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My Code Red

An Official Plan of Action
My Code Red is a chronically planed action towards my mission of designing a system of providing quality education to anyone who has willingness to learn new and contribute towards the betterment of mankind. 
 Declared enemy of my Code Red

I fail to understand why reformists hate active politics. Why do they think that they can help demand anything from the parliament but they cannot walk in to parliament to act. Experts says politics is a passion and so it has nothing to do with reforms or welfare to mankind. I cannot consume this idea.

If at all politics get termed as profession then its USP is that it has no personal life. Entire mankind turns out to be your extended family. When a thought capacity of such kind matures up one transcendent into the profession called politics. This is how great leaders like Ashoka, Akbar and Aurangjeb brought prosperity to India. However they refused to identify blood relations as their personal relations which was the necessary action of their arena not today.

I fail to recognize super heroes and their utility. Whoever in the world claims that he/she can solve the problem of India is actually not understanding the problem of India. I have seen many public orators in my career who often speak as if they are motivating soldier's troop for any war. They think that a public speaking in the topic of people welfare will actually get welfare done. Their are Bollywood drama's where they get to create 'Ram Rajyam' by killing all evils with a single punch. After so much of melodrama I truly believe that Indian residents are now grown mature enough not to get deluded of such fancy and please all claims of super heroes.

Let me put it this way...
People need some doable, reliable, feasibly done by a common man job to eradicate certain ailments of Indian social structure.

Now how do you think this is gonna be a reality?
I thought a lot about this, more I thought, more I immersed into the fantasies of being super-powerful like that of Shaktiman, Captain Veom or Superman. But I knew that such powers like of Spiderman or Hulk is not possible and their is solution for every problem. I just have to figure it out. Then began to examine which profession can effect the lives of masses.
Doctor? No! I can't be the one and there are not many who're ill.
Lawyer? No! Many who are real sufferers can't reach me or afford my services.
Charity-st? No! Many dad and theirs have not done any big buck businesses to help me render this.
Socialist? No! This is sufferer class who exhibits the problem NOT solve it.
Teacher? No! It creates value in society but before it gets some bones it dies in real words.

Than I thought of Being Politician! A leader. An actual value creator for the society. Policies made by him/her are directions a society takes. I recalled my father wanted me to be the politician but he rested on my aspirations and hence never disturbed me for his dreams for me. When I reached him again for trying being the one, he was glad but more than this he asked. 'What will you do?''

Being just a politician is like being just a tailor but having no job of dress designing! Dad's was a genuine question to which I replied 'Eradicate poverty'. He respected my handsome thought but again coined 'How?'

This 'how?' took me long 6 years  
I never wanted to plan some well framed mellow of politics like Roti Kapda or Makan. I had a hatred for the people who bee line and peep in to know what's happening in others home. Sadly Indian politics so far is working on this method of exciting neighbors to heed in others business. It worked out well but will not do any longer. Statistics suggest that youngsters are not participating in voting. They sadly will not until a real candidate with life changing visions is not get listed in the EVM.

Not by developing sense of competition, comparison or race.
Not by lurking deals of providing food, home, wearable.
Not by discrimination of Caste and Class over reservations
Not by committing favoritism for regional origin like Marathi Manus for UPs Bihars.
Not by isolating Dravids from Aryans to disrupt National Identity
Not by gender prejudices
Not by Jihad, Naxalite or Maoisms
Not by cowardliness of Gandhian Non-Violence
Not by Gunman Maoism
Not by beggar Marxists
But by the power of Educating all for they stand entitled to know 'Why they are the way they are...' 
 Providing Education to every class of world's mankind is my mission for which I will join politics. I do not claim that education for all will solve every problem of the sufferers of this world but It'll ensure that they are not going to be the victim of ignorance, victim of mighty blue blood's greed or simple the victim of some extreme ideologies.
My mission to educate all will create awareness that how this middle class and lower class is becoming the scapegoat. It will trigger sleep less nights in royals clan which will help float some money on street to actually deliver all that they had committed since they are on power.

My Code Red 
2017 : Summing up everything I've expanded to i.e. teaching, education (PhD, D Lit, Post Doc etc), Researches, Book Writing and Hunt for like minded people 
2017-2019 : Under cover execution of all that we have planned for politics 
2019 : Fighting election from already decided Parliament Seats. 
2019 onward: Creating India's identity of Takshshila and Nalanda back to life.    

Advice to my fellow enemies 
1. I am small fish as of now so do your course don't wait till I grow up and eat your share of flesh and bone.
2. I am not here for Dog Fight... Get used to of Roars. Sooner is better for you all.
3. My smallest attack will be a lifetime scar in your face at-least (If alive) 


Its a beautiful dream! and the way you are working on it, I am sure you will turn it into reality. All the best!

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