Uncontrolled Actions

As it happened with Rajat Gupta, CEO McKinsey, a year ago for which he got sentenced for 2 years of imprisonment. Nitin Gadkari wouldn't have also thought of it either... Robort Vadra is, however, just a victim of being too much close to king pins of blue blood robbers. Jairam Ramesh for his repeated foul deliveries of very serious and important concerns of reforms seems some deliberate actions but what happened with Sashi Tharoor a few years ago by his 'cattle class' remarks are few very very rare instances where world's who's who get caught behind or simply get clean bold. 

Business and politics are homogeneous blend of global power game. With more connected and globalized world the first thing which is important for the 4% global population belonging to the elite society, who actually operates this world, is to make the gate way entry complex for new entrants. What happened to Rajat Gupta is not merely a punishment for any scandal! We know it that they are more powerful to get away from any such allegations of fraudulent. What forced Shashi Tharoor to compromise with his chair of Ministry is not because of his 'Cattle Class' remark for Indian population but some more bleeding internal rivalry which has got an excuse for public show off for his dismissal. Nitin Gadkari's time is tougher than Robort Vodra's not because his crime is heinous but because he has many enemies (both internal and external) than Vodra does.

During world war two when Woodrow Willion's thought extended by Winston Churchill on Global citizenship and zero nation theory as a concept of new world order. It was predicted that right wing is conspiring more lethal attack on the sovereignty of humanity. Later with the formation of UN Nation, GATT and NATO it become crystal clear that UK and USA are plotting economic front as the new battle field with ever new warfare.

Wires connect Buckingham Palace, Wall Street and Washington DC ever since they got united against Germany and USSR, it is predictable that economic supremacy by forcing Capitalism and Democracy has become instrumental in their global diplomacy. 

Propaganda as the term first used by Nazi and now frequently used by USA over Russia, Communism Al-Qaeda is also one of the great source of information to reveal that everything that is happening around us is conspired and well planned. Rumors also suggest that some major terrorist attacks were nothing but a plot to reinstate Dollar as the only global currency to continue Crude Oil politics in Sahara & Thar Desert. Execution of Saddam Hussain and encounter of Ossama Bin Laden is the indication of perfectness these royal bloods have gained that they execute the subject ones its role is over.

Reading daily newspaper and by following some global literature, I have concluded that world is not the way as it appears on papers. What we read every morning is nothing but a plain propaganda they construct only allude us from what all they are doing... 

A classic example is the last debate over presidential election in USA where "Romney and Obama are agreeing upon USA's policy of treating Pakistan as a friendly nation" In-spite of the truth that Pakistan deliberately engulfing itself in the hand of Taliban. It is Pakistan where Osama Bin Laden was hidden what on earth makes USA treat Pakistan an allied country?

Well, I hope I helped you figure it out that world is different than what we read and see it in our TVs and Newspapers. Now let me inform you about the scuffle Right wing is facing. 

Keeping Chinese cyber and geographical territory out of the reach of Google, IBM and Facebook. China is reflecting that it is clearly understanding the intentions of world's self-proposed super powers.
By not being democratic, it keeps the right of accountability reserve to its ease of governance over uneducated Chinese population. 
Being capitalists with socialist approach it is reflecting the intentions of building teeth and muscle is more important than arranging for the lethal weapons.

Understanding the joint plot of NATO, Saudi Arabia and Osama Bin Laden, Russia is done with shedding off extra weight of Islamic extremists and now silently focusing upon building internal musculus. 

By not participating in lip services, Germany is trying hard to create, sustain and empower European Union only to challenge Dollar and GBP by Euro. A power full superanation identity EU can only be able to punch hard on the nose of USA and UK.

In-spite of most being most sought after nation. India failed to opt the pathways of Subhas Chandra Bose which was in conjunction with Germany & Japan which could have easily attached Russia and China in its union to protect Socialism. But with very incisive move by Winston Churchill (an old buddy of Mr. Gandhi during their stay in Durban) through which he succeeded to send Lord & Lady Mountbatten (a college buddy of Mr. Jawahar lal Nehru) they foiled the concept of seeking alliance with Russia. 
After Japan's surrender and Azad Hind's defeat, Subhas Bose wrote to Mr Gandhi for seeking alliance with Russia to which they both together devised an strategy but seeing Mountbatten and Churchill's direct offer of freedom Congress turned its back to Bose. 
Since than Congress is merely playing the role of puppet in the hand of Great Britain. 

Present Scenario 
After the rebel of Osama and rise of China right wing has got jaw bending dents. It is quite a decade since blue bloods are in damage control mode... However this should not be treated as victory is coming as gift... 
Royals are getting weaker yes but 'have not's are not standing up too... and we are not in any sort of equilibrium let alone we think of victory... However, stage has began to shake. 


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