameless policy they have!

Indian Aviation Industry is bleeding. Kingfisher, Air India.... everyone are in grave pain of loss of billions. With a 56% service Industry, $1.76 Trillion economy and 47% middle class population ... who the hell can believe that Indian aviation is not able to do profitable business?

LeT Chief cannot be hacked, Kasab cannot be hanged, Afjal Guru should be relaxed... Naxalite should be treated like brothers... Parliament should not function... Lokpal bill is unethical!

China funds leftist, Maoists and Marxist so that India remain busy in smoke shedding at times when China is set to become strongest power in Asia and world...

We opened Indian market in 1991 because we had no other option. We are set to open multibrand retail FDI because world is behind our 47% middle class population.

We got 123 deal from USA... similar deals we got from Canada, Australia, Russia and France because they want is to grow Jatropha in our fertile lands of UP & Punjab...

We claim that we don't have capacity to provide jobs to every one and so MGNAREGA is failed. We say our climatic condition is not good enough to let PDS work efficiently. How is it than possible to send EVM (Electronic Voting Machine) to every nuke n corner of the country? How is it possible that Coca-Cola is available in those villages termed the drought effected?

During my book launch, I wanted a great academician to comment upon my book in his comment he said 'Free Education is not possible in this country, government can't afford trillions as a salary of academicians' I did not tough I wanted to ask what about $256Billion black economy which is running smoothly in India?

Why on 3.26 crore Indian pays Income Tax? where 51 crore Indian is capable of Paying taxes? Why common idiot man of India have no will to pay tax?
Why road constructions never end? why there is only 1 doctor per 7000 Indian? why we have 85000 engineering graduation seats in MP alone? Why Indian Engineers are allowed to settle in Europe and America? Why doctors get green card in USA and never return to India?

Guess what's the answer?????? It is LACK OF WILL.... everybody's belly is full tight of gold and pearls why they should take the pain of awaking India.. but we are rising... dawn is about to break!! Its darkest as of now:)

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