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Evils of God

Source of life Desire is the mother of destruction or construction both. When nothing was existed, the desire of something should exist did. For everything that exist here is for someone has a desire to destruct it and for everything that does not exists here is for someone has a desire to construct it. It has nothing to do with the good or the bad of it. Desire in itself is finely split in evil or/and good. It's neutrality is not sustainable for long. As is the case with charge... It can either be positive or negative neutrality is actually an annihilation or precisely is its nothingness.
Subject of life God is nor good neither bad... and same is true with the Evil. Consider this example. Imagine a chessboard with sixteen black and sixteen white pieces... Here if you are playing with black than all your desire will be to get victory for the black king and if from white it all matters for you that white wins. Who kills whom is not matter of your concern. Replace this chessboard with …

If we can call off Banking!

Here banking is not taken in its entire term. It refers to the concept of money trading and/or making money by playing with numbers. It imagines a world where one makes profit only by trading product or services not by share market, currency exchange or such concepts.  

Profit driven society is changing the power grid from politics to economics. As Mr. Nitin Paranjpai CEO of HUL said businesses today are no longer serving to the society. Businesses today are actually focused on maximizing the profits of stake holders. Greed of buying everything and anything has become showbiz of business honchos. Henry Kissinger, ex-man of Wall Street, who is famously known as the kingmaker of USA is commanding the banking operations of USA and so of the world. It is well known that Hillary Clinton was about to be the undisputed president of USA in last election of 2008. It is only because of Sub-Prime Crisis to which we call recession 2008 Clinton family stepped back. In the signal of Hennery Kissing…

Verticals of Mankind

From group of animals to civilizations, from civilizations to institutions and from institutions to religion... mankind is only developing the process of peaceful cohabitation of societies...

Ever since humanity endured and since it is enduring it has gone through major shifts of changing mainframe professions but largely remained in four verticals. i.e. Rulers, Educators, Traders and Peasants. Subdivisions went on changing, collapsing and re-inventing but not the verticals as mentioned in Fig.2. In Indian subcontinents these verticals are well known as Khsatriya, Brahmin, Vasya, Shudra. The basis of classification is the duty of a said class towards the society. Four important duty towards any society is protection, administration, education and support function.   
It is important to mention that classes within the classes had always struggled to attain the supremacy over other. They advocated this act as by saying that society cannot sustain without their part of work. Attaining su…

Arindam Chaudhary, Arvind Kejriwal & Those Unknown

"Every act of Congress will be the last nail on its coffin" Jai Hind!
I was relatively young when I finished a brain storming book 'The great Indian dream' by Arindam Chaudhary. His ideas upon soft-capitalism and LSP (Life style parity) has always been my source of dreaming fairer governance in India.  After reading the thoughts of Sri Narayana Murthy in his book 'Better India, Better World' which precisely summarized to me as Capitalism the only option to get India of dream. I pulled myself back to Capitalism but with a lot of questions!
Reading Amartya Sen and Ayub Khan on Micro-Finance, Sri Kurian on Co-operatives. I tilted again to Socialism. It kept on zig-zag every time I was reading thoughts of world's most precious minds for a common cause i.e. betterment of humanity. Only after jacking myself into this budding group called IAC (India Against Corruption) things started to get permanent in my memories.  
It is not easy landing on it anyway! I was i…