How fat is too fat for Indian Wedding

Majority of the guests who come in any wedding functions are actually there to compare how much their host has spent on it NOT to bless the couple. If you consider such guests as your part of society, please don't invite me ever!
Courtesy : IIM Shilong, Downloaded from official website without permission

Being fat is bad but so is NOT true about Indian Weddings! Even Bollywood will shy off from the Showoff of Indian wedding maniacs. Indian weddings are shamelessly obese, last week alone India witnessed 10000 wedding knot functions in one day! 

Interestingly 1.31 billion Indian sees marriage as a very special thing of there life and at the very same time 'Market' sees it as a great business opportunity! While my dear MBA class humans sees money here I have some more sad concerns. 

Desires! If not fulfilled become demons... such weddings induce such offensive desires of those who are not capable to manage such expenditures but can't bear to be disgusted as second class host. Some of you will argue that it is not the matter of concern for those who can manage such expenditures and that is how this market driven society defends this race of maniacs every time whenever such ethical challenges surface.

1.2 billion humans of the world are hungry. Only 8 countries in the world are such where people die of hunger. India is the capital of those countries. If a person gets one slice of a bread and a liter of water in every fifth day he/she will at-least never die of hunger. How much will this cost? INR2.00 only! In delhi average per plate dinner charge is INR4000.00. Average cost of one wedding card is INR14.00. Fireworks, lightening, parking places, flowers, mehndi, DJ, stage decorations, special effects... for what? On top of it this wedded couple is not guaranteed of living happy life. Whatever is special for one couple turns out to be curse. Traffic congestion, Firework pollution, Noise Pollution, Wastage of Food (So if you know 6000 people die of hunger DAILY).

Why aren't we learning that everyone those who dance in our wedding are not dancing for our happiness. They are here to witness how better showbiz have you done in compassion to where they danced last night. Many of those who are dining in your wedding are not dining to quench hunger but to explain you how bad caterer you have chosen or how disgusting it is as compared to their last dinner party. All those who are lined up at the stage having flowers in hand (by killing innocent flowers and traded it in exchange of INR200-5000 ) are not here to bless you but to peep in and see what all you've got a dowry or how well your dads have spent on you in comparison to any of your relatives. On top of these truths if you say "we're bound to live in this society and so are bound to do so" then friends all I can say "They care a damn you live or die" these people talk on same topic wedding or funeral doesn't matter. Corruption, power, politics and showoff are the issues they talk upon be it birthday, journey, funeral, wedding or shopping. If you call them as the member of your society, I politely refuse any of your wedding ceremony invitations. God Bless You! (Reference) 

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