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I worked out this small experiment by collecting 73 samples via online Google apps. Asked some young college students a question i.e. "Who are the designers of your destiny?" with four options 1. Parents, 2 Teacher, 3. Environment & 4. Self!
Results were complex... more or less every options were marked equally! Than I took account of other demographic variables. Things came out crystal clear, below is what I discovered... Happy reading!

My question was with genuine responders. Not those who zooms in to shopping mall chortling with pals and are least bothered to anyone asking them a question like this at the entrance. I asked this question in the classrooms of Colleges, Coaching, Libraries and in the bee line of filling chalan form in the Banks. I ensured they are serious to respond and will respond thoughtfully. Image below is what I received from them. 

This is not strange, rather is very much oblivious... what strange I noticed is, none of my respondent replied that 'self' is important in career making. Yes it is strange because in my findings from the various secondary sources, I arrived to a conclusion that 70% we our self are responsible for what we become. I know you bobbed your head in disagreement but here below I will explain in detail. Look into the image displayed below.  

Future path of any individual is very much based upon the four institutions. Character i.e. how one behaves with the people below him, how one thinks of his parents, nation or friends or how will one behave with spouse or partner. This is engineered by parents and parents alone. If they don't punish you first pencil stealing or for the way you accepted chocolate from your neighbors without seeking dad's consent you wouldn't have ever got to understand the social obligations. In sort your character wouldn't have built the way it is today.

You will be an engineers, a manager, a model, an actor or a pilot this will be decided by the education you chose. While you were in process of deciding upon the specialization after 12th. More than the subject you were in impression of the teacher who trained you in that subject. i.e. what will you be known of in future i.e. your identity is designed by your teacher.

People around you... fraternity of your choice... language you speak... fantasy of the society you live in persuades you to be what you will be... i.e. you think womanizing is not wrong or premarital sex is acceptable because majority of the people around you things this way. i.e. your idealization of wrong and right is based upon whom you live with.
But nothing happens if you are not able to see anything from your within.... if you don't dream of future.. if you don;t think that this world needs you. You respect in your own eye decides how you will appear to this world. See below.... Your vision of being something decides!!

As image above displays... even if you are misfortune of having no parents, bad teachers or poor environment you still stand a chance to win the world. By your vision! How you want others too see you in the future is your vision... no one else can get this designed this for you. you are ought to munch on it for your own... in the image above you can read the names of people who achieved everything of their desire in-spite of all odds. 

And.... if you have everything in your life but no vision... you still can't be any good to this world. In image you can read the names of some failures in-spite of having every luxury under their disposal.

Here is a small piece of advise for you all.... :) Ahem, I know you hate advises but it's free :P look at the image below

Aahh! now in the last... I am open to discuss with you all in detail... just drop me an e-mail at below address.
 Jai Hind... !

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