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"Advertisement is unethical? I should say over hype is unethical.... One should always know 'how mach bad is too much bad' I am walking the talk and talking the walk... so for me this article is no offensive for my beloved readers... :) Happy Reading"
Inspire School of Motivation Indore MP India

Year 2003 was the inception of a revolution in Education system! 2003, we got inspired to Inspire those who will Inspire the generations to come. 

We had nothing but one thing in mind 'Ask them to join us for what they want from us... we will deliver 100 times more than their expectations...' This is how we redefined the methods of effective teaching. We are the leaders in the art of teaching!!! We hijack the learning souls of our students. Before they walk in to our class... they know that they just have to 'lock their seat belts' and take off into the journey of amazing learning... 

Yes we teach English... many come and ask to us 'why we encourage English and discourage Hindi'.... We reply them, 'we don't encourage English, we teach English'. 60% of our students are non-local and of Hindi Medium background they don't feel confident... just because they do not know a foreign language! We, with full intention, work on enhancing their confidence of learning any thing of their desire! Later we just provide them an environment to practice... In turn they end-up learning a lot more than just English. This is where lies our success.

We understand, young generation of India is not lacking knowledge but they magnificently lacks the art of 'expression of knowledge'. This is so true that majority of our students are not even capable to express themselves in their first language. We believe that majority of Indians know English more than they feel they know it  but ratio of good speaker is even lesser then our expectations. It happened so because kids believe that English is a language of fashion and influential society. Though this is not right! many 4rth class labors in Kerela, Khajuraho and Agara speaks in English language because this fetches them their bread and butter.

We at Inspire make our students believe that English is just a language and it has nothing like fashion or influence attached with. It just so happened that majority of world population speaks this language so it becomes important for all of us to learn it.

English is most easiest language of the world.... that's why it is accepted from everyone:) very later our students realize that in process of learning English they got to learn 'Interview Skills, GD Skills and Presentation Skills' they never realize that we made their personality sound enough to influence the world.... NOT by teaching English but by garnishing values...... Jai Hind

We at Inspire often close our eyes, spread our hands like wings and sing "Hum Honge Kaamyaab... Ek Din!!!! Ho Ho man me hai vishwash.. pura hai vishwas" 


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