Crazy Questions!

Fear is a purest form of feeling which can be felt even if we are in dead sleep second is pain... It is also observed that one can even sweat while sleeping in AC room if he is working hard in his dreams. Emotions are so truly attached to dreams. Howsoever ambitious scientific claims are but a few very general questions are still not answered! The most curious out of such questions is 'Why do we sleep?' and second curiosity linked to it is "Why do we dream?"

Dr. Sigmund Freud says 'Dream is a second universe and so is a different life' I disagree to him by being a cosmopolitan pro science citizen of this world but he is not a layman claiming this. This is the outcome of his lifetime experiments in 'Interpretation of Dreams'

I am not a scientist neither I am any government body ought to answer these questions but I too have some curiosity. When I was first exposed to these two questions, I was compelled to Google it for four hours but of no satisfaction. I bought the book 'Interpretation of Dreams' author by Sir Sigmund Freud, read it to know about the dreams but did not have any clue of 'why do we sleep?' as per the science even the smallest life form with sensing organs do sleep. My question is why?

In my ongoing study I found something more stunning question! i.e. Why are we awake? out of two stages (sleep & waking) waking is more unusual because we wake up only for food, procreation or security. According to this philosophy sleeping is the most natural work of life.

Asking such questions drives us crazy but its answers are even more crazy. For example if I ask 'why do we sleep?' to get an answer 'for the rest of the body' is like is I ask 'Why do we eat?' for an answer 'to quench hunger'. Certainly answers to there questions are not as easy as we drive from our possible neural capacity.  
Questions like 'why do child happens by sexual intercourse only?' 'Why not other ways are available?' 'Why not child birth can have multiple ways?' 'like that of trees?' or 'of birds?'. Darwin says the process of evolution is always dirty. The dirtier it is the beautiful will be the creation! Well how true it is!!!

I have many questions which will provoke you to shut my blog abuse me for my absurdity but if you will hang on I will assure you of meaningful answers. A question is 'how long this universe is?' 'Will human ever be able to travel to the far end of universe?' ufff Okhay forgive me for these crazy questions

Let me track you back to my prime question why do we dream? What value editions dream does to our life? There are many theories to answer but I consider all of them scientific foolishness. They say we sleep because our blood needs to get re-cleaned from large amount of radical particles developed in the ATP during metabolism while waking. It is only possible when we are sleeping and rate of metabolism is very slow. I have a question to this theory i.e. why? Why sleeping?

I strongly believe in a study which says 'Brain never gets tired!' it never stops functioning. This way we can conclude that while sleeping brain has to work and so it works out some dreams for us. So before we bother about 'why we dream?' we should know the bigger question i.e. 'why do we sleep?' 

Mathematically, lets assume the contradiction is true... i.e. we never sleep! To think it this way let's take up and example of a car. Can you leave your car running if it is not required? I mean to say that the use of your car is to commute from your once place of work to another place of work. i.e. during when you work you keep your car in rest. right? will it be wise to keep your car running even if you don't want it to run? now take is more closer. A car work only when it has to visit to a gas station, or a mechanic or to auto manufacturing factory. If the car has done all three in a day, it can rest for the left time and it should ideally rest! like wise, a living thing has a job of arranging food, availing safety, producing more life forms... for the rest of time its better to rest. This is also worth noticing that while resting we are more secure and less prone to any type of accident or mishap! i.e. resting is one safest way of living. It reduces metabolism, reduces pirates threat and increases brain efficiency. So this means, we evolved sleeping habit after completing the tasks of the day. As per the Darwin's law, if we begin to practice insomnia we will achieve it but this is too long process to actualize.  

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