My Ears for Your Lips

I often get this privilege to see the world from the third eye by being at the places I am never supposed to be. This is a new set of blessings in disguise. Where I am unwanted, I know I am unwanted but I enjoy being there where I am unwanted. By being so, I get unusual set of information which derives complex derivations like 'why the world is the way this is?'

I happened to be in a Girl's College, where I saw the jailers attitude of female professors over the new girls seeking admissions. When I curiously and artfully asked the reason of behaving like jailer from them, one of them replied 'A girl is shameless in front of a girl. This is why any gender specific college is more prone to dispose the character of any girl. By being strict with new comers we give them breathing space to adjust with this independent life' Her reply did not satisfied me but gave me a scope to think that being strict often been justified by some such sort of charities. 

A few are blessed to stay in touch with their teachers even after they are out of college and sandwiched in thrust of work-life balance. I am the chosen lamb of God. I was once chatting with the director of my graduate school, we were enjoying the depth of our intellectually qualitative exchange of thoughts when a postal letter arrived. It was a gadget letter of Government of India under Right of Information Act, seeking explanation of 'termination of a few mischievous students'. It was such a big unavoidable useless work that the director felt the force of cancelling two of its meeting from corporate world to help enhance the quality of education of Institute. 

In my another discussion with a gorgeous girl who is a good professional friend of mine. I threw a question about the need of 'exhibition of beauty' (you can further think as per you free will to find what I meant by this) to gain mileage in career is ethical or not. She told 'Corporate world needs beautiful girls to work as receptionist because they want an entertaining item sitting on the welcome desk for those who are waiting outside for some business deal. It makes heady business a bit light and trenzzie' It's unethical to use the biological attributes of any gender but than this is not an issue of conflict in this male dominated world than why it's the mole of everyone's eye when exhibition of beauty becomes a tool of advancing in career path by a women?

It's was like, I am bad because everyone else here are bad can be an acceptable justification of being bad. 

Laughingly we, by tendency, try to bargain from self designed ethics for everything we do in our life. We all exploit our power but we all blame others when they do the same.

In one of my conversation with a journalist friend, I raised an issue of 'solutions to this sufferings of the masses' He said calmly "masses are here to suffer till they treat themselves as masses." He extended "If we look at the ratio of suffering population globally, we can observe that quality of life and safety has increased since humanity arrived at democratic system of governance. It was never before today that common man's rights were protected so well. Now for the problems like corruptions or miserable attitude of those who are in power, a new set of innovation in system of governance is needed. This isn't something of like 'Lokpal' or something but certainly their is something very new and upgraded than democracy will restore a system of more pro-justice system of governance.

In my quest of hunting for a system of better world tomorrow. I got best way to keep interacting with people and asking them about the existing world and world of their desire! People are talkative, everyone has a lot to speak up. I just give them my ears. It's my way of serving the need of society.... where all tongues talk but no ears listen. May be I am doing hairline dent to evil's system but I guess this is that 'difference' every one is resorting to make. 


Rahul Patil said…
Standard article! Throwing light on to the hidden parts & issues which are important to understand in this age.

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