Oh Rose...!

Writing poems in English by being Deshi by heart is a challenge. Adding to it I am not trained in poem writing in any language. I don't know the technicalities of writing poems but I love this. I am not eligible to present this to you but since your critiques will shape my inks, I invite your kind attention to my stupid creation" Thanks! JV 
 "I hate you,
And you must know why! It is true, that I am not you, And this I will never try!But hating you is all I should,Not because we both are with him here,But because we both were blossomed elsewhere!!
"Not I hated you when he proposed you Or when his hands were shivering to hold But when I was laid in market to get cunningly sold Yes, I hate you,Not because I you’re priceless or I am notBut because you are earned while I am bought
"My fragrance will never fade, It’s one more reason to hate.It is not like I will die neverOr you will live forever.Not because you’re more enticing than me But because your beauty will long more than me
"I asked my thorn to get his thumb bleedJust to outshine his love by my greedI hated when you took his thumb in your lips Not because you will hold his thumb for many daysBut because he’ll feel your warmth more than many sunrays
"See my petals are as soft as your lips must beWhile plucking me he was bent on his kneeI hate you because he gifted me to you He devalued, disregarded and disowned me Not because he forget me and feels all for you But because he used my traits to adorn you
"I would have been long gone Thrown and forgotten But see how insane you’re Buried me in the same diary In which
you buried all your thoughts I am drying, you’re dying But I still hate you Because while still he knows you I am incarnated 
and withdrawn

"I love flowers but I never wish to pluck them because if I will pluck it will die. It will not remain the one I loved. Did I say to you that love is not owning it is in appreciating."  Osho 

Indian Corruption Analysis and chosen few

“One of the Ills of the beautiful is that it attracts evils. The beauty that is India and the evil that is corruption”
“Anyone who hopes that the solutions of Indian problems lie in India is not able to actually understand the problem. Corruption is not, and cannot be, a design of Indian mindset alone”

“35 families of India own 25% of total Indian GDP. Almost all the media and public broadcasting companies are owned by these business families. Almost all the business families of India are having direct access to Indian Parliament. Needless to say, the actual definition of Indian Democracy should be “by the merchant, for the merchant and of the merchant”.

India is among the oldest civilization of the world. Since time unknown, world politics is especially interested in this Gondwanaland amassed to Eurasian supercontinent some two hundred million years ago which has just now named as India! From Aryans to Kushaans, Aristotle to Alexander, Gauri to Ghajani, from Moguls to British and now Nehru-Gandhi… dynasties have always loved to rule this subcontinent. One of the Ills of the beautiful is that it attracts evils. The beauty that is India and the evil that is corruption!

Anyone who hopes that the solutions of Indian problems lie in India is not able to actually understand the problem. Corruption is not, and cannot be, a design of Indian mindset alone. World capitalist are hungry to own Indian capitals to their maximum capacity. Incisive world forces are not fighting with weapons in hand but are sponsoring the local enemies of both the sides. It’s a game which shoots three shuttles at once. One making profit, two whoever wins will side with the funders and three it’s a good entertainment.

To rule India, all Imperialists would need is to rule these richest Indian families. Everything else is detail. Abdullas, Nehru, Ambani, Tata, Goenka, Sapoor ji Palon Ji, Ruia, Birla, Adani, Jindal, Chandra, Pataudi, Schindhia, Premji, Nijaams, Wadiyar, Mallya, Marans, Agrawals, Vadra can control and are controlling the entire nation. All that any ‘First World Nations’ has to do is to control these families of any such ‘Third World Nation’ like India.

Ego of any Indian elephant is to be free, illusion of any Indian elephant is to feel free but the reality of all Indian elephants is that they’re enslaved. The macroscopic view of this capitalistic union of Indian big fishes is the command they follow form the palace of Buckingham Palace.

Tier two slaves of capitalism are the theological propagandists. Handful top crater of global religion spectrum knows the fiasco of religion. The systematic design of myths, theologies and heroism fools the largely ignorant mass of human population. These theories are charged with heavy emotions like patriotism, holism, godly, desire of becoming immortal and fear of unknown etc. Over the period of human development these theories have been deeply studded into human minds. These emotions are being exploited by the second layer of slaves created by imperialists.

