Let's Begin!

Freedom from ignorance towards hope of life! 
My brief voyage to north India since last half of a month has proved that young India is brooding for a revolution. Everyone is talking about the solution of this suffering from corruption, inequality and terror. A decade ago everyone was just somehow dwelling without caring for the others pain but not anymore. Young India is joining hands and this is where we as a teacher have got greater responsibility. Young blood boils in aggression and so it needs moderation. Young India is efficient, powerful and knowledgeable. Youths of India are the most talented pool of this world. Even if many of them have not got proper education, they still are innovative and vibrant. Bribe is burning everyone's eyes... Everyone is ready to embrace the change which about to begin anytime from now. 

So long since independence, we gained freedom but we lacked trust. We have been enslaved for many years. During our slavery we had been betrayed by our rulers very cunningly. This forced us to distrust everything and everyone who came to our rescue. Today, even after the fourth generation of independent India, we are failed to develop trust. Not only our long slavery is to blame but also the way we used our power after independence over our own people has ignited the storm of disbelief among us. We started playing with our own people the way Britishers used to play with us. We further divided our people in a way that we witnessed more fatal riots in India after liberation. Today, a few masterminds are playing dirty game with young Indians. They are further spoiling their minds. In the name of religion, they are feeding Nazism they are attracting this Young India's power towards their personal motives by provoking sinful sentiments in them. Whoever gets chance, are exploiting young power of India ruthlessly. Be it Hindu, Muslim, Secular, Atheist, Racist, Regionalist or anyone they are just pouring criminal instincts in the mind of Young Indians. 

This needs to be taken care of by we teachers, before it gets too late to act. We have to change the education system into more useful, updated and result oriented education. By the term 'Applied Education' all I want to say that an education which can develop 'analysis capacity' among the young minds and 'courage' to take decision based upon that analytically formed conclusions. Our current education is doing everything but not this. Our students today are very good in Mathematics but are not able to use it in making something innovative. Our students are very good logic makers but still no greater machines have been invented by them. This is the clear indication of the fact that our young Indians are great brains but without hands, horns and jaws. Applied education will just do this... along with brain, we will develop horns and jaws of our young brothers and sisters. This is not it. We will train them for how, when, where and upon whom we have to use it.

Why Education?
Everyone says its too slow to yield desired results on time. Everyone is agree that 'Applied Education' is the solution of India's suffering class but everyone are impatient to see its reaction. This is a long term process not an overnight medication. We cannot distribute food to every hungry Indian. This way we will end up feeding those who have stakes of food back home but are in queue because we are giving it free. This is again brood the mentality of slavery among those who are hungry. If a hungry stomach gets food without efforts, its body becomes slave of mercy. 
Education will enlighten young Indians to life! They will realize the dirty game of blue bloods. They will get to understand the conspiracy against them. They will tear off the veil of ignorance shedding their minds in pursuit of real freedom. Because freedom is not about doing what we're willing to do but freedom is understanding our responsibility and becoming accountable towards it. Education will just make this happen! 

Let's begin! everyone to whom I once asked to be with me and we will be the change agent someday. Through this article I am calling them to come in contact with me so that we can begin step one towards realization of our India of dream. Wait is over just post your RSVP in 'jitendrarajaram@gmail.com 
Champs! Time has come when we have to roll out everything that we planned. Time has come when execution is essential. Let's begin the revolution of a new kind... a revolution without weapon of slaughtering...  It's not tough, it needs no bigger sacrifice than just an hour or two from your weekdays.

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