Verticals of Mankind

From group of animals to civilizations, from civilizations to institutions and from institutions to religion... mankind is only developing the process of peaceful cohabitation of societies...

Ever since humanity endured and since it is enduring it has gone through major shifts of changing mainframe professions but largely remained in four verticals. i.e. Rulers, Educators, Traders and Peasants. Subdivisions went on changing, collapsing and re-inventing but not the verticals as mentioned in Fig.2. In Indian subcontinents these verticals are well known as Khsatriya, Brahmin, Vasya, Shudra. The basis of classification is the duty of a said class towards the society. Four important duty towards any society is protection, administration, education and support function.   

Fig. 2: Verticals of professions of mankind
It is important to mention that classes within the classes had always struggled to attain the supremacy over other. They advocated this act as by saying that society cannot sustain without their part of work. Attaining supremacy over other is one such instinct humanity had adopted from their cannibal successors called Animal.

Fig3. Development comparison of Social Verticals of Mankind
The quest of being superior lead to many brutal repercussions along with the crucial developments. Fig.3 is representing the changes verticals of mankind has gone through. Educators where the supreme class of society but not for long, they failed because they kept knowledge reserved for special classes. It was well planned move that if everyone will get knowledge that every one will become boss. However they forgot to calculate the magnitude of 'thirst of knowledge' human brain can ever sense. 'Seeing is knowing and knowing is believing'  triggered Traders and Peasants to have knowledge. Gradually as the time passed  by collapsing power of knowledge to power of swords and canons... lust of wealth granted traders the supremacy they were thriving for. In this present DotCom era where everyone is connected from everyone in this village called Globe... education is again awakening from 1000 years old sleep. Let's measure the impact!

Fig. 4: Population share of verticals of mankind. 
Fig. 4 is roughly representing the population share of different mankind. Since the known history (refer Fig.3) we can see that 7% (educators) were the commanders of society. Later it had been taken over by 8%(Rulers) who become the controllers of the society. They controlled the societies for long with the help of swords and canons but 'temptation of lusty lifestyle' forced rulers out of bay and reigned 'Traders' as the head of society who served nothing but lust in such a lavish manner that mankind formally accepted that sleeping animal instinct defined by Darwin 'Survival of Fittest'

Fig. Center of Gyration of Mankind
What lust has done to society? Well it changed the locus of development. In this beginning of DotCom era every objectives of human life i.e. learn, enjoy, give and get famous is reduced to revolve around instinct of making profit. Mankind wrongly calculated that 'yes money is not God but very close to God'  

Fig.6: Proposed center of gyration of mankind
What will be the impact of DotCom era? 
As education is expanding it is redefining the source of happiness and needs of mankind. It is reducing the significance of lust and cannibal instinct humans have developed in the lure of power/fame.
We have to return to the basics i.e. putting welfare in the center of human needs. This is all we began to live in cohabitation.
Everyone will get education and everyone will decide by its own will that what they want to do! you may conclude that in this case no one would like to do the job of peasants. However your assumption of this conclusion is wrong. We are assumed that works of peasants is taboo. Well this is where Baata, Woodland, Khadims, Starbucks won because the refused to assume what we are about to conclude. 

Fig.7: Action required 
We only have to educate everyone... every single soul of human must be educated... A Friend has beautifully said 'If you can imagine the solution than perhaps you've not understood the problem'
He is so right in his imagination! It's like if I began the journey of Mumbai from Delhi and if I've imagined how Mumbai will look like than perhaps I have insulted the creators of Mumbai. It is like I am driving the car in the night and all I can see with the help of headlights is a few meters and if I am assuming that road is straight till destination than It's a mistake.
However! 'Education' is the headlight in this longest journey of Mankind 

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