Any existing political outfit of this country is not even remotely successful in deleting this slave mentality of the people of India.

Third layer is the educationists! Modern and post-modernism education structure of Indian Education by developed British Monarchy and processed by Indian upper class has been very successful in creating herd’s mentality of human breed in India. A classic example is the reasonable world level inventions which have been done by Indians are not the residents of India. Those Indians who have discovered some sort of precious knowledge were either imperials or the rebels of imperials but were never from the lower strata of Indian Society. This cannot be coincidence. It is just a result of society and religion based class structure of Indian citizen which let the actual education imparted to the needy.  

The fourth fundamental of Indian Corruption is the opportunism and marketing of greed. ‘Welfare’ is a term Indian society has forgotten. Profit is the term every single Indian citizen is thriving to earn. Indian population has adjusted with the myths of scarcities. Mumbai Local, Indian Railway, Domestic Supplies, Public Distribution System are all deliberately paralyzed to let mass learn the art of adjustment. In the quest resonating towards the minimum needs we have developed comparison and comparison developed hunger. Hunger along with the scarcity of food derives corruption. Corruption keeps imperialists happy…

The reason why India fails and least likely to be successful in near future to combat corruption is the fact that corruption keeps imperialists happy. Imperialists are too much powerful to control Indian Richie-Rich in turn these rich Indians are too much ambitious to keep the vicious circle of scarcity-competition-greed-superstition-illusion grow bigger than ever before. Best of luck poor Indians. 

WTO & Farmer Subsidy Bill Logjam

"Farmers of rich countries are heavily subsidiesd from their respective government. Agro Research is entirely funded by the national treasure. Also, these farmers are having thousands of hectares of lands in the form of single party owner. They’re rich, educated and market oriented. On the other hand side farmers of poor countries are largely landless, malnutrition, illiterate and enslaved to work in behemoth landlords" : Jitendra Rajaram

"India has always been a world political figure since history unknown. Why else one of four biggest ocean of this world is named after it? Silk Routes, Cotton, Curry Corps, Metal, Arms and state of the art handcrafts… 37 main rivers, two world’s largest fertile delta, most fertile forest and abundant minerals. India is indeed world’s most beautiful dream for rulers!
Till date India is denied from UNESCO seat in spite of being the most logical claimant of the seat. This however did not stop India from policing the global policies to protect the third world nations. Farmers of developing and poor nations cannot sustain competition given from the famers of developed nations if Agro-Produce Industry accepts Free Trade Agreement.
Farmers of rich countries are heavily subsidiesd from their respective government. Agro Research is entirely funded by the national treasure. Also, these farmers are having thousands of hectares of lands in the form of single party owner. They’re rich, educated and market oriented. On the other hand side farmers of poor countries are largely landless, malnutrition, illiterate and enslaved to work in behemoth landlords. Godly landlords are equally ignorant and least bothered to invent newer methods of agriculture. This, as you can gauge, is a sea size valley between the two.
Any kid can evaluate that in FREE TRADE AGREEMENT of globalization of agro products will kill these poor famers. Capitalists are hardly bothered to this fact. They treat us out dated or second class if we talk pro-poor. We are not against globalization, not against single universal administration system but what worries us is the behavior of neglect imperialists have adopted. In the rush of exploiting markets, they’re not considering the poor’s life worthy at all.
India & China, as they are doing since long, should be adamant not to let these money hungry sharks interfere in our oceans.

Article 370 & AFSPA

"Dividing India into India, Pakistan & Bangladesh is ambitious act of creating a jackpot market of Arms, Oil and Vassal Transportations. Keeping Asia in unrest is another way of making money by neo-liberalism." :- Jitendra Rajaram

