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Religion and Its Significance in India

My friends from western countries have curiosity about the religions and its significance in India. They feel excited to know why Indians are so crazy about their belief, deities and rituals. Why it matters a lot in any minor or major decisions pertaining to family, society and national affairs of India?

Indian mindset towards religion and spirituality is complex but more complex is to explain its complexity to those who are almost ignorant to Indian way of life. Here below is an attempt, I must mention that its my personal comprehension of my countrymen and should not be generalaised however I believe I am close to the majorities agreement.
Hindu religion is very big to understand not because of its large fellowship but also because its millions of  mythological theories. It is the union of multiple mythologies, beliefs and its steady evolution in too much length of time. It worships ‘Nature’ or all that supports life on earth. Including ‘Sun’ ‘Air’, land, river, moon, trees and everyt…

Let's Begin!

My brief voyage to north India since last half of a month has proved that young India is brooding for a revolution. Everyone is talking about the solution of this suffering from corruption, inequality and terror. A decade ago everyone was just somehow dwelling without caring for the others pain but not anymore. Young India is joining hands and this is where we as a teacher have got greater responsibility. Young blood boils in aggression and so it needs moderation. Young India is efficient, powerful and knowledgeable. Youths of India are the most talented pool of this world. Even if many of them have not got proper education, they still are innovative and vibrant. Bribe is burning everyone's eyes... Everyone is ready to embrace the change which about to begin anytime from now. 
So long since independence, we gained freedom but we lacked trust. We have been enslaved for many years. During our slavery we had been betrayed by our rulers very cunningly. This forced us to distrus…

What is Applied Education?

Everyone is curious to know what is Applied Education? It is only me who uses this phrase very often in my derived media. Well it is stupid to reply 'quest of eating' as an answer to the question 'What is hunger?' because in spite of it being the right answer, it is not expected as an answer. 'A knowledge which can be applied is applied knowledge.' will be something like this sort of answer too... So let me explain! 
Often you have noticed in the banks that a young college student walks in and goofs around to figure out where is 'withdrawal form' or how it should be filled. If you investigate you will find that the same student is a distinction class degree holder. If you tell him some big number in Hindi syllable like sataasi to 87 he will demand an English syllable 'Eighty Seven' for the same answer. This class of student is called 'book warms' and they are increasing in India. (I apologize if it appears that I offending this very hard…

Crazy Questions!

Fear is a purest form of feeling which can be felt even if we are in dead sleep second is pain... It is also observed that one can even sweat while sleeping in AC room if he is working hard in his dreams. Emotions are so truly attached to dreams. Howsoever ambitious scientific claims are but a few very general questions are still not answered! The most curious out of such questions is 'Why do we sleep?' and second curiosity linked to it is "Why do we dream?"
Dr. Sigmund Freud says 'Dream is a second universe and so is a different life' I disagree to him by being a cosmopolitan pro science citizen of this world but he is not a layman claiming this. This is the outcome of his lifetime experiments in 'Interpretation of Dreams'
I am not a scientist neither I am any government body ought to answer these questions but I too have some curiosity. When I was first exposed to these two questions, I was compelled to Google it for four hours but of no satisfacti…