Women & Mankind

A group of young women of USA has demanded the right of roaming topless as does their male counterpart. In another major development Saudi Government is developing a city only for the women so that they can get away from Burkha. India too has noticed scientific rise in the registered surrenders of new born children by unwed mothers in-spite of abandonment, miss-carriage or abortion. 

It becomes vital to comment upon sleeping cell activity of a volcanic class of human society when it is gaining power via uncontrolled consequences of globalizing human civilization.   
Media recently reported that "Indian women are the passive bed partners". In this study, it is also mentioned that this trend is shifting fast. As per a social think tank 'India has been a country where women desires were been compromised since last 5000 years. Microscopically if we observe the social consequences, it is a taboo to any society which is ignorant to the desires of its half of the population plus transgenders (LGBT)'. In a very bold and manly discussion over the gossips of chastity among my most intellectual fraternity, we began to discuss the validity of the claim of a segment of American women on living bare chest as a right of freedom. Like any typical Indian, I foiled their claim out-rightly. My verdict over this claim was partially because of my male dominance too. I defended it with an intention that it will mar the excitement of virginity. Here should be a limit in public ways of appearances which in turn will keep the system less vulnerable to civil crimes against any gender.

This demand may appear vulgar to many. Overtly modernized moron class of society which has gone frustrated from all their materialistically lustrous life are demanding something unfair. However, if anything that prohibits anyone for any act on the basis of social norms  is actually an act of limiting freedom. We as an educated class of society should focus upon the quality of roads and cars rather than limiting the scope of drivers to ensure safety. We should construct an ecosystem where everyone should feel equality and honored rather limiting anyone's freedom to ensure social decency. For example, if a set of women is demanding to have a lifestyle equivalent to their man counterpart or any queer demanding honor and equality in the society than probably this will only end up enhancing the emotional and intellectual maturity of the society. This will in turn elevate the quality if creative contributions to the mankind.
A school of thought strongly believes that 'women are strong magnet which has capacity to influence logical values of man' it is so they are liable to be slaved by man and should be ignorant of the social developments lead by man dominated societies. This theory of leadership ethics is called 'veil of ignorance'. Men wants women to be treated as secondary and controlled by their respective man. 'Burkha' for example was proposed in Islam only to hide the beauty of a women so that they cannot woo the men and could not disturb the public life of a man.

This is protectionism! It begins when you fail to compete and still desire to win kicks. Women has always been more efficient than men. Civil system since the origin of human civilization did not allow children and old man to do public work because of lack of physical strength. Bio-logically women were not competent for public works like hunting and collecting food in jungle because of unknown monthly sickness of menses cycle. This is so the old man of a clan was proposed for advisory boards based on their expertise, children to learn the art of predatory and women to take care of clan's domestic setup. It was autonomous and not proposed by anyone specifically but steadily it become assumption. It become complex when such assumptions failed to comply with the desires. Old men of the clan were satisfied because they had a past of glorious achievements. Children were satisfied because they were preparing for glorious future but women had no such past, present of future. The desire of gain glory remain beneath their cleavage. It become volcanic only to erupt in an maturing intervals but only for the desire of glory. Desire of respect and equality of the women got no attention in the man dominated society ever since it began. A survey reveals that women in India had no choice on selecting their male partner. Even in present era of educated middle class women have limited say on the choice of their life partner. A research on household affairs, it is concluded that women often becomes the victim of males dominated will of getting pleasures against their own willingness.  

Civilization is an autonomous system of evolution. It largely had no commander. However Britain successfully controlled the global civilization after the end of dark age and beginning of machine age but the consequences of British's dominion was not in the control of British herself. Globalization is the new term of civilization. Unified education, lifestyle, dressing sense, exchange of information, freedom of Media. Basic Rights of common citizen of globalized union of nations has elevated the living standard of mankind.

A classic example worthy to quote here is today's front page news in the Times of India, Mumbai edition i.e. women registration for education is 72% in middle class society. This is a revolution of empowered women. It will uplift the whole face value of Indian society because educated women are far more committed to build education based society.

Educated women has begun to demand their rights of equality and honor. They got to know that they are sharing the pain of confinement from all the women of the world. They all are equally betrayed in this man dominated society. They began to gain sympathy from larger pool of social thinkers, they begin revolution of a new era. Perhaps present is the only time when women set to rise for equality and honor... This world is squared down from all the corners for fair play. Deprived social class, betrayed caste-ism, gender discrimination not only from women but also from transgenders are rising up for their equality... Time is set to witness one major break through of more leveled field for the game blue bloods are playing since the origin of mankind.

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