The New World Order

We have come across the stage of human evolution where injustice is being done only because many of us don't know our rights. Let's work together to let the knowledge flow... JV
In the era of diplomacy as the new strategy of ruling the world, Europe is yet again  on the supreme reign. Establishing superiority over others has always been the quest of ambitious human being. This is the one basic reason that mankind has been clustered into many fragmentation called nation.

Post world war two, world gained unprecedented intellectual capacity to forbid wars (however we witnessed many wars even after 1945). By 2010, world has got clear understanding that weapons are no longer capable to hold powers they used to had a century ago. Super powers like US & UK have developed too incisive vision to gain leadership by violence free diplomacy. It began with economic polarization of world in socialistic and capitalistic orders.

USSR with its Marxist vision of socialism promoted by Lenin nosed dived. Primarily due double end corruption from top-down to bottom-up sins caused by tolerant bureaucrat and good for nothing labor unions. They lagged behind in the run of economic supremacy and so gone the socialite approach which could have been idealistic and benevolent to socially deprived human classes.

Capitalism however cached up for many reasons. Freedom, equality in terms of business rights. live and let live philosophy and mostly due to one most important reason i.e. it have been promoted by the wealthy businessman who virtually funds everything ranging from politics, societies, diplomats, Media, NGO, Socialists and reformers. They simply pay money, create propaganda and get things in their favor. Capitalism is good if the intention of the capitalists are good but unfortunately God had not made this world sin free.

Socialist were ideal way of governance but Capitalism gained power because it has got promoted by the behemoth capitalists . This is the bitter outcome of what they said in Torah "God created the world by the virtue of Mercy and Justice both" 
This is where lies the supreme reason for human's existence on earth. God (or whoever operates us) wanted us to be creative, innovative and inventive. Had it been only justice as the law, we would have never have taken the risk of trying new. Had it been mercy as the law, we would have done many sins only to seek mercy from almighty and get away from it. In both the case, humanity could never have achieved what it have achieved today.

What humanity has arrived to is called "A milestone closer to mass justice and mercy". Today, with this business mindset of capitalism and socialism we have almost killed the idea of massacres, assassinations and life executions. Today, under privileged are largely deprived because of their own lack of will. However the only toppings we have to do in this new world order is to educate as many human beings so that they can generate the will and dream for their quality life.
EDUCATION is only option... 

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