"It is an assumption than a truth that Kashmir is an integral part of India, if India in itself has not been integrated since distant past. Almost all international bounders of Republic of India are in dispute with its adjoining neighbor. Mc Mohan & Redcliff Lines are never accepted by our new born neighbor ‘Pakistan’ and age old competitor ‘China’.  All three of us are having nuclear arms. Adding to it, four major and diplomatically important nations of Asia are having nuclear arms along with some or the other boundary disputes! Worthless to say, it is not a coincidence but is a deliberately designed nexus of arms market.
By knowing these facts, it is a political crime to fuel the debate on article 370. This defines the height of mantle bankruptcy of idiotic political heroes. But before I further this discussion, let me lay down one more ground theory.  Almost all new born Third World Nations of the world are incisively created by First World Nations based upon its market potential. Post WW2 political scenario almost too a new birth, creation of IMF, WTO, UN, NATO etc proves that imperialists are now not going for war but are going to fund the war aggressively. Dividing India into India, Pakistan & Bangladesh is ambitious act of creating a jackpot market of Arms, Oil and Vassal Transportations. Keeping Asia in unrest is another way of making money by neo-liberalism. Its simple operate because armies and diplomats are outsourced to the countries of subject itself.
To understand this nexus will itself lead you to the conclusion that how futile it is to debate upon Article 370 of J&K but since majority of my readers are either Hindu or Muslim. These Hindu or Muslims also love to boast upon the place of their birth, family where they born and class they belong. It helps them qualify to further boast upon what brand they wear, which car they drive and who all they know in Parliament, Corporate and NRIs of USA and UK. Because these Hindus and Muslims hardly care who in reality are laying bombs below their bum, it becomes my bound duty to explain it their ways.
Only J&K is treated differently
Goa, Dadar & Nangal, Assam, Pondicherry, Hyderabad, Travancore, Gwalior princely states are also having special sections in Constitution of India. All the clauses are (or were) more or less equal to Article 370 but since Kashmir is an ethnic fight of the sections of Indian society and is bordering our arch rival Pakistan, it is becoming an issue to a so called great and heroic party PM candidate. Yes article 370 privileged J&K but did not treat it differently. It is only that a communal section of India is pointing it differently.
Women of J&K loses citizenship if married out of J&K
It was the case till in 1935 (before independence) but after LOC cease fire and UN Intervention only the women married to the men of POK (Pak Occupied Kashmir) loses the citizenship of J&K not if they are married to the men of any other states of India. Now naturally, you will not like POK citizen to become you son-in-law right?
People of J&K want Article 370
People of J&K are fed up with tortures and suspicions. Almost daily they are becoming subjects of violence by Indian Army. AFSPA is laying havoc on them. Their Lakes are not bearing livelihood, their governments are not providing them education and their government is shooting them only on the basis of wage doubt they resident can be a terrorist. Their women are getting raped because the army personnel are away from their wives for years to become sex hungry. They know that they can subject any Kashmiri women to quench their hunger for almost no loss of dignity.
NO business is coming to them the way it is coming to other states of India. They’re not able to be as educated and graceful as their counterparts from other states are. They too actually want jobs, lifestyle and comfort. They don’t if Pakistan gives it to them or India does for all they want is fair and equal treatment.
They have nothing to lose! For them there is only one thing they can negotiate against AFSPA (Armed Force Special Power Act) i.e. Article 370. They know both of it are useless for them. All they’re hoping that they will kill two birds by one stone. I hope your Hindu Nationalist PM in waiting can bring it to them.

Market Society

The inputs of this article are taken from “What money can’t buy - An Article published in The Hindu Friday Review dated 6 December 2013” Written by Sudhamahi Regunathan which narrates the excerpts of the interview of Dr. Michael Sandel, Professor of ‘Political Philosophy’ at Harvard Business School, USA

