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Pain of being Coward

It is not easy to accept that you are cowardice. Confessing the same in public is close to impossible task!

 Today after reading Netaji Subash and his thoughts of empires, clarity of action and planning of a nation... I felt so much ashamed that I have started accepting the advise of cowardice friend. Three years ago I took a vow that I will not run behind money and luxury of life because I have to run towards the mission of my life i.e. 'to make quality education free and mandatory to every common and rare human of this earth'

I began hard, I worked hard and I planned well but during the lump times people around me managed to make me believe that I have to compensate my duties towards my family by earning money or devoting my time to service my old parents. I don't know how forgot that my father proudly sacrificed his son for the service of mankind and my beloved mom do not expect a single glimpse of me so that I can devote my time to my mission. My parent's courage is sufficient to survive those misleading suggestions of my beloved friends who are in one way want me to live happy. 

I pity on me that I started believing that 'It is in India's fate to have disgraced future' by looking at my colleagues and their passive attitude towards their holy-duties of imparting education, I began to believe that I should better break my head somewhere else. My majority of students do feel that I am useless as I do teach everything else that can fetch them score, job or salary but very few of them regard when they realize I am talking something millionth times larger than all of this together. however from last few months even I have stopped giving my best because of my brooding belief that nothing can happen good happen of our countrymen. I was so wrong that in a quest of stealing time and efforts I began saying 'grapes are sour'!

Even if this is going to be so that 'grapes are indeed sour' than also people like me has bound duty of repaying the sacrifices of those brave soldiers who dreamed till their life to see mother India as a bride once again....

I began with lots of energy, enthusiasm and belief that I can revolutionize the way students in Indore study and learn about career, future and duties. But more I worked more I met with people who asked me to stop such futile efforts as nothing is going to change. Dust somehow began settling in my eyes... but Netaji's thoughts baffled me as if chilies are being jerked in my eyes. I am jolted but now awakening again... this time more firm and cohesive. 

I vow that I will bear the torch of my oath till the last breaths of my life &  I'll ensure three things before I die
           1. I will bring education available, affordable and mandatory to every class of human society.
           2. I will be the death nail in the federal system of governance in India 
           3. I will re-instill the 'spirit of service to mankind' in this rapidly dooming human race 

I must not forget that my work is divine! 
I must not be ashamed that it irritates to larger part of society but attracts to very few real souls, blood and flesh of mankind. 

You disgust of being man of big words, you may please laugh on my being possessive or you can even put me on hoardings only to throw dungs on my face if I fail to make these changes in this world... 

But I know I will die of peace because in any state of results I will be happy of trying something worthy of being a human!

माटी है मेरा बदन माटी में दफ़न होगा । 
माटी से मेरे रोम-रोम, लिखा वतन होगा ।।


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