If we can call off Banking!

Here banking is not taken in its entire term. It refers to the concept of money trading and/or making money by playing with numbers. It imagines a world where one makes profit only by trading product or services not by share market, currency exchange or such concepts.  

Profit driven society is changing the power grid from politics to economics. As Mr. Nitin Paranjpai CEO of HUL said businesses today are no longer serving to the society. Businesses today are actually focused on maximizing the profits of stake holders. Greed of buying everything and anything has become showbiz of business honchos. Henry Kissinger, ex-man of Wall Street, who is famously known as the kingmaker of USA is commanding the banking operations of USA and so of the world. It is well known that Hillary Clinton was about to be the undisputed president of USA in last election of 2008. It is only because of Sub-Prime Crisis to which we call recession 2008 Clinton family stepped back. In the signal of Hennery Kissinger a black man took forward action. A black man to face the economic crisis so that white men can reinstate the fact that races of Africa and Asia are still not ready for the world leadership.

In his famous book ‘Conspiracy of Globalization’ Fidel Castro (Ex-President of Cuba) has given several proves of capitalism-WTO-IMF nexus which is governing the new-world-order.
Consider this… you park your vehicle in market and an illicit man collects the parking fees. My questions is ‘for what?’ and other question is ‘is that money accounted?’ Hang on, can you imagine how much parking fees collected per day in Mumbai alone? Can you imagine how much it could be in 10 mega cities of India? Daily? Yearly? And if you find this money too less, than imagine what happens to street begging, traffic sales, how many auto drivers keep records of their income and expenditure? 60% of money transactions have no records and 25% is in the control of those who are the king makers of India.

Now help me understand this! Money was a creation of a system to replac barter system. It is basically a process of keeping Bank Notes and Bills of values equivalent to the amount of sell-able resources available in that economic territories. That means money has zero independent value but because of its zero-viscous liquidity i.e. it can be exchanged for anything ranging from tangible and intangible products likes Gold, Diamond, and Luxurious Hotels etc. This meant that managing money has become the central objective of the trade and commerce. Banks are managing a thing which is having zero independent value but exponential relative value.

Isn't it like managing money has become the most powerful way to rule masses? It is no longer that Brahmins (Educators) rule the population, it is no longer that Kshatriya (Politicians and worriers) are ruling that world it is now that Vishay (the traders) are ruling the world. Increase in the educated population across the globe realized that common man will not fight for futile reasons like race, caste, creed for long time. It is now not possible to develop national patriotism as centrifugal force to keep crowed under carpet. It is now that providing entertainment and blurring lust of having high class life style has become the new instrument of governance. Capitalism has actually engaged masses into new kind of public feud, social intrudes and show business. It has created new parameters of being rich and powerful in the modern society. It inflated the consumerism because of which humanity is not running behind the knowledge or creativity rather they are dying for the show off by increasing bank balance.

No one keeps money in lockers. No one keeps Gold in home… everything is kept in bank. What bank does of it? It infuses more money in markets which produces more product. It induces more people’s thirst to earn money. So long and so on it is only ballooning up the capitalism by creating markets and greed of pseudo ambitions which actually has no existence.

Today, a good photographer wants to be an IT engineer to support his desires and family needs and steals time for photography. A painter works in Banks to support life and hardly gets time to paint. A poet gets dragged into the cheap clubs, bar’s and resurrects to pronounce stupid words in front of boozing bozos. Where will humanity head if this will continue? How will newer ideas which can support humanity and eye equality will develop?

If human will compete with human than what animals will do? Capitalism is degrading the quality of humanity. Banks are the temple of capitalism. Democracy is the defense machinery of capitalism. This new-world-order needs a big turnaround. A revolt to replace capitalism and democracy with more real time system of governance. Which can combine 'talent' with 'platform to exhibit talent' so that we can develop humanity with glue of love and kindness.

Mind you it’s not a dream… It is turning real… wake up!!    

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