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'You can't claim that you are honest until you are not tempted by dishonesty'. 
:-Times of India, Sunday July 29 2012.. 

After the war of Bronze, Silver and Gold medal in London. Going on war of power in USA's presidential election. While India's players are out of country (Cricket Team minor/major), Sunny Leon has turned out to be the sole showbiz of Bhat's production. It is worth to mentions here that Why sensex is not vibrating  beyond panic brackets? Read the links below. 
This red corner is far powerful than the Green!

Lokpal's tragedy was destined to be the Jokepal as per the intentions of our beloved politicians but finally it turned into a LockJaam since team Anna broke off. It is a blow to the expectations of millions who were following the ideology of corruption free India. However, I must say 'Well played guyz!' to every single politicians who have excellently foiled this national level agitation against them. Whatever is coming out in media is certainly not real. Their is big lobby working behind the curtain. Some kind of threat to life or bribe or something of such kind has been pushed on team Anna to foil the movement. Media skillfully duped the people who live in places other than NCR. This media impact have paralyzed the national sentiments towards Anna's magic. Seeing no fireworks in Jantar Mantar herds like public of India tuned in to Sports channels for Olympic in London or Cricket in Srilanka. It makes sense to show patriotism in sports rather than political fight via civil disobedience. This was well planned move of politicians of India to plant few low intensity bombs in Pune and blast this civil agitation of India.

I've by now concluded that walking on roads and shouting slogans against these white collar crooks will do nothing. I was expecting to be proved wrong by Anna's efforts but so it it happened that I am more strong in my belief now. As I've committed to my beloved readers that I'll never talk problems will always talk solutions. Here I am with but to make you understand with the grave outcomes of bearing this injustice from our own government let me go a bit passive for a while.

Baba Ramdev's agenda of bringing all black money back and or Team Anna's agitations for Janlokpal bill has many impractical issue.

  1. Those who parked their money away to avoid legal actions are in power to manipulate laws. They will do everything but getting money back home. 
  2. Even if money comes back, we still do not have resources to be purchased by those money. This will upset demand-supply equation and will dilute the value of currency. 
  3. Janlokpal chief cannot be above than PM because by doing so we will upset the very ideology of democracy i.e. people's elected executive can only be the chief of government. 
  4. If any independent pillar of democracy in the form that governs law and order of not doing corruption in India is required than why not empower Judiciary and Police with more rights and speedy process verdicts in-spite of creating one more segment of administration of which officers will be selected, trained and employed by the same politicians who are corruption kings? 

Talking thoughtful in front of the population agitating for something which is not viable but emotionally important is risky. I so have not discussed anything about this till the crowed was mobilizing this civil disobedience. I feel that now is the time find more concrete solutions.

If cows will not live in cowsheds than only stray dogs will live there. i.e. if honest people will not contest elections than voting machines will have no buttons for sending any hones people to the parliament. If only crooks will bark there in parliament than this country will go nowhere.

Dismantle enemies 
Rather crying on coal gate/2G scam where every politician form opposition to governing parties are united. Why not find out one-by-one politician and curb their wings? i.e. there are many politicians funded by China to keep Parliament upset and stalled. Entire Assam riot is funded and fueled by China, why not find them and bring them naked in front of camera?

Building Blocks
No movement of the world succeeded without double side preparation. Front side preparation is to attack and rear side is to get stronger. This is how Netaji Bose had devised powerful fight against mighty Britain. We have to create layers of shields for our society. Let education be the backbone of our country. Let us all unite to bring back the glory of Takshhila and Nalanda. Lets work out a plan to make India the education capital of world.
No one can survive without food. Indias Gangetic, Yamuna and Brahmputra shore beds are worlds most fertile plains. If we devise efficient agriculture techniques than we will be the net exporter of food produce. This is the future revolution. After Crude Oil in machine age, food for human age will be crucial for this 7Billion Human + 3 Billion cattle population.

1500 years of slavery cannot be thrown in a few years. Our Indian brothers are not capable to fight mighty conspiracy of first world nations. It is not that Indian politicians are corrupt, it is that the international parties are plotting stages for those corrupt people to get powers in third world countries. Mightier is the enemy mightiest has to be to attack. We have to mobilize human empowering programs so that our brothers and sister can learn, get educated and hence get united. Their is a large amount of population in India who fail to survive their household livelihood simply because they are indulge in intoxication, cocaine, drink etc. We have to plan well before we wage war. This world is indebted of Honorable Subhas Chandra Bose, we have to tell them that he is still not defeated because war is still on!  


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