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Games of Politics

'You can't claim that you are honest until you are not tempted by dishonesty'. 
:-Times of India, Sunday July 29 2012.. 
After the war of Bronze, Silver and Gold medal in London. Going on war of power in USA's presidential election. While India's players are out of country (Cricket Team minor/major), Sunny Leon has turned out to be the sole showbiz of Bhat's production. It is worth to mentions here that Why sensex is not vibrating  beyond panic brackets? Read the links below. 
Lokpal's tragedy was destined to be the Jokepal as per the intentions of our beloved politicians but finally it turned into a LockJaam since team Anna broke off. It is a blow to the expectations of millions who were following the ideology of corruption free India. However, I must say 'Well played guyz!' to every single politicians who have excellently foiled this national level agitation against them. Whatever is coming out in media is certainly not real. Their is big lobby worki…