What is Applied Education?

Everyone is curious to know what is Applied Education? It is only me who uses this phrase very often in my derived media. Well it is stupid to reply 'quest of eating' as an answer to the question 'What is hunger?' because in spite of it being the right answer, it is not expected as an answer. 'A knowledge which can be applied is applied knowledge.' will be something like this sort of answer too... So let me explain! 
Applied education is to think new, fresh, unthinkable and then apply it! 

Often you have noticed in the banks that a young college student walks in and goofs around to figure out where is 'withdrawal form' or how it should be filled. If you investigate you will find that the same student is a distinction class degree holder. If you tell him some big number in Hindi syllable like sataasi to 87 he will demand an English syllable 'Eighty Seven' for the same answer. This class of student is called 'book warms' and they are increasing in India. (I apologize if it appears that I offending this very hard working and talented breed of India). This is an exceptional talent to perform honorably good in exams and secure high seat in career building along with fulfilling every expectations of parents, community and of self. I call this a good education but this is not an applied education.
Being good in education is a student's hard work but being bad in applied education is communities mistake. It is a big mistake to throw kids in blind race of being 'parivaar ki izzat'. It is something like asking our kids to win the race we lost shamefully.
Had it been the mater of only a family I would have never bothered any one with this 'Applied Education' thing but this is now damaging the potential of this country. For the first time after 5000 years, India has got the opportunity to take back the lost glory. India counts on this youngest sons and daughters to whom we are making ready to achieve worlds leadership.
Three kind of world makers exist in this world 'Political Leaders, Financial Leaders and Intellectual Leaders' but the agony is in this capitalistic world Financial Leaders are having the noose of 'Political Leaders' by using 'Intellectual Leaders'. This is only because we are creating a population which knows how to become the essential part of system but no one knows what the hell this system is all about. Many of us do not know what is happening in and around the world they are just perfect in their part of job and so they are happy. This is a gross loss of everybody, including those who advocates this so called 'career oriented education'. In reality ITI, Skilled based education should be of highly regarded education as it works on the lab and workshops not in classrooms or libraries.
Mankind never knew, one day we will fly across the globe, will have wireless video chats, will land to moon... but today it all have realized!!
My question is
'What's next?'
'Do we have any brave Galileo's who will be disgraced for saying wide truths?'
'Do we have any Karl Marks to devise better idea than Socialism or Democracy?'
'Do we have any Einstein to challenge E=MC*C?'
Will we bring something better than Chess, Football, Looddo?'
'Will we be able to increase the food production to meet rising population?'
If any of the above question is answered with 'No' than we are not giving right education to our students! That the difference between normal education and applied education.

I will bring some examples next time... be in touch! Jai Hind


Rajendra Verma said…
incredible and very correct views, I am 100% agree with you. But there are many students and normal citizens who have better ideas for chess,lodo and something better.But due to there different need for survive they are not applying it..

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