Replace Democracy of India by Intellect-o-Cracy

"Any theory which contradicts the theories of US or UK are always treated as a secondary. However it's true that contradictions and complains can never be the mainstream idea but here I am talking about the conspiracy against the third world nations" 
By Jitendra Rajaram Verma 
Ending Democracy!
As India grew up after independence with self opted democracy, it witnessed that democracy is not the full justified method of public governance. It has many pot holes which are more than sufficient to let the injustice, suffering and corruption endure in the political and corporate theatres of India.
Viewing the current world order where USA is persuading Persian Countries like Egypt and Syria to adopt democracy and promoting democracy in Myanmar. It indicates the extended interest of USA by installing democracy in nations where US has economic benefits. Macroscopically, if we look at the constitution of Commonwealth Nations, the whole idea to qualify for the membership of CW nations is to be democratic in nature of governance. Common wealth nations are those nations who have been the colonies of Britain in the past. Why these capitalistic giants like USA and UK are forcing democracy in the third world? is it really just because they are democratic, they want us to be democratic too? I do not consume this fact. To get the real answer let's find what difference exists in the democracy they have and what we have!

1.       Why countries of capitalistic economy are forcing democracy in every country where they have business interests?
Any theory in contradiction to US and UK is always treated as a secondary theory. However it's true that contradiction and complains are never the mainstream idea of analysis but here I am talking about the conspiracy against the third world nations. This theory must be treated as mainstream idea. Democracy is the slowest process of governance where the scope of doubt always exists. Capitalism is the game of wealth in which the most wealthy gets the benefits of doubts. In any country where capitalism and democracy co-exists, policies are always pro-profit.

2.       Why China observed shining growth despite of being non-transparent in the nature of governance?
In a country which begin its sovereign development in the second half of 20th century with a mindset 'power is only in the barrel of gun'. It's quite natural that this country is not interested in sharing of power with anyone less competent to fight. China adopted communism of Karl Marx. They polished it with Mao-Tse Tung's leadership in sixth decade of 20th century. They never rested upon the power of unity in diversity. In-short they never accepted democracy. It kept their decision making fast, on time and confident. Today China is polarizing the world's power. However a large chunk of Chinese population is not satisfied with its governance. It's only a version of dictatorship that rules China. But USA is worried of rising power that China is... However due to its capitalistic interest US is a silent observer of whatever is happening in south central Asia. China is the king of south-central Asia with many anthropological benefits.

3.       Why India is not able to respond to its administrative needs despite of being rich in minerals and natural resources? 
World's seventh largest in size and second largest in population is not something to be handled the way it is being handled by the policy makers of India. It certainly is not something which can, shamelessly, be declared as 'not ready to adopt' social hysteria which exists in India. Policy makers feel that 'not ready to adopt' is the reason India is not developing. But in my theory it is the Indian definition of democracy which has to be blamed. It is more complex than that of any other country! With multiparty elections, by-elections and double-house parliament. It is only a museum of amusement for a common Indian citizen. We amaze that what a classic system of governance we have but we hardly get any clue when our slice of cake goes in others plate. India's political patriarch is too big to lay down on ground and work to rectify the root cause of real Indian problems. Democracy is just a fancy face-lift to a dying system.

4.       What next?
Over the last five decades of zero reforms in this technocratic, globalized and speed savvy world everything changed but only for wealthy societies. In villages (of world) nothing serious has happened so far. Democracy has become a lolly-pop which works every time whenever politicians need to use it. It was supposed to be 'by people, for people and of people' but it turned out to be an instrument of 'buy people, far people and off people'. How it is possible that Horse, Mule and donkey will have same choice and their choices will be good enough to bring growth in the kingdom?
Education, technology, urbanization is only helping to limited set of urban societies. Majority of world's population is still struggling for the basic needs. Increased pollution by human induced waste in urban areas is infecting the lives of millions of innocent rural people. They are developing new diseases and dying for all that good lifestyle we are developing in cities. Death by hunger is still untapped problem of this world. Democracy remarkably lowered down the evils of anarchy, wars and injustice but now that we are too much in numbers, time has come to upgrade the democracy with a newer version of administration.

