Foundation of Indian Corruption

"If flood ridden villagers are starving from three days of calamity, a few food packets dropped from helicopter will only increase crime!! They'll rather need affection and to be fed by our hands of love..."  Jitendra Rajaram

Corruption is the mismanagement of resources which are highest in demand. Corruption is a kind of attitude which is an evolution of presumed freedom after a long slavery. India was enslaved for more than 1050 years since 900 AD to 1947 AD by the Mangolian, Persian and European powers. Decline of Indian superiority began soon after the invasion of Alexander during Mauryan dynasty!
This is our attitude towards our slavery!
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This could have been more intense had British departure been delayed or Mogul Dynasty ruled longer or Mauryans had not been so strong. Power brings dignity and dignity brings  fairness in the rule of law. In a country where almost everything is out of capacity. Farmland, Civil land, Resources, Minerals and Energy everything is disproportionate with respect to the population. It is useless to imagine disciple and justice from starving mass of uneducated, deprived under privileged societies. If we have only one train from Mumbai to Lucknow and 10000 odd commuters waiting on either sides in festival seasons atop of it half of them don't know what reservation means than expecting discipline from them is like 'Hatching duck's egg and expecting eagle'. 

Capacity Planning 
British-India made Mumbai city plan and executed some 70 years ago! Mumbai only went out-capacity in year 2003 that too only because of mindless usage of plastic bags. British Indian made Indian railways and 80% of railway track has never been renewed since they installed it. On a track mend for 80kmph today Rajdhani and Shatabdi are running at 130-160kmph with a little maintenance. 
My question is 'What vision they had in a colonial (read slave) country?' and 'What vision we have in our own country?'

Is it impossible? 
In a country where EVM (electronic Voting Machine) can be shipped to remotest voting booth by porting on the back of a Donkey. A village where any government officer visits only for a week or two of election once every five year. Why can't any other lifeline supply can be shipped? 
In a country where Mobile network and Coca Cola bottles can be supplied to drought ridden smallest villages of Uttar Pradesh why we can't we supply drinkable water and LPG cylinders?
In a country where smallest villages have black micro-finance industry is being run by Mafia and Goons only to sell Brown Sugar and Desi Arms why can't civil security be reached? 
In a country where perfume can be sold at INR1000000.00 why can't charity or voluntary services can be sold? 
It is clearly predicted that it is a well planned passive approach which is not letting the common man avail the meager services. It is certainly because if at all these common man get their basic rights today they will demand their willing rights tomorrow. It is so they are not providing us basic needs.

What needs to be done? 
However I salute the task of Kejriwal's team as he have researched the possible solutions and opted for one most suitable out of many. His campaign of Jan Lokpal Bill, Right to Reject and Right to Re-call is one of the finest act to slit the upper cap on the freedom of Indian society. 
We need many such courageous and ambitious Yudhisthir for this mordern Mahabharta run by blind supper intellectual man called Manmohan Singh in the super vision of Shakuni called Sonia Gandhi.

Kejriwal's party will give hardest dent to these mighty Kauravs but will it be able to shake the 10, Janpad and 7 Race course? To ensure Congress's coffin's last nail we need multiple ambush war fronts. We need many organizations to cluster against BJP & Congress and regional parties to flush them out. It's ok if we get two seats or one seat or no seat but we all should fight election in 2014 from the districts where BJP & Congress get maximum heat and Kejriwal gets soft walk over. We should create pass for him i.e. if at all we manage 30 odd seats via non-Kejriwal anti-BJP/Congress/Reasonal party seats we both (Kejriwal and us) can join hands after election for a common cause.

This way Kejriwal's team will manage upper cut freedom and we will start engineering the lower side construction of Indian society i.e. imparting education, creating human values and developing risk taking abilities. This will ensure a full proof pathway for a great India of Dream. A Ram Rajya, A bapu's Nation and a Nation of Ashoka, Akbar, Subhas Bose, Bhagat Singh, Sardar and Shashtri... Jai Jawan, Jai Hind!!

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