Arindam Chaudhary, Arvind Kejriwal & Those Unknown

"Every act of Congress will be the last nail on its coffin" Jai Hind!

I was relatively young when I finished a brain storming book 'The great Indian dream' by Arindam Chaudhary. His ideas upon soft-capitalism and LSP (Life style parity) has always been my source of dreaming fairer governance in India. 
After reading the thoughts of Sri Narayana Murthy in his book 'Better India, Better World' which precisely summarized to me as Capitalism the only option to get India of dream. I pulled myself back to Capitalism but with a lot of questions!

Reading Amartya Sen and Ayub Khan on Micro-Finance, Sri Kurian on Co-operatives. I tilted again to Socialism. It kept on zig-zag every time I was reading thoughts of world's most precious minds for a common cause i.e. betterment of humanity. Only after jacking myself into this budding group called IAC (India Against Corruption) things started to get permanent in my memories.  

It is not easy landing on it anyway! I was in class second when my Dad declared me 'a politician to be' but I was clueless about what will I do as a politician. He (Dad) suggested me to read the world and I will have my path. I eventually did (except my syllabus books :p). It is a long journey of reading every one.... one by one from Gandhi to Nehru, Patel, Ghodse, Shashtri, Indira, Rajeev, Osho, Obama and Lincoln along with Geeta Piramal, Rashmi Bansal, Nandan Nilenkhani... with them I got my mission as a politician. 

Out of many things that one can do as good politician, I chose one i.e. EDUCATION for every common man. I have decided what I will be doing as a politician... 
It only when I read an infamous dialog of Winston Churchill "One cannot win election on the grounds of self's  achievements but only at the cost of opponents mistakes" this statement repeated by L K Advani after 2004 debacle of NDA. I munched upon his statement only to believe that politics is a dirty game. A sweet bitter effect charred a sensation through my spine. It was enough to shake me away from my path. As an MBA scholar, it was easy for me to get away from politics so I parted ways from my dream only to realize 'distance always inflames love' which actually blazed me inside me.
It was the time when I first published my article in Sahara Times 'Origins of Reservation' when Indian youths were awakening in the flame of 'Youth for equality' in 2006. Recession played the role of financial terrorism immediately after that up-rise of youngsters of India shunned the awakening process but only for a while. 

Anna triggered it again... It was powerful like never before. It was game changing, it was a force which nudged ahead every youth who were having desires of joining politics for the better of India. India of dream of Gandhi has started to actualize... 

It is not fortune which plays, it is not brain which plays, it is not muscles which plays any role in politics... It is GUTS which plays and knocks down everyone dares to counter the storms of your desires. Birth of Kejriwal in this newly created landscape of young politics has levelled the  play ground is one such birth of GUTS. 
It needs ideologies of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose to establish a governance for the people, by the people and of the people. It needs courage to believe that social construction of India cannot be in the fabric of capitalism. Democracy is illusion of public rule. Something new is coming... India Against Corruption is rising.... let me remind you the Lala Lajpat Rai's statement "Every act of Congress will be the last nail on its coffin" 
Post your views here! Jai Hind! 


Shayari said…
While AAP seems a good alternative, unfortunately Kejriwal & Co have not said anything beyond corruption. Removing corruption is one part; promoting efficiency, competence and development is the other. Having an anti-industry stance is not going to help (from where did he get the figure of 5L crore tax sops). For capital intensive projects, like infrastructure, power, telecom etc.; no one will invest without incentives that will help them to break even in a reasonable time frame. And finally everything is inter-related; if the big business man is squeezed, he in turn will squeeze his suppliers, employees (aam aadmi) and so on. We live in an interconnected world, so the “we against them” stance doesn’t help.
J Rajaram said…
Dear Shayari,
It is indeed a thoughtful observation you made in AAP. In defense I must say that 'one task at one time' let they do it with corruption other things will follow.
I agree with you that our society is cyclically connected where 'have nots' or aam admi has a lot to do with the 'haves; or the ruler class.
But this shouldn't be the basis of justifying extortion! and if it does it should be liable to condemn. Now it again a human limitations that when you condemn something you do it with everything which is related to that particular thing. It is not right either but I must say we are destructing older building only to construct new. better and beautiful. Hope you agree with me too. Thanks for your views. JV

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