5.       Intellect-cracy (Rule of Intellectuals) 
In a speech Mr. Kejriwal said “In ancient India public was having greater powers than the kings. Events as major as like right of declaring war used to be chosen by public not by Kings”. In today's democracy right of public is reduced as minimum as to cast vote and wait for another five years to change our decision. It is true that public vote is not being effectively utilized by the public Itself. In this existing system, value of a vote of a 103 years hold illiterate women of a very small village has the same power what the vote of a 30 years old IAS officer has. This means if an electing candidate gets 100 votes of IAS, IIT, IIM grade people and another candidate gets 101 votes of illiterate people than we can see that the decision has actually lost the purpose. In this multiparty election system, if a candidate gets 34 votes and rest two candidate gets 33, 32 votes than it is concluded that 34 votes is victory however it has been grossly ignored that 66 votes are against the person who has been chosen as their navigator. I suggest following amendments in the system of democracy.

5.1.    Right to Vote
Yes right to vote exists but it has lost the sheen in the existing demographic developments. In an era where migration to urban towns is too high due to employment and education opportunities, young population lives away from home. It is impossible for them to go back home just to cast vote. This is the loss of one educated  and important vote! On top of it, that vote gets used by the one who is more mighty among the electing candidates. This is a gross loss in useful decision! 
Solution is to use information technology so that every individual can cast their vote from wherever they work without wasting any time. It is easy, convenient and right for the purpose. One can criticize this by claiming that IT is vulnerable to hacking or data manipulation. I want to reply them that even ballot box are equally vulnerable but we have just made a perception that nothing of this sort happens in manual securities of ballot boxes. Where is the will there is the way, today banks are doing online transactions with confident ease of laws. Why not voting then?

5.2.    Right to reject
It is evident from available sources on internet that maximum constituencies gets nominations only from those who have more than one criminal charges against them. It is unlawful not to vote. It is not counted that majority have not voted. Election commission declares results based upon whatever percentage of population participated in the voting. This means if you have not voted, you are not counted or this implies to the fact that you have chose one out of whatever available. This seems is the breach of freedom as defined in Indian Constitution. In candidates list of EVM (Electronic Voting Machine), system must add the option of 'Non of these'. If the percentage of rejection reaches to 10%, election commission must foil the voting and call for fresh nominations in which any of existing candidates shall not participate at least in the election of current five year term.

5.3.    Right to recall
Evidently true that Indian parliament works too less as compared to what is required to govern the country of 1.29 billions. In these scarce working days, very less number of MPs do actually participate in any debate. Hardly countable members files any reform bills... the major task of members are to create deadlocks in every discussion. Quite visible that here is a need of report card of every MP. Based on this report card every year the performance of every single MP will be evaluated.
In case of disqualification, in spite of conducting any other election, the runner up candidate will get the chance to prove himself. and the stepping down MP will be barred for upcoming elections at least for five years.

5.4.    Local Self-Help Units 
Parganas, Blocks, Taluka, Districts should have local tax collection system. This collected taxes with in these places should work independently for the following segments of public administration.

5.4.1    Health
Medical needs should be handled by 'Local Self-Help Units' by incorporating profit oriented 'medical services' which will be governed by central government but funded by local administration. It will ensure low cost but best quality medications to every class of society. This health medication system will earn money from every sources like space selling, education, but strictly not by charging medication fees or price of pharmacy.
5.4.2    Education
Right to education for 5-14 years old students has been installed but is not functioning. This needs to be extended till 17 years so that the students can arrange inter-mediate 12th std. exams (PUC). After PUC every students should be called for their mandatory services  in the field of  R&D and/or Defense. This service will be on the salary basis for two years. At age of 20 these students will be set eligible to chose from joining higher education like graduation or post graduation or to start earning for the family. Higher education   should be a profit making unit and should be priced dearly with a strong selection process for the students. Only most eligible should have access to this level of education. This operation needs to be managed locally except the design of course curriculum so that we can universalize the national spirit among youngsters.
5.4.3    Nagar Palika
City administration and expense of administration must be managed by city authority. Center will only provide aide in case of any natural or uncalled calamity. Metro, Road, Sky, Rail, Sailways should be governed by the local authorities by keeping these segments profit making so that the administration can prosper and civic society can learn social responsibilities.  
5.4.4.    Civil Security
Except national security forces like army, anti-terror squads and fighting such national threats everything else should be controlled by the local civil security experts. This cell will be directly governed by one singular identity called Indian Police.
5.4.5    Disaster Control
A cell so work that it takes care of flood, drought, earth quick, tsunami, cyclone or riots, mob, molestation etc... It should be incorporated by local administration under the supervision of one arm i.e. Indian Judiciary.

I have planned even the minute details of 'Intelect-o-cracy' but all that I cannot write here. So let me prepare strongly to actualize our dream of 'Intelect-o-cracy'  Oh! You must be thinking 'What about media?'.... well wait for my next post! I have a solution to bell the cat! Jai Hind!!


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