Reforms by Anarchy

Reform, prosperity, corruption and destruction is the cycle of civilization it is only that Indian wheel had been turning too much slower but not anymore... JV
World itself sets the stage of revolts. It turns into neat and tidy system of governance only after most anarchic, bloody and heinous revolts followed by height of cunning and corrupt power game of blue bloods.

History of the rise of Europe, fall of Asia, Fall of Europe and Rise of America shows the pattern that prosperity and peace has been a cyclic evolution of mankind. We try something better only when we feel the heat of not being better. This is how Dark age of Europe had sawed the hope of pro-civilian governance. Crimes on labors sawed the seed of Karl Marx's social economics and labor laws. 

Africa was the place where humanity born.... Persia where it blossomed... Asia where it got adorned.... Today Asia and Africa are in sorry phase. But they way we are adopting the new world order, I wonder we are heading quit fast to get back the lost glory...

With Kejriwal's India Against Corruption, I get the feel of that Hollywood grand prix Matrix (3rd Part). Where the chief developer of Matrix confesses's that 'I deliberately kept the loop open from where, Neo succeeded to destroy my Matrix'. I guess Kejriwal is the Neo of this Matrix made by world of blue bloods. The condition of India, Persia and Africa is facing is not designed by Congress it is actually plotted by Sons of Royals of Europe.  Congress is like Agent Smith of Matrix as Congress don't know what's the reason of its existence. The master mind of today's world lies in Buckingham Palace of Great Britain... Nonetheless I'll talk about it little later. 

IAC of Mr. Kejriwal is the out come of a big flaw blue bloods had done during the construction Globalized Matrix. i.e. forgetting the 'Aura of courage'! This is something what Gandhi, Lincoln, Luther King and Shastri did have. 'Aura of Courage' is something which keeps your foes scared from you in spite of having no power, weapon or union of masses. Gandhi was very weak old man to whom British could have killed anytime. They could have dismayed the revolution Gandhi bolted out quite easily by shooting down but they failed to kill him why? 

Blue bloods now have to learn how to manage the charismatic power of courage? But this time may they give ways to Kejriwal and allied for their own good. Time will write on the pages of history life it used to so far... i.e. power never wins over courage. 

I am hopeful with all that is happening to this world. Death by Hunger, Rape of 5year old girls, terror attacks, suicide of farmers, pollution... I am happy for all of these because these are the indicators that anarchy is now getting over the head of tolerance limits and now is the time of revolution. A revolution which will set Justice and Mercy right at its place of governance. This upcoming unsettling flaws will raise unemployment, crime and corruption only to inflate the irony of red faced young power. This will upset the whole construct of system and re-establish it only to facilitate the peace and prosperity of the mankind with greater power and efficiency this time. 

Best of luck youngsters, this is your new world... make it the way you want it. Blessings. JV!


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