The 4th Idiot

"We have exhibited three varieties of idiots in a grand Indian cinema starring Amir Khan. It also had fourth variety of Idiot. Fourth breed of idiot can never bond with other three idiots... Why? Well you have to read it full..."

Fourth Idiot is missing? 
Critique is the independent and stray art of analysing other’s art. Ever since art grew, criticizers grew in the same pace. Criticism is socially and legally permitted not only permitted but also promoted in any democratic society. Howsoever an artist is determined of welcoming critiques; it is always painful to hear. Further painful is paying smile in return by being courteous in gesture. Getting used to with critiques is as essential as mastering the art you perform or love. This is one such dark face of success which remains unnoticed as a hidden demon in the path of heaven. 
Vindo Kamili, Saurav Ganguly, Vinod Khanna, Arjun Rampal, Shashi Tharoor are a few such living examples who are extremely talented in their respective arts but are just not perfect in handling critiques. On the contrary Digvijay Singh, Kapil Sibbal, Mallika Sherawat and Rahul Bose are few classic examples who mastered critique handling better than excelling in their respective talents.
The point is, there exists, a special category of human who are specialized in analyzing the performance of any artist a bit more mercilessly as a part of their fun or profession. By virtue this category of homo-sapiens uses all its possible neural capacity to peel off the beauty of any art and serves it naked among the same audience who previously were praising the artist. This would have been consumable had it been enough but further to it an artist is supposed to remain courteous to this category so that the art keep on growing bigger, better and shiner...
Idiots are those who accept the challenges of life without calculating the risk involved in it with a confidence that they will survive ‘may what come’ in future... three well known idiots are...
One who only follows the heart irrespective of what the world thinks of them. They give their critiques deaf ears. Like that of Ranchhor Das Chhanchhan or fhunschuk Vangdu of great Indian cinema ‘3 Idiots’.
Second is the one who’s extremely talented in one art but compromises to what his expectators want him to do. i.e. the Farhan who was good at photography but wanted to be engineer because this is what his parents wanted form him.
Type three is the one like kastoori mriga (A deer ignorant of its source of fragrance). Capable, eligible but not believes in him. Like that of Raju who wanted to be engineer but was just afraid of testing his own capacity of being great engineer.
The beauty of this cinemascope is that none of the characters depicted in it were losers! The dean of the college ‘Virus’, the strongly number ‘two’ rank-holder from Uganda Chatur, that infamous price tag fiancé villain Shantanu and the doctorni heroine Isha every one of them was talented and successful.
The trick was those who were termed villain in this perfect cinema were very good in critiques. Virus had a hundred reasons to prove that Rancho was a bad guy. Price tag had a perfect Alta vista of scaling everything by MRP and that Chatur knew only one way of success i.e. by hook or by crook. All these three people were very smart in passing remarks, expert comments and devaluing others. I call this category as the 4th category of Idiots. As they also take the uncalculated risk... What’s big deal when life is risk in itself... but like life even risk also ends... everything ends; it is just that something ends very painfully. As is this is the case with 4th Idiot of Indian society.

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