Punishment Can Never Prevent Crime

"We like film because we like to know how hero beats the villain. We all are determined that end of the movie bad man will be defeated. Does this mean that all who are going to watch a movie are like hero? They do not do what villains do? Does this mean that everyone is clear about what is crime and what should not be done? If it's so, than why crime happens?"

We expose them to crime... 

What does criminal believe? Is it different from lay man's believe? Do they feel guilty? Do they repent on their sin? Whatever or however justified answer you bring. I am not convinced with this prototype agenda of punishment as a prevention of crime. I am having the other side of story to narrate....
I am more interested to understand why civil crime happens. It's never a true statement that all those who sees 3 Idiot in silver screen agrees to its conclusion that don't run behind success. I want to know that why someone fails to recognize that their act is sin or crime.

So much so in my interpretation of observations, I found that it is the parenting that develops the instinctive belief system of any human. Later it is just garnished by the teachers, friends and professional seniors. If in a family, parents believe that only their religion is supreme than kids of that family unarguably inherit that belief system. If a family believes that their kids are entitled to remain ignorant from grown-up affairs than kids of that family gets attached with outer shell of society who fuels anti-family elements in their minds.

I read some of the experts commenting upon the work signature of every presidents of United States. These experts have magnificently linked the relations between the parenting of these presidents with all that they have done during their terms in office. It has clearly expressed the impact of being single parent child in the work signatures of Mr. Obama, Mr. Clinton and Mr. Nixion.

In our home as well we can Identify how different was the work signature of Indira Gandhi by being a single parent child...

Microscopically, I have observed that those kids who never enjoyed the love of their parents are not good parents or are not inclined with social traditions. They make their own belief system about the parents, importance of parents, society, ethics and justice. They are influenced by negative shell of human society, they are more bold in risk taking. they are more thriving to let the world know them... they want to be identified... they want to be heard and in this thriving need of getting recognized they do acts which is out of league! For this reason they become the victim of anti-element of the society!

A better India can only be created by better parenting... let me bring some facts for you from our own holybooks.

Rajmata Kunti was an unmarried mother (curse in Indian Society) because she had been donated by her father, King Shoorraj of Mathura, to King, Kunti Bhoj of Bhojpur. Her real name was Pratha she was very much dear to her bio-logical father but for a pseudo promise he gifted her to a friend king who was childless. Pratha's upbringing in Bhojpur was not done by any Queen but by a slave Dhatri... this is so she become the virgin mother by some mythological and complex ideology of a Maharshi Durvasa's visit to Bhojpur...

Child of Durvasa and Unmarried Kunti(Pratha) was Karna who had been thrown away in River Ashwaa in mercilessness. He had a thriving need of knowing that why he did not look like other laymen of Champanagri (Where he later found by a chariot driver Adhiraj and his wife Radhamata. Why do he look like a Prince and while he posses all that power like of Prince, he is not recognized as a prince. This questions about his identity and recognition dragged him in to the wrong path. To which he only had to curse his biological mother Kunti.

Being a teacher by profession, I am not blaming parents for the wrong upbringing of their wards but this is a proven fact. I have not conducted any survey but would like to do so with the help of any prisoner's welfare society to support my view that bad environment of home hampers the character making of a person. With a general observation I found that 
  1. A family where elders talk in high pitch and use abusive vocabulary, kids fail to develop sense of respect and turn on to engage themselves with bad people in environment. 
  2. A family where elders do not mind kids kleptomaniac deeds, kids turnout to become thief by hobby. 
  3. A family where elders don't mind kids non-rightful demands, kids happen to take others property for granted. 

Among such parenting exists ambiguity of nurturing ethical belief system of kids. If parents justifies the demand of dowry, discriminates sister from bother or practices biased affection towards any one kid. Such kids turn out to have criminal instincts.

Making any kids understand the social obligations is one of the key responsibility of parents. Teacher, Friends or relatives come in contact of any kid very late by the time character building phase gets over. So friends, in the interest of your family, kids, society and nation, please practice healthy parenting. You will help minimize civil crimes significantly.
Jai Hind...   


Joseph Khalkho said…
A better India can only be created by better parenting...totally agreed...

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