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Fiction of Love

My farm house is away from city... alone in jungle like me. It is one of the most severe monsoons on the earth tonight and in my life too. Dark clouds, storming wind, pouring rain, ear slitting cloud smashes. Barely a meter of path is visible from inside the car because of heavy rain, muddy road and foggy sight. Windshield wipers are sounding loud to remind me that I am alone... I entered my farm house, parked the car and logged in to the wooden mansion. It is dark dead inside like I am... my boots are whacking on the wooden floors. Wooden floors have its own style of juggling sound with leather boots tapping on staircase mixing with sprinkling rainfall outside. I lit up a cigarette when I reached my bedroom cum bar. Made a large peg of Mosinee Italian red malt Wine and reclined on the arm chair at the balcony. Everything in my site has got used to with the rain except me. Tree’s leafs, braches, stems are all soaked in water. Grassland is appearing like a sea lake... no birds singing,…

The 4th Idiot

"We have exhibited three varieties of idiots in a grand Indian cinema starring Amir Khan. It also had fourth variety of Idiot. Fourth breed of idiot can never bond with other three idiots... Why? Well you have to read it full..."
Critique is the independent and stray art of analysing other’s art. Ever since art grew, criticizers grew in the same pace. Criticism is socially and legally permitted not only permitted but also promoted in any democratic society. Howsoever an artist is determined of welcoming critiques; it is always painful to hear. Further painful is paying smile in return by being courteous in gesture. Getting used to with critiques is as essential as mastering the art you perform or love. This is one such dark face of success which remains unnoticed as a hidden demon in the path of heaven. Vindo Kamili, Saurav Ganguly, Vinod Khanna, Arjun Rampal, Shashi Tharoor are a few such living examples who are extremely talented in their respective arts but are just not pe…

Punishment Can Never Prevent Crime

"We like film because we like to know how hero beats the villain. We all are determined that end of the movie bad man will be defeated. Does this mean that all who are going to watch a movie are like hero? They do not do what villains do? Does this mean that everyone is clear about what is crime and what should not be done? If it's so, than why crime happens?"

What does criminal believe? Is it different from lay man's believe? Do they feel guilty? Do they repent on their sin? Whatever or however justified answer you bring. I am not convinced with this prototype agenda of punishment as a prevention of crime. I am having the other side of story to narrate.... I am more interested to understand why civil crime happens. It's never a true statement that all those who sees 3 Idiot in silver screen agrees to its conclusion that don't run behind success. I want to know that why someone fails to recognize that their act is sin or crime.
So much so in my interpretation…

Inspire School of Motivation

"Advertisement is unethical? I should say over hype is unethical.... One should always know 'how mach bad is too much bad' I am walking the talk and talking the walk... so for me this article is no offensive for my beloved readers... :) Happy Reading"
Year 2003 was the inception of a revolution in Education system! 2003, we got inspired to Inspire those who will Inspire the generations to come. 

We had nothing but one thing in mind 'Ask them to join us for what they want from us... we will deliver 100 times more than their expectations...' This is how we redefined the methods of effective teaching. We are the leaders in the art of teaching!!! We hijack the learning souls of our students. Before they walk in to our class... they know that they just have to 'lock their seat belts' and take off into the journey of amazing learning... 
Yes we teach English... many come and ask to us 'why we encourage English and discourage Hindi'.... We reply them,…

A College Farewell Eve

Some of us will remain with some of us but most of us will navigate alone… in this unknown other shore of the sea.... We all are gathering outside hotel Infinity, waiting every one of us to come before we together walk in the farewell party organized ny our juniors for us. One after one... couples, love buds, trio-pals, newly wedded couple, group of friends have started arriving. All are in Saari and Shervaani, a dress code our juniors requested for us... I am watching these wet eyed smiling faces. They all were strangers some two years ago. They all were looking like chicks on that induction day organized by our seniors. I am recalling a year old time when my seniors were all cried in the shoulder of each other on their farewell night thrown by us. We forced some of our seniors to propose their one-side lover as this may be the last chance to do so... This year, it appears that such propose game will not be required. Our batch will record a history in IIPS for maximum number of crushe…