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Uncontrolled Actions

As it happened with Rajat Gupta, CEO McKinsey, a year ago for which he got sentenced for 2 years of imprisonment. Nitin Gadkari wouldn't have also thought of it either... Robort Vadra is, however, just a victim of being too much close to king pins of blue blood robbers. Jairam Ramesh for his repeated foul deliveries of very serious and important concerns of reforms seems some deliberate actions but what happened with Sashi Tharoor a few years ago by his 'cattle class' remarks are few very very rare instances where world's who's who get caught behind or simply get clean bold. 
Business and politics are homogeneous blend of global power game. With more connected and globalized world the first thing which is important for the 4% global population belonging to the elite society, who actually operates this world, is to make the gate way entry complex for new entrants. What happened to Rajat Gupta is not merely a punishment for any scandal! We know it that they are more …

Reforms by Anarchy

Reform, prosperity, corruption and destruction is the cycle of civilization it is only that Indian wheel had been turning too much slower but not anymore... JV ---------  World itself sets the stage of revolts. It turns into neat and tidy system of governance only after most anarchic, bloody and heinous revolts followed by height of cunning and corrupt power game of blue bloods.
History of the rise of Europe, fall of Asia, Fall of Europe and Rise of America shows the pattern that prosperity and peace has been a cyclic evolution of mankind. We try something better only when we feel the heat of not being better. This is how Dark age of Europe had sawed the hope of pro-civilian governance. Crimes on labors sawed the seed of Karl Marx's social economics and labor laws. 
Africa was the place where humanity born.... Persia where it blossomed... Asia where it got adorned.... Today Asia and Africa are in sorry phase. But they way we are adopting the new world order, I wonder we are heading…

The New World Order

We have come across the stage of human evolution where injustice is being done only because many of us don't know our rights. Let's work together to let the knowledge flow... JV In the era of diplomacy as the new strategy of ruling the world, Europe is yet again  on the supreme reign. Establishing superiority over others has always been the quest of ambitious human being. This is the one basic reason that mankind has been clustered into many fragmentation called nation.
Post world war two, world gained unprecedented intellectual capacity to forbid wars (however we witnessed many wars even after 1945). By 2010, world has got clear understanding that weapons are no longer capable to hold powers they used to had a century ago. Super powers like US & UK have developed too incisive vision to gain leadership by violence free diplomacy. It began with economic polarization of world in socialistic and capitalistic orders.

USSR with its Marxist vision of socialism promoted by Lenin …

Foundation of Indian Corruption

"If flood ridden villagers are starving from three days of calamity, a few food packets dropped from helicopter will only increase crime!! They'll rather need affection and to be fed by our hands of love..."Jitendra Rajaram
Corruption is the mismanagement of resources which are highest in demand. Corruption is a kind of attitude which is an evolution of presumed freedom after a long slavery. India was enslaved for more than 1050 years since 900 AD to 1947 AD by the Mangolian, Persian and European powers. Decline of Indian superiority began soon after the invasion of Alexander during Mauryan dynasty!

This could have been more intense had British departure been delayed or Mogul Dynasty ruled longer or Mauryans had not been so strong. Power brings dignity and dignity brings  fairness in the rule of law. In a country where almost everything is out of capacity. Farmland, Civil land, Resources, Minerals and Energy everything is disproportionate with respect to the population. I…