“If the only thing that money determined was access to a Yatch or a BMW then inequality wouldn’t matter much but because money governs the access of livelihood too, inequality has become a great deal!” said Dr. Sandel in her interaction with scholars of political philosophy.
Market’ is a word I developed a hate with! It forces me to imagine a place where naked bodies are displayed with a tag ‘on sale’. To me its cruelty is far deeper than I sketched it just ago.  Society’ however is a word I am studying with excitement. This author (Sudhamahi) did something like fire-water mixture thing! I.e. coining an abrupt term ‘Market Society’ reading her piece was a ride of new discoveries.
The fundamental adjoining point between society and market is ‘money’. Precisely in this era, its capacity has grown to trade almost everything mankind needs. It is a miraculous of invention of economics. Money has liberated the market from barter deals to reduce monotonous transactions. Money since then has become the most important instrument of trade and commerce. Its increasing utility in every big or small cohorts of humanity made it equivalent to some god. Yes god! Because both are equally fictional and equally feared as being real!  
The greatest good, if exploited insanely, becomes the cruelest evil. After World War Two, arms took the back seat only to let the money attack. Today money is powerful than any weapon man can imagine. As predicted by economists then money today beyond doubt controls everything including the dreams that we see and hopes that we develop. It is now getting insanely exploited… Time is now showing the other face of truth i.e. ugliness of money…
A piece of paper (printed in such a fashion which is difficult to copy but not impossible) is exchanging everything in material or in thoughts. Dollar for example is helping USA to own all the gold, diamonds and ivories of the world! A rupee, as another example, is redefining the quotients of public welfare! How terribly bad it is that government is committing to improvise the life of remote tribal lives by not even going there but by transferring some digital numbers (RTGS/NEFT or something like that). This process fashionably called ‘Direct Cash Transfer’
As Dr. Sandel asked “Would it be right to give cash to children for buying books in spite of getting those books from the market for them?” in our social level it is question like “Will you get the same result if paid in cash when all you desperately need a caring hand?” Direct Cash Transfer will bear results something like this. It is reducing the viscosity of money only to make it free flow in the areas where it is so far not reaching.
“Economists think that market is inert!” Dr. Sandel says “Market, as they believe, doesn’t touch or taint the goods being sold, it just transfers them” Well if we are buying an oven, sofa or a TV this argument stands correct but when we are buying ‘Teaching, Studies or news” this hypothesis fails.
Money is fading the real definition of ‘ambition’. It, now a days has, become synonymous that success means ‘bank balance, car, house and club membership’.  It doesn’t matter that you work more than 60 hours a week to please the boss and expect few more bucks in return. Ambition has actually become an illusion of another form of slavery. It doesn’t matter that for earning money you are leaving your parents thousands of miles behind. Because for now earning money is the supreme objective of mankind by selling bombs, guns, hatred, riots doesn’t matter!
You can’t vote because you are far away from your voting town. You can’t elect the government where you are leaving since decades as student or employee. You just hope but exactly what you hope is fading… money is all you see. Eyes are closed or open doesn’t matter. This way we are creating markets not societies… this way we are not translating our unity in the form of democracy but we are actually selling ourselves to market. Societies have been broken only to be reorganized as market. Money is becoming the master’s lash! Think it over…

The Origin of Stupid Divides

"All the gods of all the religions have some human form or earthly life. Each of these life forms have heroic characteristics, each religion provokes everyone to follow the ways of these heroes which is tough or near impossible" : Jitendra Verma

The world is full of confusions and extra-assumptions. Rumors appear as realistic as this sun or earth. Everyone has its own version of truth. Truth however is rather more deep and unromantic. One reason we don't accept reality is 'its being undramatic'. Reality refuses to almost all basic hypothesis of human life. I leaves no room for superstitions and extra-physical laws. Today's challenge is to undone the false hypothesis of human race which is leading them into the era packed with riots, massacre and assassination. Making them understand reality should be the priority of new sage-hood of intellectuals. A lot becomes right if we agree to accept some basic hypothesis of human evolution. Few are given below.   

#1. Human Life on Earth is possible (mainly) at three places 'Snow', 'Desert' & 'Greenland'. Human race is also divided based on these three geographical attributes. Human race that began living in snow has only fishes or polar animals to hunt and eat. To keep body warm they need to drink wine or such hard drinks but since weather is tough they need to live in large cohort. People those who began living in desert had only desert animals to eat and they can't think of consuming wineries in such a hot climate becasue it adversely effects the body if the climate is hot. Now because weather is hot and tough here too they too needed to live in large cohort. Human race lived in green lands had vast options to chose from. They so are divided in food habits, had vivid life style and were free to roam around even in small cohorts. During this thousands of years of slow evolution these cohorts grown up to form tribes and tribes grown up to form massive civilizations. 

#2. These civilizations learnt a lot to live through extreme weathers and natural calamities. Rich experience of surviving unpredictable natural behaviour established the concept of respecting elders of the groupa. The resource consumption by these cohorts had grown up many folds because of the growth of the population in every such cohorts. The hunter/gatherers of these groups started travelling longer distances. They slowly began to come in contact of each other. People of every civilization came in contact of every other civilization. Since the climatic conditions of their origin lands were different their physique/body built up was different too. Dressing senses, beliefs, skills, expertise everything was different becasue it was as per the demand of the climatic conditions they originated from. It also was the truth that they all were equal in basic look and esthetical designs. This initiated the quest of comparison among them. For all these thousands of years they used spears, arrows, and hammers to hunt for food but for the first time they used these weapons against each other to prove their superiority over other. Intention was to establish claim on the resources they used to cherish alone since ages. 

#3. An apt human resource was needed to win these fights and establish claim on resources. The winner group will be the one having largest number of young population. It rolled out the need of retaining most talented in the group. It required an apt human resource management in every civilizations willing to survive high and large. To control the migration, enhance the retention and master the recruitment of human resource, it was required to develop a mechanism. Migration was on peak mainly due to the opportunity for a young talented personnel (i.e. freebies like to exploit the better women, tender fruits and meat). In such a high transportation of talent, retention was something of the greatest challenge of those era. Like ever, retention requires augmentation of facilities in home civilization. Augmentation of job is nothing but is a method to dupe the resource person by creating illusion of satisfaction. It was the time of inventing bigger lies. Terms like holy, divine, after life, hell, heaven god were such augmentations which greatly helped in retaining human resource. It was the time of invention of humanities most lethal lie called 'Religion'

#4. It’s evident in any holy or historical books that majority of religions born at the junction of 'Desert, Snow & Green Land' i.e. a cusp of Asian-European land (somewhere around Israel, Jerusalem, Iran & Turkey). It was the era when Mesopotamia, Greece, Harappa, Rome, Chintaos, Sumers began to transit from civilizations to religion like Islam, Jude, Christian, Buddhists etc... They isolated themselves from each other based upon some basic deviations in their assumptions of Divine powers. These assumption were based upon their way of life or the geographical conditions of their land of origin. To define what this so called divine power could be they used two most obvious psychological feature of humanity one is FEAR! Fear of dark, fear of unknown, fear of future, fear of uncertainty to survive... second is LUST! Lust to live long, lust to be beautiful, lust to be more famous, valuable and lust of being in demand… This LUST & FEAR developed the ripples of GREED, FEUD etc. The whole concept of religion is weaved around it. All the gods of all the religions have some human form or earthly life. Each of these life forms have heroic characteristics, each religion provokes everyone to follow the ways of these heroes which is tough or near impossible. This impossibility of such life makes them more heroic and divine. 

Since no one on the earth today or ever has seen these heroes, everyone talks about them with closest possible proximity. It is another way of becoming hero! Like if you pose a picture with some leader, you can show it to your local people boasting about your reach and contacts.

#5 This could have been OK had it been limited to its heroic quest but it triggered one more natural characteristic of human i.e. hatred. Since ages human basically is fighting for heroism, since ages human race is divided based upon the same basic geographical attributes. Since ages they are indulged in the cycle of being winner, runner and loser. It is a vicious cycle which needs to be stalled. 

Stop heroism 
No one is superior or inferior! Everyone is ace of at least one task and jack of all or little less than this. Society is like a system of any vehicle. In order to run on road it needs all its part to function exactly the way they're meant to function. Wheels should work like wheel, break should work like break, and engine like engine etc. none of its part can claim superiority over other because vehicle just can't run without any of it. 
Since childhood, grandmother begins to narrate the tale of a prince, a fairy or a king or a queen or a god or divine human. It sparks heroism, seeds jealousy and develops hatred. It should be stopped at the earliest. 

Refuse to answer if you don't know
We tend to establish our self as an expert of everything! We try to answer every query even when we don't know! We often lie! We lie about some divine powers. We describe that sun a is a god emitting energy for us, earth is a goddess holding life for us and moon is a subject of love because it simply is a useless lighting machine of night. It corrupts the mind of a vulnerable childhood. By duty towards humanity we should refuse to answer if we don't know. Let the experts do their due, your child will search his part of truth someway. Let him be the researcher or inventor or creator in his own way! 

Let's make a world which should appear like it belongs to us. Together we can, together we will. Someday perhaps one day... it will be our own world! Free of massacre, killings and profits. Let the hope prevail not illusions. 

मैं हिंदी सी सो जाऊँगी

मैं ऐंठन सी बलखाई सी, 
कुछ लरज लरज शरमाई सी।
एक रोज बिदा हो जाऊँगी, 
मैं हिंदी सी सो जाऊँगी॥

मैं लदी भूत-प्रेत की मिथ्या से, 
कायरता की कविता से,
पाखंडो की बरबर्ता से,
मैं कल क्रूर विरा बन जाऊँगी॥  
मैं हिंदी सी सो जाऊँगी। 

मैं ज्ञान सरोवर बिसर गयी, 
अंधकार ह्राष सी पसर गयी, 
कल खोजोगे मैं किधर गयी,  
मैं न रज ऋचा बिना रह पाऊँगी॥  
मैं हिंदी सी सो जाऊँगी। 

चिर नवीन ये शालायें,
बाल तरुण की आशाएँ,
विज्ञान गणित की वल्गाएँ,
परहित कर में धर जाउंगी॥  
मै हिंदी सी सो जाऊँगी। 

जब झूठे ढोल बजाओगे,
मिटटी के पुतले लाओगे, 
जग प्रत्यक्ष रास रचाओगे, 
मैं सब नयन अधर भर जाउंगी||  
मै हिंदी सी सो जाऊँगी। 

                                                 :-जीतेन्द्र राजाराम 

Conspiracy of United Nations to create One World Government

I found some Intellectual Terrorists!! Their homelands are the states of NATO. Surprised? Well read this following Newton styled sociological theorem 

Law of Terrorism 
"Whenever Crude Oil price increases, a terror attack happens" by Thomas L Friedman in his book 'Hot Flat & Crowded' 

This statement is claimed to be true for entire world. It's well illustrated by the examples of the attacks happened in Europe, US &
few parts of Asia. So much so true but what is questionable is the finger pointed by the author. The world largest importer of crude oil and the owner of world’s currency (i.e. USA) have been granted a clean chit in his judgment. Countries of the Middle East made guilty!

The world is now quite effectively being governed by United Nations. It erases clues of all heinous crimes being done by Israel, USA & UK and negatively highlights all that is being done by Iraq, Syria, Egypt or Afghanistan. Intention is clear; create a World Government with no opposition or democratic attributes. A conspiracy to elevate the dictatorship of USA (and allied states like UK…). UN is laying down a plot to facilitate capitalists for maniac game of wealth creation. Handful of human will enjoy the ultra luxurious life and billions other will be thrown into plight of dirt, hatred and violence which is quite evident.
The fact that capitalistic forces are imposing capitalism in this world is universally true. Debate is whether it is bad or good! Let’s check into the root of this ideology. Capitalists believe that ‘Human’ by nature is bad (greedy, moody and self-centered). They believe upon supra-physical power as a governor of cosmos. To support their views scientifically, they explain positive & negative charges as the form of energy in every single atom of which this universe consisted. In their argument this so called supra-physical power or GOD in sort is the positive charge and its competitor is EVIL! Whole logic to prove that Capitalism is right lies here. Since human is bad and if not controlled by any centralized system (like religion, nation etc.) they it will fall prey of EVIL forces. AND!! To satisfy this basic nature of being greedy, moody and self centered one has to be involved in constant struggle of ‘perform or parish’. Everyone are engaged in the race of ‘Survival of Fittest’
Dress better than others, look good than others, eat good better than others and the criteria to gauge this ‘better’ is being expensive. Earn more than others to be better than others is the moral of capitalism. Do you want this?

Well they want it… a centralized government for this whole world so that all of us are thrown into this maniac race of proving over selves superior to other.  A central force so that if anyone of us at all dare to hook out, they will simple execute us. They’re far more incisive than we are… they’re almost half way through in their attempt of making a one world government…